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  1. Take the report for what it is, just words. In the stage of human enrichment what Gerry says has a ring of validity nothing new there. At the present time I see an actor/producer on the very edge of conquering "the movie industry" but there is a lot ahead of him. Gerry still has at least a few more years of the "juice" to be squezzed out of him. If he can micro manage "Evil Twins" and give his full power to his acting he can reel in the mega bucks. Does he have to baby sit his partner or give them the extra push to reach for the stars? I think Gerry has the talent, brains and competiveness to go the full nine yards. I do not see him settleing down with a committed partner at the moment. He can continue to stay the course he has been on in his personal life (none of my business) because it meets certain needs in his very stressful life.
  2. He is only raising the bar for the movie going public. Thanks Gerry.....
  3. I have a feeling that Guy and Gerry have a winner. The cast is top notch, recognize Mark Strong from "The Jury" all excellent.
  4. The interviewer was a perfect match for Gerry. She was super cool and so was he and then there is the goofy little Gerry that can get a way with highway robbery. Gerry's star will shine for all eternity. Looking forward to RnR release not unless I see it in another counrty before then, perhaps London, Toronto some secret screenings in NYC. JUST JOKING
  5. On second glance CELEBRITIES are REPLACING models, sorry about that.
  6. The burning question is will Butler be a Varsace or buttoned down Brooks Brothers in Law Abiding Citizen. Story takes place in Chicago (Philly) my bet is Brooks Brothers. Either way both can be conservative/working class communities. Versace would be show boating but Gerry gives it class, east coast vibe. Celebrities are being replaced by models to SELL THE GOODS.....
  7. His industry is highly competitive he must use all his arse-sets . GO GERRY
  8. We know you Gerry, you competitve little devil. You couldn't let Jeffrey Dean Morton have one up on you. Gerry is expressive on every inch of his being. He thought, "I can do that!!!!." RocknRolla seems to be a winner. WIDE DISTRIBUTION PLEASE------
  9. When Lizzie and the Stranger first meet she trys to soften the conversation by asking about the interesting places he has been too, being a seaman. He comes right back at her, deflects the question and shakes her confidence. You should know you have been writing from them for years. He is not a seaman and didn't want to get into more deceptions than necessary. The apparent display of uneasiness talking and asking for money. He was just acting the entire time. A favour for his sister, Marie. Watched that sceen last week and the dialog just jumped into my mind. (brilliant story writing) like a detective novel a mystery. "Dear Frankie" had so many facets. I wish it were in book form I would love to have it, when I travel. What do you think?
  10. Maybe WB will offer GB a GS (good script) sorry just dreaming. Good scripts do not equate into BLOCKBUSTERS for a week or two. It takes time to create word of mouth on some movies. WB is not in the waiting game, they have plenty of yuckie movies lined up. What rock did Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder come out from under?? Warners was a class Studio at one time that is before the "bottom line boys" came on board. TG there are the Cinema Art Centers.
  11. Just came in from seeing "Elegy". It was a good movie but sad. It ran just under two hours but it seemed much longer, I was thinking three hours. Was trying to view it at times through Gerry's eyes (I will keep my own thoughts relating to myself to myself). I don't know at Gerry's age and his fast paced life style if the contents of the film would effect him. I personally don't think so and I think Gerry is more positive and aware in his life doings and you know how he speakes his mind at every stage of the game. Did he say "games over" in one interview after the screening. Just ramblings...
  12. POSITIVE Gerry news is good news, thank you...
  13. god I am so lazy. Are there two buildings, the Mercer Building and the Mercer Hotel or are they one and the same? Please forgive. I know the Mercer Hotel has a big round clock out front. The telephones are in the lobby where Russell Crowe found them.
  14. You are absolutely right. Color is one thing but architectual design can not be denied--PERFECTO and thank you.
  15. I really do not see him adhearing to any period in the design. I see and feel comfort, humor, seriousness, maintenance free. I can see him alone or with Elvis brousing around the city just looking for "things" that grab him. I see an enormous amount of imagination and attention to detail. The stair case railing yells, no period at all. The iron bed was very popular in NYC at the turn of the 20th century (looks) short. I can see mum in that room. The couches have a feeling that people have sat in them for twenty years. The whole place has that lived in character like an old shoe. I am trying to imagine Gerry with a watering can tending to the plants just before they expired. Did they lighten the dining room table and chairs? That place certainly is a get a way. It looks and feels great to me. Most of all I feel a lot of history present in his choices.
  16. If my memory serves me I do not recall the Mercer Hotel being that light a hue of color. When I photographed it I thought it was brick but leaning towards brown. The building in the picture is very bright and in shades of pink. I love New York buildings. Perhaps rose colored glasses.
  17. You don't see too many yuppy men riding bikes casually in New York and on the side walk. You see messengers and trekies, real serious racers and they are wizzing through the streets hunched over with skin tieghts and helmuts. A 6'2" handsome guy like Gerry is a rare sighting. Love the brick and pink toned building in some of the pics. Where did someone say it was?
  18. Shona, Andria and Gerry have chemistry. Let's demand that they get on a project again under " Evil Twins". Gerry this is serious, the women know what's best for you.
  19. Hey, I try to walk in someone's shoes in this video. Gerry is the one under public scrutiny and a great amount of pressure, so you have an off day, any of us, what's the big deal? I would suggest making a list of the pros and cons of Gerry's relationship with people, and I mean by the thousands that we know of. I say his fantastic people skills come shinning through each time. I did not see anything amiss in that video. Gerry Butler is a really nice guy.
  20. You know when someone has a personality that is always "up" we love them for that. Then when this person is having a bad day, is out of sorts, it sticks out like a sore thumb. I was also thinking that the New York weather might be bothering him too, making him cranky. It appears to me that GB likes to have quiet time in his mind even if he is out and about. This lad is a THINKER and with all that is going on in his life he must be juggling thoughts a mile a minute. Will get to see "Elegy" next weekend, looking forward to it. From the video after the movie I felt the movie hit more than a raw nerve in the man. Saw VCB this afternoon. It came across to me as a pure Woody Allen comedy. If you want raw sexuality in film, check out Ralph Fiennes in the "English Patient"
  21. "Dear Frankie" If I had a dollar for every time I viewed or recomended that film, I would be a millionaire. Just the other day I had an insident in business that was where someone was trying to pull the wool over my eyes and I might say insult my intelligence. The scene of the libraian came into my mind. The libraian screws up her face and tears into Frankie. Paraphrasing. "do you think I just came up the river Clyde in a paper boat??? The anger that was filling me up disappeared into a inward smile and I moved on. I find this to be a "pure" movie. The writing is there, the directing is there, the sets are there, the actors are there but you do not see "them". What you get is a "pure" slice of everyday life, so refreshing, so real. It is a film that will stay with me and give me an inward tranquility that film makers can be so sensitive, so talented. It is unfortunanate that even Gerry's fellow Scots, don't know of him and this beautiful film. But girl, you get this DVD and have yourself a wonderful experiance. MY SPELL CHECK SAID MY SPELLING WAS "OK" but I doubt it, please forgive.
  22. Can I have a picture with you? Nope and then a giggle and explanation. "Nope" is as much being kind, good to himself.
  23. If I think I understand Gerry, he was in the midst of a shallow, uninteresring, boring night in NYC. Believe me GB, there are very real people in NYC, sorry that you do not have access to them because of your status in the movie industry. Don't get me wrong I like Sting too and his ability to sustain a remarkable sex life with Trudie. Where was your Trudie?. Gerry, I know you are in the middle of reading Philip Roth the author of "Elegy". Did Lolita and the book close on your chest in your sumptious loft over looking the streets of Manhattan????
  24. It is good to see Gerry in his adopted home (NYC) attending screenings of films such as "Elegy". This film has received ***1/2 reviews and is all over the more high brow, shophicated media, NPR, Charlie Rose Show. It would be good for Gerry to observe that both his career high light "Dear Frankie" and "Elegy" were directed by women. So Gerry, just pause for thought when you are scanning the scripts that you are being sent. There is an audiance out there waiting for the character developement that Shona developed for you in "Dear Frankie". I will go see "Elergy" next Friday, for sure and perhaps read the book by Philip Roth. I wonder if Gerry is doing likewise in his majectic loft in the greatest city in the world, NYC. Gerry is no dummy that is for sure.
  25. Just viewed RnR video #1 and I think Gerry has salvaged the visual (the sceens he was in, the best, yo baby.) His acting is attention getting. Gerry likes high energy, fast pace, fast quips, just like when he is "on" in real life. I am looking forward to this release. The dialog is really very funny from what I have seen. Lets be serious this is a movie a farce and should be viewed as kooky entertainment from the mind of Guy Ritchie.
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