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  1. Prayers still going out for Lu and I have been sending them out for a long time. Please dear Lord, start hearing our prayers. We want our Lu getting better. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  2. Voting off Playing For Keeps and into the vault goes London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  3. Voting off RocknRolla AGAIN and to the vault goes London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  4. Voting off The Ugly Truth and in the vault....London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  5. Voting off RocknRolla and to the vault goes London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  6. As you know Lu, I have been praying for your brother since you wrote me about him. Prayers will be on going. Hope he is doing better quickly. ✝️? ~HUGS~ Kathy
  7. Voting off Dracula 2000 and in the vault....London Has Fallen ~HUGS~ Kathy
  8. Voting off RocknRolla and to the vault London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  9. Voting off HTTYD 1 and to the vault London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  10. Voting off Nim's Island and to the vault I send London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  11. I vote off HTTYD2 and put in the vault London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  12. Booting off Miracle Match and for the sake of diversity I put London Has Fallen in the vault. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  13. I eliminate The Bounty Hunter and send to the vault, "London Has Fallen". ~HUGS~ Kathy
  14. Voting off Shattered and Mrs. Brown. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  15. I vote off Mrs. Brown and Coriolanus. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  16. He is yummy in green, my favorite color! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  17. I am voting off.... One More Kiss and Coriolanus. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  18. Voting off.....Lucy Sullivan is Getting Martied and Jewel of the Sahara. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  19. Shooters and Harrison's Flowers! Goodbye! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  20. Voting off, PLEASE and HARRISON'S FLOWERS. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  21. Voting off, Harrison's Flowers and Little White Lies. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  22. OK, voting off...... PLEASE and TALE OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER!!! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  23. Goodbye to FAST FOOD and the CHERRY ORCHARD!!! Two forgettable movies! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  24. Sounds like a good plan to me. Who says criminals are dumb. Commit a crime and everything is free from now on. This showed up written in one long line, up and down, one letter at a time. A challenge to read but I got it all. Maybe this shows that way on an iPad. Which is what I am using. I also had a hard time finding this topic. Things have changed around on GALS. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  25. OK, here we go again......by the way nice to be back here.....I vote off Movie43, I'm sure Gerry was not expecting an Oscar with that one, and also Tale of the Black Freighter, just to be different. ~HUGS~ Kathy
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