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  1. How I will miss Lu! So many years of sharing our life stories and especially discussing Gerry at length. Lu always saw Gerry’s movies in a theater, more than once. When we both saw the newest Gerry movie we talked at length at how great he was. How she loved that man and so enjoyed GALS, a great place to share her feelings. A great place to make life long friends. Sue reminded me of the siggies many of us made and how Lu enjoyed grabbing one. Sometimes she would ask me for a specific one and when I made it and gave it to her she was so appreciative. Those were the carefree days of Gerry fandom. In case you don’t know, Lu had a room in her home dedicated to Gerry with many photos and accumulated Gerry items that she was lucky enough to acquire at a Gerry Convention. It was a Gerry museum. She did an awesome job with it. A true fan. How I will miss her love of life and funny emails. Save a spot in heaven for me Lu so we can continue our conversations!  God Bless your soul, Kathy (Forbes Girl)

  2. Dear Lu! I am saying prayers for you and thinking about you all day. I know you are strong and will get back to where you want to be. Have patience, because good things happen to those who wait. God is on your side and will hold your hand through your recovery. 

    Hugs and Love, Kathy ❤️

  3. I vote off The Jury reluctantly. Gerry was awesome in that series. If I could only have one movie it would be Dear Frankie because the story was so thought provoking and Gerry was so convincing in his role. It was also located in Scotland and Gerry could be Scottish. I would have to have that movie over the others listed. 


    ~Hugs~ Kathy

  4. Voting off Olympus Has Fallen. I truly believe the most entertaining movie in this remaining list was 300. The fact it was a HUGE box office success and the IMAX theater was sold out where I stood in line with my ticket in hand I guess others thought so too. I won’t mention the eye candy *SIGH* but it also had a unique style in movie making which made it entertaining as well. 


    ~HUGS~ Kathy

  5. OH NO Suzie, not my Beowulf! Oh well, I guess it is inevitable. Carrying on, I vote off Olympus Has Fallen, regrettably. I think Dear Frankie had the best plot because it was realistic to the problems of single parenting and the struggles and emotional scars left behind and how much a mother wants to protect her child. The ending was realistic too and not a fantasy ending, although in my mind the stranger came back.


    ~HUGS~ Kathy

  6. Voting off Olympus Has Fallen. I think Leonidas and Gorgo had the best Chemistry on screen. Leonidas’s scene before his death speaking of his wife was very touching and Gorgo’s scene when she knew he died was so believable. They were very believable as a couple. They acted as one. 


    ~HUGS~ Kathy

  7. I vote off Machine Gun Preacher. In regards to the immunity question I think The Jury had the best cast. There was a lot of drama in that series and the cast was very believable and strong in their roles, especially Gerry. He broke my heart. So The Jury is my immunity vote. 


    ~HUGS~ Kathy

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