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  1. I still say he will eventually marry someone he will proud to take home to Mom and the family, someone virtuous and happy to bear children and be at home in Scotland sitting around the fire being a Mom herself. I haven't seen him with anyone yet that fits the bill. I hope he continues to have a great time while he is riding the success wave of youth and find comfort where it is offered. He is a young, vigorous, HEALTHY male, in every way, as far as I can see. I hope he rides the wave as high as it will go before settling down to be the worderful, loving, Catholic dad he is meant to be. His children will be as beautiful as his nieces and as well brought up, I have every faith in him in that respect as in his acting talent and charisma. He has been brought up good. He will listen to his heart, and his Mom. Yes, darlin, Only You.
  2. ben stiller got to meet gerry butler omg, i can feel the creatvie juices crackling. Don't be surprised I think that is a marriage made in heaven.
  3. hey GB we could do that in NYC but you will never meet or know me but you are in my creative life everyday. Thanks for the ride.
  4. "Dear Frankie" my all time Gerry favorite movie. It is a classic and Gerry will be remembered for that roll for years to come. I personally could care less about "300" . It is a Hollywood vehical and it was the ride to the big time for Gerry to form his Production Company "Evil Twins" or is it twin....Gerry moderate body toning is more than enough with your looks and talent. "Teacher Man" should be a good movie. Do you think you will train for the Irish accent? "300" made a ton of money BUT I don't think GB would want to play a studly king when he is forty one. He would be better off being Frankie's father.
  5. Hey GB negotiating on the Internet, that's cool. Why wouldn't Warner's want to have a sequel of "300". If they make half of the original with the "King", aka Gerard Butler in a sequel, why not give it a shot. Don't worry Gerry I bought the "300" body suit on ebay, I'll rent it back to you. "I" AM JOKING. Get the money Gerry and run that is the Hollywood bible and the only way you gain respect, beat them at the money game. Ya got the goods. Not unless Frank Miller wants to step into your part and lets see how far that gets. Always joking.
  6. Is this known as covering all the bases or putting big smiles on all the faces? His charm was started in the cradle.
  7. Bob, it's a two way street. We know quality, sincerity and talent when we see it and that is Gerry Butler. Gerry knows he has an intelligent fan base and he respects that. The term fan is used in the industry but the "bean counters" had better realize with the Internet a "strong fan base" for a movie star should be valued and handled with kid gloves.
  8. PS not too far fetched hense the "long locks" Gerry has been sporting recently. Long for GB.
  9. I just quickly perused any info on this film, a Gerry movie was all that was necessary. It will not be a hard news station like the BBC. Sounds like it will be "fluff" that they still call news. Gerry will be the anchor because of his exceptional good looks and "out going personality" so he can easily be an "import", look at Craig Fergerson. Unlike Gerry this character will be a "buster" off camera or a nutcracker for part of the movie. Gerry can speak just the way he did on the most recent Nim interview with Bonny from tribute ca. That voice will just make his on camera persona more appealing but when that red light goes out, watch out. Any one have a swear bucket? I'm laughing thinking about GB's "In Style" interview where he says when he went through his "Grease" period, he would have his mother blow dry his hair and slick it back. You all heard of anchor hair right? Mom your needed in "makeup".
  10. I think the author of this article is lacking the depth and perception of Gerry and the people that can comprehend what talent is all about.
  11. I'm with Gerry on this one ("GAME"). I am not a Sci Fi fan by a long stretch but the story line in "GAME" is plausable AND I LIKE IT. I love that a human has the ability to figuer out what is happening. It is not too far into the future that it is hard to comprehend if you are not into Science Fiction. This movie is a keeper and a winner, I love the concept.
  12. I know it can be confusing but some times I blend fact with fiction (mine) sorry. Gerry did save a young boy from drowning and he did receive recognition for doing what he did. I thought the lack of quotes would indicate my humor. It's like Gerry saying "believe it or not I was President of the Law Society". The guy is a man for all seasons.
  13. Did Butler get off easy on this shoot. "I'm not doing all the stunts this time out, you ladies will have to do your share" he smiled and added. "I saved a boy from drowning in the River Tay, in Scotland when I was younger." "I got an award for that." I'll be here to help if something should go wrong. So fire away "ladies", give it all you got. Alex you go, no, Jack you go. But I'm not in this scene.
  14. I have a feeling that was his first coffee of the day. That small cup doesn't even look like an eye opener. Loved the ripped cuff with the sneaker going through it. Gerry you are one of a kind, never change.
  15. Just thinking out loud within my own mind set. I think Gerry has a mind that does not shut down. Gerry puts a great amount of physical and mental energy into his waking hours. He has been doing back to back movies, hopping from continent to continent, photo shoots, interviews, print and TV and how about forming a movie production company. I know I can take "down time" on a plane or a train I doubt if Gerry does. So he makes a social engagement to "rest his mind". Noise, chatter, laughter, old stories, adventures, catch up, music,"DISTRACTIONS". Clubbing will do that (blow your mind) for a few hours. A club will blast any kind of sensible thought you might have right out the window, if the club has windows. Can you see Gerry entertaining at home or sitting down to a meal in a staid restaurant? LA is a pretty dismal, mind numbing place but that is where he makes the bread so he doesn't have too much of a choice if he wants to be social now and then. From the video it just looked like to wanted to get in and out of the club as quickly as possible.
  16. "Guys" in the context of the situation he talking to the "guys" "paps" or are we finding out that the "pap" army are gay?
  17. If the anchor man has the looks and charisma of a Gerard Butler, the character could have any accent Gerry choses. If the story line requires an "R" rating that is in Gerry's favor. If the script takes us behind closed doors or whatever (think Kevin Costner in "No Way Out" or Ralph Fiennes in "The English Patient"). Come on Gerry give us what you got while you got it. Make cinimatic history.
  18. If you are on the move like GB around the world and alone when not "working" why not gravitate to a lively, celebrity club and possible meet up with the current buzz in the industry and not to mention lively shapely females. Gerry is at the top of the mountain (Hollywood) but alone. His eyes in the car said more than a thousand interviews. GB hang in there a few more years and your life will be really full. The chrystal ball is a bit foggy but it a glen in Scotland, yes Glen Coe and you are showing it to a tall, mature, pretty, brunette female. Thanks Stef good work. Looking forward to more of Gerry a very handsome talented, intelligent human being. The longer hair who knows, the heavy beard, who knows. Just taking it easy?
  19. His intelligence and depth of thought never seems to amaze. I agree with him, Europeans (on the most part) are more mature at a younger age. Gerry proves that point every day. The boyish charm is just a natural "gift" from his Celtic roots.
  20. From my POV the adrinilin is running at supersonic speed and with care GB can handle it. At the moment he has just HIMSELF to be concerned with no relationships etc. to contend with. Right now it is GB and his career, PERIOD.
  21. With all his never ending answers and explanations and how he struggles to explain his inner self in interviews, I think he has just scratched the surface for us to see. Someone mentioned seven levels of intelligence. I don't know much about that but Gerry is so mysterious to me I think we just see Gerry the actor and the other six are perculating. The Production Company is proof of his ability to create and command many major endevors at the same time. I think he goes from one challenge to an other. He has been doing that with the scripts he has sellected. Acting might be getting boring for him or the projects are not all that interesting. I think he must be constantly conquering that mountain and learning as he goes along to be happy.
  22. hey, Gerry you have to portray Frank McCourt in "Teachers Man". Even thought Frank is around 70 something he has that twinkle in his eye and that sexual allure that your fans love, so go for it, you be Frank. It has to be a fellow Irishman to bring this ironic veiw on life and success to the screen. Both you and Frank McCourt are tuned into the "human and empathtic" reason for being on this planet. Thanks Gerry for putting McCourt into your stable of productions, I can't wait to see the finished product. This is really exciting.
  23. Do you think when GB left "the law" to be an "actor" he left his brains behind? I anticipated this developement, no surprise to me. Even to the type of character he would be good to portray, an attorney on the the public payroll. The good guy suckered punched into the under world of evil. This is a good vehical for him, strong , handsome, contemporary, intelligent, with morals. I must add that GB has to take and use his physical cheminstry in a contemporiary setting ( GB in a suit and clean shaven) can you see the women reacting, gb web sites get ready for the assult. GB and your partmership with Alan Seigel all the best of success. In my mind it is a no brainer. By the way Spell Checks sucks. Just read this post.
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