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  1. Voting off RocknRolla and putting Attila in the vault. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  2. I’m with Bonnie and I vote off Mrs. Brown and put in the vault Beowulf and Grendel. Btw, Bonnie and I saw Beowulf in the same theater in Denver at the same time and she sat in front of me and I didn’t know she was a member of GALS until later. It was awesome to see that movie in a theater. ~Hugs~ Kathy
  3. I vote off One More Kiss and to the vault goes London Has Fallen. I love my Mike Banning! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  4. Voting off The Bounty Hunter and One More Kiss. I’m surprised those two movies have made it this far. Oh well, I’ll keep trying! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  5. Voting off The Bounty Hunter and One More Kiss. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  6. I vote off GAMER and ONE MORE KISS! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  7. How did I miss last week? That’s crazy! Oh well, moving on.....I vote off GAMER and SHOOTERS. The yellow towel was the only thing good about “Shooters”. Nothing was good about “Gamer”. ~HUGS Kathy
  8. Voting off Little White Lies and Fast Food. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  9. Goodbye to Fast Food and Gamer. Even Gerry said he wished he had never made Gamer. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  10. This is easy. I vote off Movie 43 and Gamer. Both are gross. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  11. I can't believe I missed the final vote! I have been getting my house in Colorado ready to leave for Florida for the winter and came on here to vote the final week and it is OVER WITH. Doesn't matter because I would have voted for POTO for the win anyway. Thanks Elissa for managing this game for all of us! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  12. This is easy with those three in contention. I vote off Timeline. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  13. Barbara has kept me posted on her health problems. She is in the hospital now but is supposed to go home tomorrow. I pray for that to be true. She was having heart issues after her previous surgical procedures. I have been and will certainly continue my prayers for her. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  14. Goodbye to Dear Frankie! ... sniff sniff....... ~HUGS~ Kathy
  15. Voting off Timeline only because I have no choice. I'll hold on to Mike Banning for a little while. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  16. I am voting off Attila and I wholeheartedly agree with Jan about POTO. It started it all for all of us and rightly so. POTO would be my one choice. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  17. Time to say goodbye to Attila and those beautiful eyes!!! The movie with the most entertainment has to go to POTO. That music, the beautiful singing, the dancing, the emotions! It was very entertaining! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  18. I am voting off Olympus Has Fallen. I also agree that Marek and Lady Claire had wonderful chemistry right from the start. Marek sacrificed a lot to stay in her time at the end of the movie. Now that is LOVE!!! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  19. Good one, Lu! I needed the laugh and you gave it to me. ??????? ~HUGS~ Kathy
  20. I vote off Timeline. As much as I loved the plot in PSILY, as far as Gerry's character was concerned, I didn't like the plot with the females in that movie. They turned me off with their self centered attitudes. Too much drama. I loved the plot in Dear Frankie. The mother and son relationship was so special and the Stranger's change in attitude and his developing relationship with the boy moved me. It was a wonderful emotional story. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  21. I vote off Machine Gun Preacher. As for best cast of actors I have to go with 300. Not only did the actors have to show strength and the emotions ran high but they ALL had to have fantastic bodies and they worked very hard to achieve that. I do believe the acting was outstanding, especially Gerry. It was a wonderful group of actors. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  22. Can't send my Beowulf away YET!! So I vote off Machine Gun Preacher and to the vault goes London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  23. Voting off The Jury and to the vault goes London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  24. Looks like Photobucket will no longer allow third party sharing of pictures off Photobucket unless you pay. Are some of you paying or using another free site? I used to pay for years but stopped when I decided I didn't need it as much as before. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  25. Voting off Lara Croft and into the vault goes London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
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