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  1. To celebrate your birthday I had a dry martini on the rocks with two olives and a small bag of potatoe chips. Then I proceeded to a italian sausage pepper and onion on a roll. Then back to a small bag of chips and finally a huge banana cream slice of pie. I quietly sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Gerry. I did wonder how you and the people around you helped you celebrate your birthday. I don't care where you are or whom you are with. All I know is that I celebrated your 38th birthday and I was very happy that you were in my life, you are so much fun. Looking forward to PSILY in December. Knowing you through film and the Internet has been a fantastic ride. Many, many more years of entertainment for me and love and happiness for you. I treasure you. I hope I cut down on the food intake tomorrow. I just let it all hang out to be happy and celebrate with you.
  2. I think Hollywood can be like a small private club. It isn't your talent but the people they want to be in the club. As for "300" it was all marketing , Snyder, Miller and Gerry the handsome sales man. This was a Frank Miller project with the marriage of a young CGI director. Miller had a Hollywood track record with his comic book format perfect for CGI, cheap to make. Once again Gerry the (humans) were secondary so that is why "300", the film and "Action Hero" are promenent in the nominations. I am happy Gerry is working and we have a couple of years of movie going just ahead to watch a "WORLD" class actor do his thing. Keep up the good work Gerry, see you at the box office.
  3. Something to do with the pacing. That is what it is. Every scene rich in acting, dialog. Like too much chocalate cake. Yummy, yummy every bite but then it gets to be so rich. It was an exercise that Gerry should be proud of. Plenty of full faced emotions (lies). Profiled what an A-list actor can do.
  4. I know myself when I want to just want to come down and go into a vegitative state I will peruse some other sites talking about Gerry. Every once in awhile a post will come from someone with a little common sence and perhaps a little intelligence but they are few. Most of the posters on one site seem to interact with one another and they appear 24/7, like it is the only thing they do all day. Now if you sit at a computer for that lenght of time I am sure more of your anatomy will become full not just your cheeks ( on your face that is). I also had the thought if you are interested in Gerry and his career, why can't you be supportive of him. Who amoung us has not gained a pound or two or gotten a blemish on our faces at one time or the other. I see Gerry Butler just about killing himself to give us the best that is in him. Then you have to read the "the silliness of negative remarks", shear pettiness that is for sure that I believe are coming from perhaps small minds. Maybe not, some might just like to mix it up and play games but I sure wish it was not at Gerry's expense. An honest observation on my part that is it. When you use the term "fan" you deminish yourself and the power of the Internet.
  5. Just in passing I ran across a photo of Tom Brady the quarterback for the New England Patriots. In that particular photo Tom looked so much like Gerry in "Shattered" it gave me reason to pause. Then there was that "look" with the Federal Prosecutor from Chicago, Patrick Fitzgerald. I started to think what did these three men have in common. Being tall, extremely handsome, magnetic was on the surface but there was MORE. All three of these men are extremely intelligent. They rose to leadership positions in their said fields. There is no end to the appeal of a man with intelligence that uses it wisely. Gerry can't help but use his intelligence, he will be a major "operative" in the movie industry. This is not a light perdiction, Gerard has what it takes and he will ease into becoming a major force in movie making.
  6. Abrock, I hope so too. "Shattered" just turned into a "jumble". The story, the acting were top notch but it just got lost in the sause. I am not an expert and I still can't figuer WHAT WENT WRONG. Something certainly did with the detatchment of Pierce's web site involvement, no verbal acknowledgement from the cast as to their involvement. A sinker or a clinker surfaced somewhere along the line but no one is talking. This movie could have been great, so WHAT went wrong?
  7. The Terry Sheridan look was perfect. 300 was for a comic book adaptation he wanted to accomplishment.
  8. Great, great, great. Now if Gerry "LIVES" and walks into the sunset a happy and complete man, then and only then will I be happy. GERRY PLEASE THINK OF YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR BODY, if a double is required let them use one. You are still a young man but you will live to regret the abuse and strain that the industry is putting on your body. You have earned your stripes, you have been a good soldier. See you at the box office!!
  9. So far, does not sound like my cup of java. Gerry Butler is in there saving his wife and child, now that is another story. Gerry will make the picture as usual. Most of the "industry" selections that get the green light would be passed by me for my intelligence or taste in the material. Films that Gerard Butler has appeared in has saved the day for me. He is a riveting and an actor of tremendous range, so enjoyable. I also am watching closely (if possible) the "AMOUNT" of copensation Gerry receives for his talent and box office appeal.
  10. ye gads we could of told you Gerry had thremdous range years ago but we stuck by him until the rest of the "industry" caught up. The buzz on the street that PSILY is a big winner, perfect release time (Christmas) holiday season. We all could use a big lift and Gerry is just the lad to give it to us.
  11. every actor out there stands in gerry's showdow. i am wracking my brain for a capone. you want someone with gerry's charisma-sexiness-talent. gerry wares the white hat but we want the black hatted guy to be egually challenging. i think gerry would appreciate that too. i think this part/picture for gerry is the most exciting in his career so far. well, it certainly appeals to me. Chicago is my kind of town, love it.
  12. Long live the "KING" Lets hope GB's cash register is ringing in the sales too. Anybody know how much of the "300" pie went into Gerry's pocket. Not personal info just industry NEWS.
  13. The term "oirish" accent has been around for as long as there has been movies. Major stars have been panned for their "oirish". The funny thing about it is that it is "oirish" an accent onto its own that has been sing/songed through the annuls of movie making. I wouldn't be overly sensitive about someone pointing out that the "oirish" is back. From the little bit that was heard on psily it sounded cute coming through gerry's mouth. Gerry does a credable job surpressing his very strong Scottish masculine accent. When he gets a little time off between "jobs" he might consider taking the time to perfect an accent with a dialect coach. I would say with all that Gerry has going for him a wee bit of the "oirich" can be over looked
  14. the celts have been around a long time . to hear a celtic accent should be familiar to most of us and acceptable across the board. if you are performing for an "english" speaking country a celtic accent is so much more melodius and strong. gerry butler is a perfect example.
  15. creepy crappy crawlers, I can't figuer out why "shattered" failed in my mind. just looked at it again, view it in bits and pieces and find each scene workable and understandable But i have not seen the whole film at one time or the other in bits and pieces, just the way it was presented to us on tnt. each sceen has undertones and red flags all along. perhaps i am not that savvy to be able to comprehend what was in the writers mind. if you are showing a movie, a story to a unaware audiance you do keep them in the dark but with "shattered" it did not work. It was like each sceen was a very rich venette and richly appreciated but you only saw the genius in it after the fact. if you sit with a dvd and go back over it again and again it truly turns out to be a clever story and the sceens appear to be well directed but gerry on the roof was a little phantomish. all three actors turned in admirable performances but again you had to go back and view them again in the light of the outcome of the story. "shattered" was an ambitious endevor but it did fall short on its initial viewing. perhaps it was over ambitious, i think someone mentioned something to the effect that it was like three (3) stories. three talented actors Pierce, Maria and Gerry signed on to the project so there was confidence that this would turn out to be a good movie. it is good but in bits and pieces. down the road i hope to be able to separate the bits and pices and but them back together to create a "picture". this is just in my own mind.
  16. Admin please express our displeasure to this pollster. If they want to play games make it a level playing field. Bring on the heavy hitters like, Mr. Gerard Butler. When Gerry is in competion it is a done deal, he wins, isn't that right Gerard.
  17. Gerry is buffed he just has to get cut, if required. A eight pack is not necessary, Gerry in a T-shirt and pants is as masculine as any male can be. RIGHT?
  18. Happy to see and hear Gerard Butler, the actor won and walked away with another one, award that is. Gerry held his own and pulled his weight in the film "300". He competed with established Hollywood and showed them. Gerry came out to be the equal of Frank Miller in hs artisry to deliver the King. Gerry entered that camp with his shear guts and command of the story and gave us a flesh and blood (King) performance. He is off creating more wonders for us to enjoy in a (hopefully) a darkened movie theater. I know he will never again be shut out of a major studio or mass distribution. You did it Gerard and you are a wonderful and talented example of how to trust your guts.
  19. I am following the box office and reviews on Jodie Foster and " Brave One." Went to see it yesterday, two and one half hours of riviting entertainment. I cannot beleive how drawn in I was to this movie. Right off the bat you could not deny Jodie and her co-star, Terrence Howard. As I sat in the theater I envisioned the genius of Neil Jordan the direcctor, setting up the shots giving the actors mood cues, body language. Every frame in the film was a masterpiece. The most important element was "character developement" that made this movie stay with me and make a very big impression.. So Gerry will be co-starring with Jodie in Nim's Island due to be released. He could not have better luck than to be starring with a couple of talented actresses, Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin with a string of big movies and awards under their belts.
  20. I found said costumn out of character and out of place, very strange. I did not find it benefiting Gerry and his position in Metro Chicago. This is the mid-west and corporate America not NY or LA. Can anyone explain Gerry walking with his work case very business like in a three quarter coat no less. I have never seen such a get up. Any ideas agreements, disagreements?
  21. I would have to say THANK YOU to Gerard Butler too. With out his involvement in Shadow Company I for one would never have found Shadow Company and the subject matter. Is the world getting smaller or has the the power of the fans on the Internet made it LARGER?
  22. The voice over of the "non professional" reading emails was very clever and set the tone for the piece. It was a very human touch and very contemporary. The newspaper business is on the decline, not needed too much anymore.
  23. I am trying to fit my thoughts into the story line and the three main characters. I would say that all three characters were driven by their emotions. Abbey big time her guts were being turned inside out by what I think was Neil's second infidelity, Denver being the other one. Some women need more than a high salaried husband and children especially a stay at home mom. I think Abbey was making the best of it with the cards she was dealth until Neil was off again sleeping with another woman and one he worked with. Tom was just fit to be tied. Listen to his dialog he describes Neil being intimate with Judy and how he brings himself to be an intimate part of the infidelity. A major invasion of what he considered his and what Neil violated. I can't say wether Tom hated Neil for his unethical doings in his job, maybe jealous of the spoils of his success but he used them to scare Neil. When Abbey thought of Neil being with an other woman her response was loving and beautiful, the woman looking at him the way she did with such love herself. I think Tom just let the testosterone get out of hand and perhaps he had a temper and a mean strick in him. Now Neil was a puppy dog and basically a nice fellow with a warm personality. It just took one step in his life and another soon followed. He turned into a user for his own gain and pleasure, yes he was a major theaf. When he reached in and started to toy with Abbey's and Tom's emotional well being that is when he sealed his own fate. That single intimacy with an other human is what makes fidelity so strong. When you share that bond with such depth of feeling and giving to another and that state of being is shattered by one of the partners you are bound to get a story such as this movie. I am sure there have been people driving to work on the freeway thinking of multiples of ways to give that pain back if only for twenty four hours.
  24. If this fanciful movie helps Gerry's career that is all I ask. He is such an amazing actor I just pray that superior scripts come his way. Ms. Foster's recent release didn't fare that well in the reviews. I'll wait to see the opening weekend "take" and the beat goes on.
  25. I followGerry's career because he just seems to rise way above the common denominator in his chosen profession and in his character and personality. There is that expression "a bit of fresh air" that is Gerard Butler and in todays world that is what "I" need. PERIOD. There are fans and fan sites they do serve a purpose to provide information and a connection with like minded people. That is where it ends once again PERIOD. Fans and fan sites are formed and they do what they do VOLUNTARILLY. Gerry by nature is a friendly, huggy, puppy dog kind of guy so that is the way he just connected with "people" PERIOD. In this instance they are called fans. Gerry in one thing PERIOD A fan is something else PERIOD. Gerry does not have the time or energy to entertain pay attention to fans. Fans have to realize he is in a tough competitive profession more aptly called a "BUSINESS" an "INDUSTRY" PERIOD. I feel his fan sites and fans are there to give him support and not except anything in return. Gerry should be able to move freely and use his time and energy to ENTERTAIN US PERIOD. Just relax, go to his movies, have one of DVD's to help you relax after a hard day at the "plant" PERIOD I get a lot of Gerry from the fans and fan sites, thank you. I also get a lot of insight and some foolishments too. But in the final analsys it is a passtime, it is ENTERTAINMENT. Nothing more nothing less.
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