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  1. Oh this is wierd. When I first joined Gals a guy named Richard PM'd me and said he liked what I wrote about Gerry in posts and that he was a distant cousin of Gerry's and that he was in the movie business. He went on to say he was in London and was divorced but had full custody of his daughter. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Being new I didn't know how to react when he said he would like to discuss with me "our guy". I didn't think this was the kind of site that had that going on so I just deleted him. Never heard back. Thank goodness!! I was always curious about that, now I know I was right to delete his message without a reply. Thanks for the heads up. Kathy
  2. This guy had better stop writing or start doing his homework. No one is better at being a romantic lead than Gerry!! He has proven that over and over again. I have no worries that Gerry will be anything short of great in this role. I sure can't wait to see it. :inlove: Kathy
  3. Did I miss something here? Aren't they missing another male actor in the Best Performance category? Or is this an England vs Scotland thing? I hope not!! Gerry has been nominated everywhere else, why not here? Kathy
  4. I agree. Leave Gerry alone, he looks just great on his own. I must say the gray in his hair is a real turn-on. He's going to look like Sean Connery, with more hair, when he gets older. Can't beat that for sexy!! Kathy :inlove:
  5. If that is true, Gerry isn't distancing himself because he wants to. He is a busy man trying to be a successful actor. We all want that for him. We've been a little spoiled by his attention wherever he has appeared in the past but that will change. He is busier and demands are made on him. I remember how much he tried to give autographs at premieres for "300" and there was always someone pulling him away and you could see, on occasions, he would get frustrated. I, for one, am willing to let him go and say to him, " Go with my blessing and make good movies for my enjoyment, don't worry about me, I'll keep on loving you". Success, Gerry!!! Kathy :inlove:
  6. Gerry, I've noticed, talks and talks when he is nervous. On talk shows, fan videos, interview videos, audio tape interviews, convention interviews and panel discussions, he just doesn't stop talking. I know that is nerves, just as it is nerves that keeps him picking lint off of his pants, playing with his shirt cuffs (that are never buttoned) and squirming in his seat. These nerves are the reason Gerry can't stop smoking ( that's all I'll say on smoking). His Yoga is supposed to help him relax and to become more focused. When he learns to relax he'll be able to function better in his everyday life. He admits he needs more focus in his life to better organize his personal life. There are times when I'm watching him and I want to yell out to him, "No need to be nervous Gerry, we all love you". RELAX!! Kathy :inlove:
  7. I'm more of a chick flick movie watcher. I don't think a guy that is scared is interested in romance. So what is the sense of watching a scary movie? And don't think guys don't get scared during those movies. Kathy
  8. I'm with you Swannie on this one. Lionsgate is the problem here. I don't believe that it is right to ignore an issue just because you're afraid of the repercussions ( as stated in another post). This isn't political in the same way that "300" was made political. This is a whole different ballgame. This is personal if Lionsgate has an axe to grind against Mel Gibson. It's the only explanation I can come up with. It was brought to my attention that the names on the Board of Directors of Lionsgate are suspect. It's not my place to tell who told me this. But it was an eye opener. It's why I'm really leaning to this explanation that Mel Gibson could be the reason "Shattered" has gone the way it has. One woman's opinion. Kathy
  9. I'm quoting myself here because this is my second posting on this subject. I thought more on this subject and here is my opinion. From the beginning this movie has been handled in an odd way. 1) Movie comes out with a changed title to a couple of theaters in Miama for just a few days, with no publicity, not even a poster at the theater. Low ticket sales, well duh!! 2) Movie pulled and we hear a dvd will be becoming out Dec. 25th. (No Christmas sales here) 3) Movie put on TNT. BEFORE dvd comes out. Lower sales on dvd due to people copying it off of the TV. Now who does this hurt? The actors get paid. The director gets paid. The producers? Yes!! Who is one of the Producers??? Mel Gibson. Need I say more. I would but it isn't allowed so I'll let you think about Mel's past history. This is the only answer to this bazarre handling of this movie. A message is being sent here. Here's another thought. Lionsgate saw our petition and started to think that Gerry has a bigger following then they thought. That means lots of DVD sales. So how do they stop that? They do something I have never heard of before, they put this movie on TV so it can be copied by Gerry's fans and that would mean less DVDs sold. They don't know us do they??? If this was a bad movie I would think differently. But those who saw it say it is really quite good. Especially bizarre since Gerry just came off "300" and all of Hollywood is after him to be in their movies. Don't look to the actors or director to say anything about this bazarre handling of this movie. Do you know what "blacklisting" can do to an actor or director?? Mel does. Just my thoughts and opinions. We'll never know for sure what is going on here, will we. Kathy
  10. I must say, I really miss Gerry with long hair. He looked great in "The Jury". Kathy
  11. Oh yes, this is my birthday present to myself when it comes out in the theaters Dec. 21st. Please, no one take this movie away from me. Kathy
  12. I'm speechless!! This can't be happening? TNT never puts on new movies, especially ones in which the dvd hasn't come out yet. What's going on here? They play old movies!! First, the dvd is set to come out on Dec. 25th. No Christmas sales with that date. THEN they put it on TNT which cuts up movies so they can get LOTS of commercials in. People will tape/dvd it to save on the cost of a new dvd. Less sales because of that. What are they trying to do, sabotage the profits from this movie anyway they can? Yes, I'm thrilled at the prospect of seeing this movie, although I'm sure it will be edited too much, but I can't get it out of my mind that something foul is going on here. I want to see the movie but I want to see it as it was made for the theater, not made for TV. This is too bazarre for me. I'm one for looking behind a screen to see what is going on and not just at what is in front of it. I need to think about this some more!! Kathy
  13. I can think of nothing more inspiring than to be able to put on canvas someone you love. Just being able to create every feature. It would be a very intimate experience. You do a very good job. I envy you your talent. If I had it I would be painting Gerry all of the time. Kathy
  14. This is where I first noticed that Gerry had work done on his teeth. I was a dental assistant so I notice these things. This picture is from the movie, "Game of Their lives" (dvd title). I know Gerry was taking singing lessons for Phantom while filming this movie so I assumed they were getting him ready for those singing close-ups. Kathy
  15. I agree! Love the pictures but we can never get enough of Gerry!
  16. I just finished watching "Wrath of Gods" again tonight and now I see this. Congratulations to Jon! He deserves these awards. I wrote him about how much I loved his documentary and he wrote back asking if he could put my comments on his website. Of course, I said yes. It's a must see movie on filmmaking, especially this one on "Beowulf and Grendel". My hats off to Gerry as well. He did things in this movie that only a stuntman does. But then again that's why Gerry deserved, "Action Star of the Year". He never backs off from anything. "300" proved that!! Kathy
  17. Entertainment Weekly did not even LIST 300 in the top 20 DVD Sales last week?! :boink: Capital W to the T to the F with that! I noticed that too when I checked out the magazine at the library last Friday. What's with that? Everyone knew it would sale like hotcakes and it did. Entertainment Weekly had better get its act together.
  18. I'm happy for those people who do not have dvd players. Now they can see this terrific movie on their VHS player. Someone was using their head and capitalizing on Gerry's success in "300" to sale more movies. I wish some of the movie channels on TV would pick up Beowulf and show the movie to a wider audience. Gerry was so good in Beowulf and the scenery was to die for. And they almost did.
  19. This poll shows me that Gerry appeals to women of all ages. How many actors can say that? When I saw Beowulf in Denver I was amazed at the wide spread of women's ages in the theater. That was my first clue that Gerry is special. I know he has brought out feelings in me I didn't know I had. I've been married a long time to my high school sweetheart and never thought I would be turned on by another guy. One never knows, even if it is just a fantasy.
  20. I'm 5'6" tall and I wish my legs were longer. Yes, longer is good. I envy long legged gals. I weigh 124 pounds so I fit my height. Very long, brunette hair and green eyes like Gerry's. I call them Scottish eyes. Kathy
  21. Thanks Stef for the pictures! These pictures help ease the pain of not being able to see the movie in a theater. Gerry looks so handsome in this movie, even when he is tormented he looks good. Can't wait until December for P.S.I Love You and Shattered on dvd. What a birthday present that will be for me! :inlove: Kathy
  22. I'll believe it when I see it. Wish Gerry's role would be more then on a dvd alone though. I guess these are changing times in the movie industry.
  23. I've heard that before and I've actually seen it. Strange!! But, I just don't see any resemblance to a Pug on Gerry's part. They say opposites attract and that could be the case here. They are both cute in a different way. I just love dogs. I've had two WestHighland White terriers. They are great Scottish dogs. Lost them both to old age and cancer. Boy do I miss them. Kathy
  24. Click to enlarge pic... This picture was taken last fall where I live, Estes Park, Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park is viewed from my home. Aren't I lucky to live in God's country! With me in this picture are two of my favorite guys, my husband and son. My daughter-in-law took the picture. She's a sweetheart and will be giving me my first grandchild next month. Again, aren't I lucky. Kathy
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