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  1. June, I haven't been able to sign in here for some time (refused Display name) but becozy helped me get back here. I have seen your latest masterpiece on Facebook though and it is fabulous as usual. Just wanted you to know why I have not been here for a while. I know this site is undergoing some changes and all has not been completed yet. Hope to see your next project starting up soon. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  2. OK, I am stuck finding the picture for this one. I need a mouth!!!! I need his mouth.....but I digress. Looking REALLY good, June! Just like a photograph! How do you do that? You are a Master alright. This is going to be a beauty!!! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  3. I already saw on Facebook this lovely "peek a boo" sneak peak of your next masterpiece in the making. It looks like it is really him looking at us! Love it, June!! I look forward to seeing it grow in size! Thanks for sharing! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  4. You mean a lot to us, June! You are an amazing woman and you have impressed me for many years with your wonderful talent. I'm so happy to hear you have started another one. Hope it works out for you so we can enjoy seeing it blossom under your magical fingers. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  5. As usual I saw this on Facebook when you posted it June and I almost forgot to come here as well. This is a beauty because he is smiling and looking so handsome, as usual. This is a special one because I know you worried if you would be able to finish it. I hope and pray you can continue with no physical problems. I know how much you enjoy making these masterpieces and we certainly enjoy seeing them. They are works of art! Thanks again for sharing with all of us! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  6. Thanks Elissa for running this again! Congratulations to Johnnie! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  7. I have put off voting because I know many here want Johnnie and that is fine for them. But, I look at the two characters side by side and I see a troubled character in Johnnie that admittedly said he treated women terribly and after just a few days goes over the edge when he finds out Rose is married. That shows weakness to me. That bothered me at the time. I really didn't like his character. Now I look at Creedy who was such a likable character and treated everyone with respect and he even gave his life to save others. I can't vote just because it is the popular choice of many. I'm not looking to defend my vote but to explain it. It is my opinion. After all of that I vote off Johnnie. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  8. Voting off Sam. Next week is going to be impossible!!!!!!!!! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  9. June, so happy to hear you are doing better. Please take care of yourself and follow the doctor's instructions. We want you well and happy! Your latest masterpiece is sure a beauty. Love the smile! Love the perfection of your work. I'm so glad you can continue with your needlework without pain. God Bless and take care! ~ HUGS~ Kathy
  10. Well, this is a toughy. I vote off Frosty. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  11. Where have I been? Last post here last June? Gerry must be finished by now! I think I have been seeing it on Facebook in progress which makes me forget to post here. So how is Gerry doing, June? Gorgeous, I'll bet! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  12. I vote off Terry Sheridan! I want that wet suit around longer!!! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  13. I vote off George Dryer. I think the most challenging role for Gerry was Sam Childers. He had to learn how to ride a motorcycle. I remember the article about his learning and how nervous the men were who were working with him because it was a very powerful motorcycle. That's the physical challenge but in the acting I think he had to really run the gauntlet of emotions from mean to serene. It had to be a challenge to do that in one movie. He had to do a complete personality change. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  14. I vote off One-Two! As far as the immunity question goes I think Terry Sheridan would survive because he is a loner who would do anything to survive against all odds. His personality would not let him fail and he has the abilities learned from his past. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  15. I vote off Alex Rover. This Immunity question is a tough one but I am going to go with Sam Childers. He showed a tough guy with no heart in the beginning, he showed anger but also a softness to his wife when he wasn't yelling at her or his daughter. His transformation was amazing. His emotions really kicked in when he saw the little boy get blown up. He could go from out of control to a caring guy and it was done so masterfully. I don't think I have ever seen such an array of emotions from one character in one movie. Add to all of that his Faith renewal and dedication to that. Quite a guy! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  16. OK, goodbye to Mike Chadway. Frosty most definitely would be the best personal trainer, if I ever needed one, because he took a kid and made him a super hero in surfing! The results speak for themselves. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  17. I vote off Jack Rusoe. My answer to the immunity question is Creedy! Creedy was living in the past so it would be easy for him to blend in to any time back in time. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  18. I vote off One-Two and send Creedy off to Exile Island! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  19. Vote off One Two and for a change Creedy to Exile Island. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  20. Goodbye Frank Borghi and off to Exile Island Johnnie Donne. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  21. Voting off Milo and Johnnie Donne to Exile Island. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  22. I vote off Milo Boyd and Johnnie Donne to exile island. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  23. I thought I had posted here with your latest creation pic but I guess it was on Facebook. So glad you do post this on Facebook so I get a heads up on how beautiful he looks. This is going to be a winner just by the eyes alone but I can't wait to see his mouth!!! You know me!!! Love it, June! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  24. Immunity to Johnnie Donne and Booting off Dracula ~HUGS~ Kathy
  25. Looks like I missed a week. I was in Iowa and now I am back home in Colorado. Good to be home! Voting off....... Milo Boyd and Sam (One More Kiss) ~HUGS~ Kathy
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