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  1. I have pals in the US and in the UK that I alerted on my GB ALERT SYSTEM. From now on I will tell them to just check out GBgals and be done with it. This has happened with Law Abiding Citizen shoot in Detroit too.
  2. As much as I concur with this article it also gives me pause for worry. Gerry threw this script aside (Dear Frankie) a kid goes to a chip shop, etc, etc, not interested. Granted DF wasn't a huge money maker but it sure was good for the artistic soul. In that vein of thought I hope Gerry's work in DF, The Jury and some other UK work sustains his artistic integrity. I am hoping that the films that are made under the Evil Twins banner such as Law Abiding Citizen and Teacher Man will give Gerry free reign to act in films with good scripts.
  3. Most times Gerry is sweet soft and huggy but the nose is in your face. I mean on his face, I'm not sure what I mean but he looks good. Lower part of face around the tooth line still "puffy". I wonder how he would look clean shaven? Bought Nim's Island today with book. If I ever get to see Gerry, I'll look like santa claus with a big bag over my shoulder with books, dvd's, cd's, magazines, movie posters, and yes one "gerry doll" that a friend insisted I must have. The friend is the collector of that stuff. Thanks Steff.
  4. Here we go again with an other GB cinema outing. The story sounds funny. zany and very UK, AGAIN. Let's us hope that it shows off Gerry's talents not only in the looks department but in the acting department. With such a big cast and a fast moving camera, I have a feeling this film will not be my cup of tea. GB has been quoted to say that this character is very much like himself or at least one of his minions thought so. There is no one out there with the Butler presence, so once again Gerry's salvages a movie. Hope springs eternal and I am an optimist.
  5. Finally, the best description of the man to date by an admirer. Just using the term "huge" puts Gerry in a category to be envied. I "think" when GB is in a room he must just suck up all the air with his looks, personality and intelligence. Liking GB shows the gals have good taste.
  6. Welcome Gerry. NYC is like no other place and you choose a great place to live for energy creative forces and freedom. With what you have acheived you are a rare breed to settle in New York as a winner. There is the world and then there is Manhattan, (Chelsea) you have made it to the top of the mountain. That traveling pants movie was a film I really enjoyed, I hope you enjoyed "2". So where are you filming Law Abiding Citizen? Anybody know, is it still in Detriot?
  7. I have access to the VIP lounge but I am not a celebrity. There are pics there that made me think he was still at a hotel (but why a hotel he lives in LA) my access is in NY not LA. To be honest I would not what to be secluded with what flys out of LA, just fly me out of this place, poor Gerry. Correcion Gerry is not monetarily poor but he could be poor artisically doing his LA gigs. My thoughts only but that is where the commercial bucks are generated. The "gal" looks professional that is for sure, so some of the suggestions on the board sound valid. This is fun don't you think. If I were Gerry, I would need my Chelsea fix before starting LAC. Shave, WHY???? Who has the time. I am sure Lolita thinks enough of this my friend my ears are plugged up I can't hear a word you are saying. Gerry just enjoy the ride, you have what it takes.
  8. It was cut from the film (JOTS) that Gerry was kicked in the head too by his co-star, "the camel". His co-star didn't care how expensive an actor he was. Ever since then Gerry has lapes into delerium and a desert is the setting. Luv ya Gerry keep up the good work and keep giving us entertainment.
  9. GB milk that money train for all it is worth, you got the goods. Forget the 300 body that was hard work and a comic script. You are not a lean, skinny model type that is for sure but Versace knows a real mans man when they see one, sex sells and you are the "ONE" to give that image to the world.
  10. GB put a lot of time and talent into creating his Phantom and look at the fan base it created. GB has to get the kinks out of his place in Manhattan so why not do a run on Broadway for a couple of months and kill two birds with one "SHOW" POTO. I really think he needs a change of scenergy. Starring in movies brings in the gravey but GB could use a sweetie once in awhile.
  11. While we are on a roll "I thinK' GB should take the red eye out of LAX to JFK hop into a town car and deposite him self in his NYC loft. Yes Lolita will be in tow. GB will go straight to his huge walk in shower and wash Hollyweird off. He needs down time a self induced separation from the intrusions on his beautiful mind. After that transfusion of sanity and aloneness in new surroundings he should be regenerized to fly to Glasgow with a hearty hello and hugs to the folks back home in Scotland.
  12. Anything TMZ does is repulsive, their tactics are crude, disgraceful and I must admit being an American boardering on harrassment and intimidation. (there are laws on the books but do they apply to high profile "movie stars" for this behavior to be condoned. There is high monetary "rewards" in the money/movie business. GB receives high renumiration being in "the Business" which from my POV is as competitive an industry to be in other than being in the high tech information business. GB, his people must protect their product, their money making machine. It appears at this time GB has to come back to his place in NYC, where the culture is deep and rewarding to an artist/actor such as GB. Thank you for not giving this venoum any more exposure.
  13. Gerry, go for it but this time you go in as the equal of ALW and JS, no leg shaking out of body ecperience this time around, you are the "Phantom". POTO is a classic through history, GB if you have the time and you negociate your asking price, you should do it. If you wish you should also do it on Broadway, god knows they could use your talent.
  14. Don't know why but I do not care for CZJ. What character/part is she being considered for?
  15. The (kid) has confidence not unlike GB at his age I'm sure. A very talented young lady and pretty convincing to boot until I noticed the smeared mascara not moving. Well I had an open mind until then, great acting.
  16. Just popped into my mind (?) Professor Higgins, "My Fair Lady" HAT, FACE, AGE and VOICE. They just revived "South Pacific" so why not. RELAX Gerry just a thought down the road. You said you would like to do BROADWAY. I know off subject but I had to put out that blazing light bulb called an idea.
  17. I was just thinking, how would you like to pass GB cycling in the Scottish Highlands. I can see a local farmer with hat askew scratching his head, thinking what the h---. If Gerry continues to cycle he will have to start wering a kilt or spend a lot of money on custom made trousers. Did you get a gander of the theigh "DEVELOPEMENT" ?
  18. If the script is good and Frank directing this should be a good solid movie at least three stars. The lead character fits GB to a "T", what a dream part for Gerry. Not too physical maybe a little mental drain for GB to grow into the character but other wise a cup of tea. There will not be too many distractions in Detroit in August (are Victoria's Angels on tour?) GB has to make the bucks to support his new child "Evil Twins". I think GB is in a good place and LAC will be a very good movie. God hold that camera still for character developement. It has been a long drought since "Dear Frankie"
  19. Gerry didn't fit the James Bond suit so now he is going to fit into a Magnum P.I. character. In my way of thinking this role is a custom fit for our overly talented Gerard Butler.
  20. Gerry is the only one on this. He is one on one with this type of "low life". Gerry is a gentleman and scholar and to be subjected to this disrespect as a human you want to just "punch" these camera tothing creatures with the stomach turning life they chose. I find them just so disrepectfull to a professional with their sweet questions and then their low life mocking in return. Sure I have viewed the videos to keep up with the GB career but I do know right from wrong when I see it. There is a thing in the Celtic physic that will not tolerate this kind of behavior BUT it is part of the business GB is in. He will have to form a stragedy to make them look ridiculous and GB be a pure as the driven snow. GB create a character in your mind everytime they confront you. Remove yourself from the talented Gerard Butler, movie star and perhaps think of the paps as rats scurrying around trying to pick up scraps to survive. Gerry you do not have to be REACTIVE go on the offense with your charm but remember you are not Gerard Butler at the time.
  21. just a hunch on my part but I think once Gerry gives his all to a project he moves on to the next buzz. On a deeper level I will condridict myself with "Dear Frankie". That film is so rich, human, emotional I feel GB would want to dig deeper into the "strangers" character and the other humans surrounding him. That final sceen with the stranger walking down the street, never to appear again is daunting. I think it might even be a haunting prediliction to his real life. Just being silly because in GB's life span I predict he will be married when he turns forty. Now I am being really silly he will tie the knot on Holloween 2010 with his PONR "getup" from POTO. Gerry please forgive.
  22. god the world is aching for good roll models and Gerry stands up to be counted. A nice hard working celebrity to be emulated. There was adversity in Gerry's life but he was able to overcome it with hard work and determination. Gerry is so decent to choose this benefit and organization. I hope he becomes the spokesman for the youth in Los Angeles and hopefully it will spread to other Ca. Counties
  23. If his reply was planned he would have to have sweet innocent Lolita in towe, ( Phonenixgirl) He would not be running in a "vest" and with that music band strapped to his upper arm, notice no fat bulges all solid hard rock muscle. I think I'll leave it at that. If you saw this 6'2" man go jogging by in that state of dress wouldn't your mouth just drop open and you would jog after him (impossible to keep up with that man of action) just joking. Sometimes I think Gerry's pain is our gain, the pictures are inspirational for anyone that wants to acheive. With all that is going on in GB'S life he still has to keep his physical instrument tuned, toned. I have to get one of those ipods and see if listening on one of them prevents you from thinking, planning etc. and just lets you EXERCISE I wonder how long his run is?
  24. Are you kidding me. Gerry Butler is recruiting this crowd for his new production company. In his short time in Hollywood he is light years ahead into this business. He is a fierce competitor and extremly intelligent. As for CD I don't feel it, I don't see it. I would love to see him connect with Ben Stiller for that New York vibe. They could be the new twins Arnold and Danny, of course Gerry will insist on being the Danny Character. Even if they just put their creative juices into producing a film, it would be another type of film for GB. "HE" does not want to be compartmentalized. Once again CD is inconsequential.
  25. Just unwinding from a day at the "office" nothing personal. The way I view this topic is strickly professional and I think this "sighting" is the same. Good for both careers and it appears that GB is moving in the Hollywood crowd whilst he is in LA. Why not kill two birds with one stone while working on a movie project for a few months hook up with a known celeb and whatever. So far it looks like it is in GB's favor, there are a few intelligent people in the group so it wont be a total drag. In MHO Cameron is not a contender.
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