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  1. Hi Swannie, I'm so sorry to hear that your husband is ill and that you are also unwell. I don't know if it helps, but I just wanted to post this link for you about vitamin B12 deficiency. Some of the symptoms of this deficiency seem to be similar to what you describe your husband is experiencing. http://vitamins.lovetoknow.com/Signs_of_Vitamin_B12_Deficiency I thought this was particularly concerning "Alzheimer's Disease Mistaken for Vitamin B12 Deficiency Research has found that a vitamin B12 deficiency at times develops into a neurological dysfunction of memory loss, poor cognitive function and dementia. In certain cases, these symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are practically indistinguishable from Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia. Medical professionals know that the elderly population has a higher risk factor for vitamin B12 deficiency. It is essential that a proper diagnosis is made to ensure patients suffering from a B12 deficiency are not misdiagnosed with Alzheimer's." Hope your husband gets better soon Swannie and that your own health is much improved. Regards Robyn
  2. Hi Gals,I don't know if this has been posted yet, but here is a song that has been shortlisted to feature in MGP. It's called 'One Man's War' by the Aaron Hendra Project who travelled to the Sudan to record with 300 children. http://aaronhendra.com/
  3. I don't know if the ladies have all seen this. I think it's incredibly sensual, with Gerry at his absolute sexiest IMO. The sultry voice of the wonderful Julie London and 'Sway' really sets the mood I think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79Fx-3BBL-s Hope I've posted in the right spot. Happy New Year!
  4. I note that John Logan is the writer. He wrote the screeplay for 'Gladiator' and 'The Last Samurai' among others. It seems like they certainly have some experienced, talented people involved in this production. I would have preferred to see it set in ancient Roman times. I love Gerry in historical features.
  5. IMO Gerry was just having some fun here. He was anticipating most of her questions with 'the Butler did it' and even said 'the Butler mostly always does it' LOL. The question about stalking ex girlfriends on facebook he answered in the negative and then winked at the audience and cheekily whispered 'all the time'. Didn't anybody else notice when he answered about the 3somes that he kind of grinned and did that thing with his tongue kind of indicating, to me at least, that it was all tongue in cheek. He's like a big kid at times who just loves being naughty and shocking. He was enjoying himself IMO and rightly or wrongly possibly thought those kids would get a kick out of that particular answer in the context of the silly game they were playing. I know Gerry has made a few faux pax in past instances. One time I saw him say something personal and risque in an interview and he kind of cringed and muttered 'Oh no, my Mum'. I don't think in respect for his mother at least that he would 'seriously' admit to something so sexually personal and intimate on live national TV. JMHO. Besides, how long before any girls he 'picked up' for 3somes would go running to the tabloids to blab about it? Gerry has always stressed quite seriously that he prefers to keep his private life just that and his relationships/liaisons out of the media spotlight.
  6. How very sad that a piece of drek like Couples Retreat could beat out LAC and the Blair Witch wannabe beat it with only 769 screens. WTF? I'm done. This is just too sad. That site has been updated and now LAC is predicted to come in at #2 behind WTWTA. At a surprise #2, Overture's Law Abiding Citizen starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler did a better than expected $7.5M Friday and could open to as much as $20M from 2,889 venues. Paramount's pre-Halloween-hyped Paranormal Activity made $6.25M Friday from a wider release onto 760 screens for #3 and a probable high teens weekend. Universal's holdover comedy Couples Retreat sank to #4 with $6M Friday (-50%) for an estimated $19M from 3,009 plays. That leaves Sony's low-budget reboot Stepfather #5 on 2,734 dates to debut with only $4.3M Friday and maybe an $11M weekend.
  7. This is better. Roger Ebert gives LAC a thumbs up 3/4. http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.d...VIEWS/910149996
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YNV_mX6JIA This is a somewhat humorous video of 'The Bad Touch' featuring clips of Gerry and his movies. I love the bit where he looks like he is chewing nuts LOL.
  9. Just a FYI and good news for all Aussie fans. According to this info from the Greater Union website it looks like LAC is going to be released in Australia on Thursday, 22nd October, 2009. http://www.eventcinemas.com.au/Movie/Details/3272
  10. O-M-GAL!!! Don't they know that's torture!!! I'm so sorry!! I can barely stand to wait until October.... Sally, It might be an idea to check the release info for Australia. I thought I read somewhere that it opens here on October, 22nd. Unless that info was a mistake. I can't remember where exactly I read it. Robyn
  11. OMG no kidding! I'll probably try to do both since it worked out last time, but I think TUT will have a bigger turn out than RNR did. We'll see ... I'm not making any decisions now. According to this link it looks like Gerry will be appearing on Conan on Thursday, 16th July.http://www.interbridge.com/lineupsdate.html
  12. Somebody who saw a preview of 'TUT' posted a while ago on another site about the vibrating panties scene. I think she said that Gerry arranged for the panties to be sent to Katherine. In the restaurant he spots the kid with the remote and realises what is happening to her. He then sits back and watches the show with the most devilish expressions on his face. Apparently it is hilarious seeing him enjoying himself watching Katherine's dilemna.
  13. I remember reading something about a fan (not sure if it was a GAL) who saw Gerry in Philly and specifically asked him about Lolita. Gerry told her that Lolita was being very well cared for whilst he was busy filming in Philly. I kind of took that to mean he was indicating that he was only temporarily separated from her or maybe even that she was actually in Philly with him and being cared for by someone there whilst he was on set. I also read somewhere I think that he does fly with her and she is allowed to be next to him. i know, I read far too much about Gerry LOL.
  14. Here you go Andrea. It is Friday's episode, which you may have to click on at the top right of the main screen. Check and see if it says 'Now playing TMZ - Fri' underneath the main screen. Gerry's spot is fairly early in the video.http://www.tmz.com/tmztv
  15. Hi Andrea, If you go to the TMZ site and click on Friday's episode right at the top you will find the bit with Gerry. He appears early in the vid, just after the Williams girl. He looks really unhappy with the paps here, kind of giving them the evil eye IMO. He's usually quite affable with the TMZ guys from what I've seen. Perhaps he's just tired of them labelling hm with all the manwhore BS.
  16. He has a house/home in LA and so I would think probably has a live-in housekeeper. Perhaps she/he looks after Lolita when Gerry is travelling, etc. I really cannot see Gerry giving her away, he has had her from when she was a puppy and seems to really love her.
  17. Here is a link which explains what a DLitt is in the UK where Gerry achieved his. It is the highest of academic achievements and is a higher doctorate than the PhD. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_of_Letters Gerry is in good company when you look at some of the others who have received this award.
  18. 'Doctor' Butler. Sounds good to me LOL.
  19. Hello Ladies, Just adding to this conversation regarding Gerry's abilities as a writer. I am posting this link which shows that Gerry was awarded the DLitt (Doctor of Letters) from Glasgow University in 1992. (scroll down the list of 'Arts and Media') http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/alumni/lifeafterglasgow/ This is the highest of academic achievements and apparently is very rarely awarded (note there are only a few on that list with this achievement). More well known recipients have been Tolkein, Mark Twain, Iris Murdoch, PD James, etc. I believe recipients have to have something published to obtain his degree. There are sometimes honorary degrees awarded by Universities many years after, recognizing and being proud of a former student's accomplishment in a particular field e.g. Sean Bean receiving an Hon. DLitt from Sheffield University just a couple of years ago. This could perhaps be the case with Gerry except that it states clearly on this list that he received this award in 1992 and he had barely begun his acting career at that time. This link gives some info on the DLitt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_of_Letters If this is correct I imagine Gerry would quite likely be able to turn his hand to a little screenwriting LOL.
  20. Have you all seen this? It is a song that was originally written by ALW for a Phantom sequel. It was first presented at Sir Andrew's 50th birthday celebration concert at Royal Albert Hall. This is a Phantom fan video featuring the song This is Dame Kiri's concert presentation
  21. There was a brief posting on IMDB by someone who saw a preview screening of 'TUT'. She couldn't say too much, but she said that she and the entire audience enjoyed it immensely and that it is indeed very raunchy and sexy. She likened it to a Judd Apatow movie (Knocked Up, 40year Old Virgin). I enjoyed both those movies. She also said that Gerry is extremely funny and seems to be having a really good time in the role of Mike. It's also romantic and sexy. There are scenes where he gives KH sweet, longing looks (can't wait to see those) and there are a couple of GREAT kisses LOL. I was reading an interview with one of the writers and she says that the movie is very sexy with the Salsa dance (with Gerry and Katie) being especially 'hot'. She also says that there will be couples making out in cars after watching 'TUT' and babies born 9 months later LOL.
  22. There's a longer version of the TMZ video on Youtube. He looks a bit tired IMO and I thought he was being pretty good natured answering their stupid questions, especially the ones about Catherine Zeta Jones LOL.
  23. There have been some really good points made in this thread and I just want to say that I fully support Gerry all the way. IMO he IS one in a million. He stirs me as no other actor ever has and I have seen them all. I also dislike the negativity surrounding him lately. A lot of what we see is through the distorted lenses of razzi cameras or rumour and gossip regurgitated in the tabloid gutter press. I can't believe people believe this stuff. His behaviour sometimes can be a bit off the wall but he is who he is and most of us accept that and recognise and focus on the finer qualities he has demonstrated to us time and again. As Gerry said recently not all paps are bad, some treat him fairly well. Has anyone seen the recent video where he is leaving the Kutsaya(sp) club? He looks kind of subdued and sad IMO. I wonder why? I have never seen him so serious. I did wonder if he has heard about Angels closing down and the reasons given. It just seems a bit coincidental to me. GB's fansites do seem important to him and he seemed to be aware of that site. The admin always participated in the conference calls and he seemed to recognise her and was very polite and respectful to her. I can't believe that he would not have heard by now about the closure. He's only human and beneath all the clowning and bravado he does seem like a sensitive sort with quite a fragile ego like most men. Could he be feeling a little hurt and confused right about now? At least it seems as if his long time friends who know him well don't judge him as harshly as some of his fans do. I really can't bear to think that he is sad and thinking that he has let his fans down somehow. He's been through so much personally and has worked very hard to get where he is today. I'm afraid I became very upset when the video was posted on IMDB and I posted a rant, bawling my eyes out all the time I was doing so. I do now realise that this was speculation on my part and Gerry could have been just tired or unhappy about something totally unrelated. I think he is very, very special and it is obvious to me that he puts his whole heart into everything he does. I believe that he does appreciate his fans and their support and would not do anything deliberately to offend them. I just cannot see what he has done to cause a fan to cut him off so completely.
  24. I saw an old movie last night with Clark Gable and Doris Day called 'Teacher's Pet'. It was really funny, about a hardboiled newspaper editor from the 'old school' who pretends to be a student in Day's journalism class. She does not know that he is the editor who rudely refused to give a lecture to her class because he thought 'education' in this field was better learned 'on the job' and not in a classroom. The sparks start to fly straight away LOL. I thought the Gable role would be great for Gerry. I read that he plans to do a movie with Jen Aniston. Although I am not so enarmoured of her as an actress, IMO she is quite perky and likeable. Could she take on the Doris Day role? I also thought perhaps Greg Kinnear could take on the role that Gig Young played.
  25. Is everybody sure this is our Gerry Butler? He is usually referred to as Gerard Butler. Isn't there also a popular black singer named Gerry Butler.
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