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  1. I look at that cover and wish that Gerry could have played William Wallace in Braveheart. He would have been GREAT!!! He would have been just powerful in that role. Kathy
  2. Sounds wonderful!!! I can't wait to get it. Love Gerry when he is silly. Kathy
  3. Why does time move so slowly when you are waiting for something like a Gerry movie to come out or a DVD as in WRATH OF GODS! I could have driven up to Canada and got it faster than it takes FedEx to get it here. I know, I must have patience. Kathy
  4. Thank you Susan for the movie reviews. I often wondered what the story lines were in Gerry's earlier movies and how much did he appear in them. I agree that "The Jury" is Gerry's greatest acting to date because he showed all sides of a recovering alcoholic. It must have been very hard for him to relive his own past while doing this role. He was just great in this series. I recommend everyone get this at Amazon.com. He will have you crying buckets. Kathy
  5. I always thought a "Glasgow kiss" was a spit in the face not a head butt. That's what Gerry did on Leno's show in demonstrating. Watch it sometimes on video. Kathy
  6. Thank you Susan for posting a finally intelligent article on "300". It's so refreshing to read real journalism with no political agenda. Just the facts as they were in history. The bad and the good. Kathy
  7. Hi! Kathy! I had to go back through the thread to see what you were refering too. Fran was talking about "Smiley Central".........I think those emoties are to use only with your e-mail. That's where the "Save it to your puter" would have come in. In other words, you will have to host the emotie to your own image host (PB). Then copy and paste the code into your message box. Just like any other graphic or picture you want to post. Let me know if that helped. Cheers! Yes, that helped. I thought it would have to be that way I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing it the hard way. Thanks for answering so quickly. Kathy
  8. Am I reading this right? If I want to put a "saved to my computer" emoticon on a post I have to first put it in my photobucket account. Then when I'm on a forum and want to post and put in an emoticon I have to go back to Photobucket, bring up my account, click on IMG on the emoticon I want to copy, go back to the forum post and "control V ' to paste on the spot I want to have it. Am I right? There isn't an easier way? I just love computers! Kathy
  9. Well I can see I'm at the right website. You Gals are right on top of things ( or don't we wish) I've already had to change the batteries twice in my remote DVD player because I love to pause and zoom during Gerry's movies. I love all of this new technology!! Kathy
  10. OK gals! You want to take it off? Rent or buy a dvd of "Mrs. Brown" and when the scene comes up where Gerry and Billy Connally are running down the hill HIT the Pause button. Keep hitting the pause button until the first scene pops up with Gerry running naked into the water. Nothing is left to the imagination. After seeing that I wasn't surprised at what I saw in this picture. You can't see this scene except when you hit the pause button before they hit the water. Keep hitting it and SURPRISE!! My sister was shocked that I discovered this. She told all of her friends. Has anyone else seen this? You'll fall out of your chair.
  11. So glad to hear Gerry is as smart as I know he is. His beautiful face is his livelyhood and he must protect it at all costs. I would think little of him if like some actors he went around trying to prove his manhood. He doesn't have to do that. He has no hang-ups in that regard. He's just plain smart. Good boy, Gerry!! Kathy
  12. Rome has the BEST food. I'm glad I don't live there because I would eat myself to death, it's that good! Germany is a beautiful country. I've been to Munich for the Oktoberfest. Had a GREAT time. All of Europe is fun to visit. Especially my favorite, SCOTLAND!! Of course that might be because my ancestors on my mother's side of the family as well as my father's side of the family all came from Scotland. And, of course, Gerry comes from Scotland! Kathy
  13. Gerry is a VERY smart man. He knows you have to strike while the iron is hot and it is VERY hot for Gerry right now. Gerry has always directed his own career and waits for no one. Zack wouldn't tell Gerry which role he had in mind for him in Watchmen so I venture a guess that Gerry moved on. Like I said, smart man because it looks like Watchmen is not set yet to start filming. The three movies that Gerry has signed on to do are PERFECT for him. They show his diversity. He'll be great in those roles. I'm one of those people who believe that Gerry's performance in "300" is what made it the great movie it is. He was MESMERIZING whenever he was on the screen. Pulling away from Zack Snyder right now could show that he doesn't need a Zack Snyder movie to be noticed. He'll do it all on his own, as always. :goodjob2:
  14. To think that I was upset that Gerry wasn't the next James Bond following in the foot steps of the greatest Bond, Sean Connery. This is a much meatier role for Gerry. Much better then the pretty boy role of 007. Even though we all know he would make a VERY handsome Bond. Which is why Sean left the Bond roles to act in more demanding parts. It paid off with an Academy award. Smart move. This will be a great movie for Gerry. I can see him now: strong, forceful and oh so commanding. He'll nail this one, as he does all of his roles. Congratulations Gerry on all of the movies you are going to do this year and next. Busy boy!! See you in the movies!! Kathy
  15. For years I have been telling my friends and relatives about Gerry and his movies. They always say, Gerry who? Now after 300 they are asking me about him. It makes me mad that it took so long for these people to see what we have seen in him for years. But the end result is that everyone knows who Gerard Butler is now. And BOY do they love him. Funny how when I saw Gerry in Attila on television I just knew he had something special. And it wasn't just his beautiful eyes. He had what it takes to be a STAR!! What a talented and versatile actor. Congratulations, Gerry on making it to the top. You deserve it!! See you in the movies! Kathy
  16. Gerry always said he would not be type casted and that has been true when you look at his past movies. He certainly shows he is sticking to his guns from what he has signed up to do in the future. Let's face it, he can do anything in the movies and shine in the role. My husband still can't get over that he was the Phantom. He keeps commenting how great his voice is, like that's a surprise since he saw him in Beowulf and Attila? Yes, Gerry is very versatile. He does everything well. Lucky guy! Couldn't be happier for him since it looks like he has reached the top. He deserves it! His loyalty to his fans will keep us always by his side cheering him on. Good luck, Gerry! We'll see you at the movies. Kathy
  17. Thanks for the reminder. I think Craig Ferguson is so funny. I'll write in Craig when I write in Gerry. I love seeing them together. Put two Scots in a room and you know there will be lots of laughs.Kathy
  18. I just wrote an email to the website and complained about their misinformation. You can do it too. Just click on the site and you will see "write us". The rest is self explanatory. I'm so mad about this that I'm finally posting for the first time. Funny how anger can overcome shyness. Kathy
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