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  1. Was never interested in Bond or Sean Connery. Do you believe Sean caught my attention in the Untouchables as Jimmy Malone. Frankly I don't think the screen could handle Gerry as James Bond it would just about explod with hs chemisry as a man's man and a subject of sexual desire from the opposite sex. Craig is good but QOS is no CR, too bad. It is making a bundle. Gerry could open a chain of restaurants with the moola.
  2. beckham. brolin and the BUTLER, no contest. One b has posh and one has Diane BUT the world belongs to the Butler. This "stuff" is all goofy but THE BUTLER is for real and GBgals know it.
  3. It is just wonderful to see Gerry so happy and with close friends for his birthday. He has a snappy BMW and now a house in LA, life is good for the GB man. Wonder what his next "toy" will be? I can't imagine, can you?
  4. That GB is a hunkin thrivin business man.
  5. Gerry is lowlander with the passion and lust of any highlander and then some. A virgin, now that might put him out of the running. When Gerry was 22 he was earning a law degree from the lowland law school called Glasgow University.
  6. You must admit that his bow is not as smooth as his stern. Inside joke for those that have seen RnR. GB is so good looking he should be stamped don't use after the year 2030 and then some if you want to take a chance.
  7. Ditto on no Philly pics. I feel Gerry will be very happy filming in that city, great people, great food (Italian) center city, culture abounds. great universities everywhere you look. Gerry can do "Rocky" on the steps of the Pa. museum of Art my favorite. I think GB is an east coast kind of guy and even a northeast kind of guy with mini trips to Miami. I have alerted my Philly family that are in "show business". I have fantastic vibes on the LAC shoot. The energy is intensifying. Good luck to all involved.
  8. Gerry was in the next seat in a Medical Center waiting room (Men's Vogue) that is. You just never know know when the lad will appear.
  9. Of course the girl should be nice BUT she better have brains too, Gerry, you know how you like to be challenged especially in a humorous way.
  10. Size does matter. 5'11" at 175 vs 6'2" at 205, I'll take the larger package, thank you...... On Leno, Gerry said his mother taught business studies, she was a lecturer. She could have taught art too, she has a very sensitive eye for photography. You know Gerry the way he just blurts out answers to questions.
  11. From a purly superficial view I "was" looking forward to Gerry being the brilliant ADA. Lets face it Gerry has just about peaked in the "looks" department. I was hoping to see the ADA, clean shaven, strong, rightous, a legal scholar, a dilligent prosecutor, in his legal uniform , black, dark, dark grey suit, sparkeling broadcloth white shirt, blue tie with a hint of aqua (to bring out the georgous orbs) swinging his legal briefs (you know the words on paper) striding through the halls of justice Dracula style, with the morning light stricking and bouncing off his right thiegh. If there are no car chases and high pitched sound tracks there is hope. Do you feel character developement and intelligent dialog? Please, please, please, Gerry, I need it.
  12. Perhaps he is not complete and just thinking that settleing down is what he "might" need. If he gets his "dates" from the modeling pool that could be a bit shakey. I think Gerry is an adrenial junkie and he has the talent to get those highs continuously. Stage, TV, Movies, Production Company, Face of Versaci, Restaurantuer how could one woman compete with those highs. I do see a beautiful professional, law, medicine, with a wry sense of humor in Gerry's life (just kinna make believe) givin him the look. Look, Gerry it's ME, close the door, this is real, calm down big boy let me give you a hug a massage. Tomorrow is an other day, this is NOW, fade to black.
  13. Gerry has his finger in so many pies this LAC isn't even a bleep on his radar. He is now playing the villan not the prosicuiting DA His career reminds me of the head turning in the "exerocist" but that's show biz. Just thought of the symbols of theatre, the smile and the frown. At least he is bringing in the bucks to keep the balls in the air. Good luck GB RocknRolla is pretty good saw three stars today in the paper. I got an OK on spell ck.
  14. I was thinking somebody didn't have their morning coffee when they wrote that piece, so cranky, nasty and so far from the truth. It must just about kill some people that Gerry is so handsome, sexy, intelligent and talented. I thought GB was very slim and the thought of seeing him in real life he would not be that appealing. He looked over the top "manly" in his security guard uniform. When Gerry walked on to set of the Leno show this writer must have been really p-----. BUTLER is two smokin barrels of MAN HOOD.
  15. I am such a bad speller and spell check is even worse. Please forgive.
  16. There are many dialects on the island of Ireland. Ireland is the top country in the EU so many have been exposed to Irish accents doing business there or just being there on holiday. Seems like GB has gotten a bit of flack on his Gerry Kennedy accent in PSILY. Perhaps it has been brought to his artisic sensibilities that more was exspected from him in that part. My own impression is that GB was going through PSILY as a fluff piece after the gruilling "300" movie and press circut he was put through. It appears the standards in Ireland are very high and they wished Gerry had done a better job with the accent nothing more nothing less. It was nice of Gerry to appolagize. He still has Frank McCourt's, "Teacher Man" to redeem himself if he wants too.
  17. He should be close to the "nesting" stage in his life. Other than a dark time in his life when his dad was not present, I think he was raised in a loving, caring, close family. I think there was a lot of hugging and cuddleing from his Mom and Gram and I bet his sister and brother took very good care of their "little brother". I am sure there is a lot going on in Gerry's life that the media has not caught. We will wait and see. At least he is tiring of the fast, bouncy life and could have his eyes and his "heart" open for something more grounded and permanent. Good Luck Gerry....Just keep entertaining us.
  18. Picked mine up at the airport. It is all over, drug store chains, super markets. Not as good and or hot as his "first" but the article is very interesting. Attributes his following to young "bodies" hoping to attain Gerry's looks. Mention should have been made that Gerry's following is mostly female and have been supporting him since his "Dracula" and "Atilla" days. But I do understand it is a "men's mag that is their targeted audience.
  19. Thanks, good find. Anyone ready to explain "Hamdon Roar". Do they do that at a Celtics game.
  20. Gerry, don't under estimate your self, you are "one of a kind". I been to many countries and most of the states in the union, there is no one out "there" that even comes close to what you have going. You can take that to the bank if there are any left.. I know Gerry does not under estimate him self and he says what he says because it is true.
  21. I think his intelligence, his sensitivity, his openess, his humor are inwardly born gifts. He in turn has taken what God, his family and his culture has given him and applied it to the "movie industry", I might add rather successfully. Regardless of how high or how bright his star shines, we can feel we are part of it. Just the fact when movies and TV are at there lowest a bright, intelligent, very handsome man comes out of Paisley, Scotland, we recognize what we see and support him and he gives us hours of entertanment. There is an addage in the newspaper businees "if it bleeds it leads" And "I don't care what they say just as long as they spell my name right.". Gerry being a lawyer, the business has had to pull stories that were untrue. So once again INTELLIGENCE comes in handy.
  22. Just as long as Gerry is capitvating and INTERESTING and makes me go see his movies and buy his DVD's and cd's and whatever (no blow up dolls or action figures) he is in my life. I think the guy is pretty cool from a distance or being near him through technology is very satisfying. The money that his industry commands is daunting. So I would say that whatever goes on in the lives of public figuers is part of the game. I am only guessing but for Gerry to complete himself he will marry and have a family. At the present he is intoxicated with the rise and the battle at hand in the movie industry to be the best that he can be, it's his nature. Jennifer who?????
  23. Just from out of left field, I doubt it. I really can't figuer out Jennifer's type but Gerry Butler isn't even on the long list. No way do I see the lady on any of Gerry;\'s lists. Only my view but she seems a bit cold and calulating (believe me no offense) just an impression or very teightly reigned in. Gerry's girl has to be able to hit him off the side of the head, make him laugh, pay attention and then be serious. Just joking around the humidity is pretty high.
  24. It appears that similar to Sean Connery, Gerry has gotten out from under the heel of occupation.
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