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  1. Just observations from a far. Gerard Butler is by far the most intelligent, the deepest thinker to grace the screens of film. I think he is an actor, in the business to portray characters in history, in contempory life, in the twenty first century. To pick up a screen play/script and bring it to life. To life for his fellow man, to enrich, to educate, to move, to inspire. I will tell Gerry that I am one individule on this planet that he has touched. I to do not thrive on the outter compliments it is the work from our inner souls that is our compensation. Gerry knows who he is. Keep doing what you have been doing because, yes you and it are very sexy. Don't take being a very sexy man for granted just because that is what you are. Cherish it, it is one of your "natural gifts", use it wisely.
  2. It is good to read how the posters rebut to a critiques review but that is being reactive to little or nothing of substance relating to Gerry. I think the weak link is in Gerry's camp. I feel that his manager, his agent, his publicist are not creative. Gerry is a one man band in creativity, excitement, talent, sex appeal but his back room staff do not know how to use their "raw resourse". Just keep putting up the finger Gerry, you have to gain their respect one way or the other. If you have ideas to pass on the the Gery camp, just jump in. This nonsence has to stop.
  3. Gerry get your publicist to get the "finger" pic into the Miami Herald and while they are at it get it over to the Scotsman in your native country where they do not even know you exist. "one picture is worth a thousand words" That Gerard Butler is one sexy man. I can hear the thunder of a million fingers looking for Gerard Butler on the Internet.
  4. I am so frustrated and cranky. I have to reinforce what I think. Gerry does not have a creative, intelligent, spunky, imaginative team supporting him and may I add you have to be smart and tough with dealings on the west coast. Gerry went into "300" being greatful and nice and fun to work with all well and good. Gerry has to have the team wering the "black hats" if he is going to acheive A- list respect. Everybody loved GB on the "300" movie but he was just a saleried actor and looked upon as such.
  5. If you read todays NY Times you can see a major divide in the business that is Hollywwod when it comes to the writers strike. A Hollywood screen writer can take home $60,oo.oo per year and live on the west coast? Then there are the studio heads, the literary managers, the agents, the marketing (very clever and hard earned). They represent the pursuit of the almighty dollar and nothing wrong with that in a free enterprise country. An actor in Hollywood needs a "sweet" barracuda" as a manager an agent and there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to win a football game you don't put Bill Clinton on the payroll you sign up a "Tom Brady". Gerry Butler is a winning quarterback but I do not think he has the negociating team to win him respect. As a result you get what you just read in this very well analysized and written article. GB deserves a team behind him and don't think as of now he has one. If I am wrong I will listen.
  6. Why was Gerry Kennedy walking in the Wicklow Mountains, only to tell Holly she not only found the mountains she was standing in them. I know "they" needed an outside shot to bring in the romantic intoxication of the beauty of Ireland. The only thing that saved that scene was that Gerry B. was in it. I knew from the get go that the "get up" they transformed Gerry into was going to misfire but he managed to shine through it, god it was painful seeing that handsome man look so deformed. I think Hollywood took the spirit of the book, the soul of the book, the humor of the book and dropped the ball. As for HCJ, talking about hair extentions, I kept studying his hair line, is it a wig or "what". With HCJ that hair do of his just bugged me, not just in this movie but in general through out his career. I have to see this movie again. I must say the posters are very illuminating in sharing their thoughts but if I read a post that says GB & HS had screen chemistry to die for I go to the next post. I know, I am being so uckie or what ever but it is what PSILY (Hollywood Style) did to me. Coast on the two and one half stars. Gerry you are best you save all the movies you appear in.
  7. I just ache to see Gerry in leading role parts like "Atonment", "Michael Clayton" even "The Departed". Gerry just about gets warmed up and zap he's outta there. I really think the cast members in PSILY were fluff besides Gerry and Kathy Bates. PSILY was cute but so disjointed. The original material the book had such potentional with the correct screen writers and director. Don't get me wrong, it was good Hollywood fare two and one half stars is respectable for the main stream US. I just hope it stays around for word of mouth to reach many more people. I made a date into next week to see it again. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am looking forward to "Capone" and "Robert Burns".
  8. Just saw it opening day. Considered going again but thought my own work more important of my time. I do not know if it was the level of direction or script that is holding me back from running to the multiplex. Some have used the term disappointment with the film. I think with me it is more frustration that GB does not get scripts to really challenge his potential. I do feel that Gerry is getting an income with major studio work. The thing that is most encouraging is that GB is mixing it up. Everyone (male) knows him from "300"-PSILY a "chick flick" covers an other demographic. Then "Nims Island" is family friendly and will deffinately sell soda and huge buckets of pop corn. So, I think GB has a plan and making the best of what Hollywood has to offer. I am sure he is cuttiing back on frivilous purchases (he is happy with a good book) and properly investing his hard earned dollars or did he ask to be paid in euros. There is no doubt about it when GB is on the screen he is in command (although I wished he brushed up on his Irish) but all and all a nice ensomble piece.
  9. Yes Gerry did say he was a slow reader (don't know how he got through law school in record time). If it is true which I think it is I understand> When words are put down on paper he does not just read, "his" intelligence kicks in analyzing, questioning and that takes time and care.
  10. Just ran into this topic and had to add: Did any one see 60 minutes yesterday evening? The quarterback of the New England Patriots was the subject of one of their segments namely Tom Brady. Winner of three Super Bowls and with a 15-0 season he says "is this it?" Is this the summation of my life? Young Mr. Brady answers his own question, this can't be what it is all about, I have much more to give. In that interview I think Tom said straight out what Gerry is thinking. I can recall Gerry saying, " I was always in search for that next buzz"-"nothing in life really excites me". In Gerry's case it is his deep understanding of life on the surface that would satisfy many but he has an intelligence that is probing and he digs deeper and deeper searching due to his keen mind, his intelligence. Gerry likes to spend time alone because I think he is his own best company. Gerry's out rageous remarks at times come to give life a joy a verve. The lad does not like routine only on his terms. Gerry has so much and his intelligence is head and shoulders above the rest. He is not just funny he is down right interesting and EXCITING. and being exciting is being sexy. Gerry has it all. In addition Tom said what he likes is going for the next Super Bowl ring. These two men like the challenges in life that is what gives them and their admirers BUZZ.
  11. PSILY was an entertaining film and with all that mixed up batch of talent being displayed for over two hours, I can't complain. The intent of the story was brought to the forefront, don't be bitchin appreciate what you have. Don't be looking to someone else to make your life perfect. Get up and out and "do" something. Thanks Ceceila and both Gerry's a message well delivered. Once again Gerry did the best he could with the screen play and the direction. I do not think H.S. has the screen appeal for a romantic comedy. Poor Gerry, must of tried but the sparks did not fly for such a tempestuous love, flame. I think Gerry should of had Daniel's lines, "it was like kissing my sister". GB will come clean on the Jay Leno show in 2009. Kissing an actress with two Academy Awards is worth the effort. I wonder if he gets to kiss the other Academy Award winner, Jody Foster. So when is GB going to do a movie that uses his talents and depth as an actor? Don't get me wrong PSILY was a "sweet movie" and I'm sure helped pay the bills. I'm ready for GB to sink his teeth into Robbie Burns (before he dies, Robbie that is). All kidding aside, Gerry deserves better scripts.
  12. Thanks Swansong. Happy to read about Gerry and his fans in one interview. Regardless of the press he has or has not received up until now his fans have been a constant in his career. As he said we are like family and Gerry is our son, brother or just a really neat human being that we want to see succeed. On the eve of the release of PSILY we are all holding our breaths for the box office returns and (maybe) the reviews. Once again Gerry is a co-star so this is not a Phantom or an Atilla with the weight of success on his shoulders. We will be waiting and watching with you Gerry for the national release of this your latest film. I hate the term but as they say in the biz break a leg. One of his better interviews. Did he pitch the Marek Doll so they wouldn't run with the strip tease?
  13. Rebecca abd Gerry always had good chemistry that resulted in a good story. I'm a little doubtful of the chemistry with Gerry and Hilary. Will postpone opinion until I see film.
  14. Rebecca abd Gerry always had good chemistry that resulted in a good story. I'm a little doubtful of the chemistry with Gerry and Hilary. Will postpone opinion until I see film.
  15. The movie "people" are stretching on this one. See what happens when literate, intelligent people strick.
  16. It's more in Gerry's favor that the people in "Ireland" know who Gerard Butler is. At the present they do not know of him or have they ever heard of him.
  17. Right now it is in the hands of the "suits" how much money can GB generate.
  18. If it adds to Gerry's bank balance ok but otherwise it is useless and frivilous.
  19. Hey, I couldn't connect to video. Fifthteen seconds of un identifyable video per a poster. Why bother.
  20. "State of Play" Crowe takes up where Pitt leaves off. Am I dreaming but did I here that Butler was on the short list for that part. Has anyone heard?
  21. With the aforementioned feelings it is hard to add anything more. Most of us realize you are caught up in a haze or a catch 22 in your career. We want to see you work and be creative and for you to make your mark. Most of the people on these fan sites have you on our A-list making millions and being happy and productive already. You can make movie after movie but don't let the business break your body and your brilliant spirit. Gerry if you are forced to lay off for two or three months just go for it. Your fans love you and will always be here. Your performances are so varied there will be film companys and producers starving to have you work for them. Gerry you are special and the fans and the universe need a man of your caliber.
  22. To become a A-list star it is a progression. GB came from across the pond and year after year he moved up the credibility ladder, no surprise to me but perhaps to LA. Gerry has been able to bend to the scripts he has been handed and chosen and whipped his characters into block buster movies. 300 is a prime example. After all the King was just a drawing and GB poured life into Frank Miller's imagery no easy task. Congrats go to a major performer, he is unbieveable, Gerard Butler.
  23. You cannot give this nonsense any weight when it comes to making a choice for what is sexy. It is apparent that whatver goes on at "people" is quite superficial, you know here today gone tomorrow. If you want a man that is sexy, intelligent, handsome, talented with millions of fans you would have the intelligence and foresight to see Gerard Butler is way above their choice. You cannot control behavior or lack of intelligent taste. Long live the BUTLER.
  24. Gerry I know you are there. How do you like all this love and support coming to you through the Internet. After all of that "action" you are filming, we know you go back to your hotel colapse for a few hours and wake up at 3am and go to your "lap" top, I think. I'm only joking well maybe a little.
  25. Lets pretend all of this a game excuse the pun "GAME". I am not buying into any of these "contests" did you ever see even for a minute the competitive freak shows they spew to us on TV? You have to realize magazines have to involve the "common man" in their "little" awards because their readership is sinking due to the Internet and the "modern" citizen goes to other sourses for entertainment and news, European publications the BBC are examples. Gerry is so far above all of this "fluff" and he is stronger for it. He is stronger because he chooses to be with the people that follow his "work" and truly think he is a genius. He has a brilliant mind, a graduate of Glasgow Law School with high honors, President of the Law Society, starring in major Hollywood Studio productions (where the competition is fearse) in TEN YEARS. NOW THAT HAS VALUE--MD is "cute" and maybe smart but SEXY, please take the A train that's a local. If you want a "flash" that knocks you for a loop try the express baby. Gerard Butler will give you the ride of your life. If the "folks" at "people" choose MD that is their choice but they are missing the "global train".
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