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  1. Didn't I read somewhere that 300 was still going and Grindhouse kinda stumbled this past weekend? I enjoy Craig, but sometimes he seems to be "best buds" with whomever is in the next chair at the moment. I guess that's his job as host. :barebum: As far as Kurt's comment....International? What? Already been done my friend. At the very least, Kurt ended it with a "I wish him well". I didn't see it, so I'm not sure in what manner it was said. I agree. .
  2. That Lena looks like a little doll. What a beauty.
  3. I think Marek would have made my dad happy. I have to say though, my mom would fall all over Gus. We're two peas in a pod. She'd be delighted with Leo though. Even though she was 4'10", she loved a big brut! :ohbaby2:
  4. My husband is in international sales so I get to hear all sorts of accents. My favorite is Ian from Australia. Jean Claude isn't bad either! The best is just to listen to them say my name "Bawnie" not Bahnie! For about a year I had Gerry's "Bawnie" on my alarm every morning to wake up to. Didn't go over very well with my husband at first, but he got use to it. A few Irish friends but not one Scot!
  5. Ooooooh! He looks very tall. She may be small, but in relationship to the car?
  6. Well my opinion of Russell just went way down if these quotes are genuine. As has been said, he's had his fun move over, lose the resentment and let someone else enjoy their day! He sounds like he's losing it to me. Bonnie
  7. Thank you, thank you! I was struggling trying to find a word or two I recognized in some of the recent articles. Sounds like he had a great time down there! Bonnie
  8. He seemed so relaxed and happy to be home. After the past few days of outrageous interviews (fun, but definately some outrageous stuff) it's wonderful to see him a little more subdued. Looked beautiful too. Thanks so much for the treat
  9. Completely YES!!! I love his mind let alone his cutie self. Did you notice those arms in the Cinemax clips? Quite the cutie. Plus the fact he seems pretty happily married and centered which makes him even cuter. Then you have the talent and brains behind all that! Whoa! Love those T shirts and tennies!
  10. What a sweetie! He's so excited I think it's adorable! What a guy. He strikes me as very much a loner. Who would have thought in all the fury of 300 this weekend that somewhere Gerard Butler would opt to be by himself on a Saturday and kinda scope it all out. Says so much about him.
  11. I'm getting the same feelings! I'M LOVING THAT YOU SEE ALL THESE WELCOMES WITHIN THE LAST FEW DAYS. NEW MEMBERS, NEW MEMBERS! 300 IS EFfECTIVE HUH? I so want to meet up with GB admirers. As much as I love him, it' waaaay more fun to share the enthusiasm! As far as Veags I'll have to check the dates. My husband travels extensively and as much as I'd love to travel, he's gone for 3-4 weeks at a time so out of complete love and cosideration for him...it's not the time to travel. You guys are punkin heads for the responses. You know that's a compliment!!! Hey I hope Zack (who is a total cutie pie) convinces Gerry that the midwest is a beautiful place to visit and hopefully we'll see him. They seem quite the buds!
  12. Okay, I must recognize my priorities! My husband and I do our yearly stint in Lauderdale on March 23. I believe this is the same week/weekend where a bunch of my favorites are going to Indy? Is this sick? I'm really sad I can't join the girls. I'm positively NUTS about SmartyTarty and it's gonna kill me I can't meet her. I may make a video and address it all. MAN these girls are wonderful!!!
  13. 3 1/2 hours from Chicago! Let me know. I'm married, but he travels tons! I could definately find time for a jaunt to Chi town on a weekend. Geez let me know. I'm pretty much pitiful Leave it to the midwest girls (honestly, I woudn't want to live anywhere else) to welcome you. I love the midwest. I just learned today that Zack Snyder is from Wisconsin. I'm married to a Milwaukee guy so.....
  14. Well, here's the good thing! My daughter lives in Columbus. I have a new grandson so I'm there3 or 4 times a year. Where are you?????
  15. Hey! Anybody, ANYBODY remotely close to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I'm feelin like only the lonely here!!!! Bonnie (wanting to meet some GALS!)
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