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  1. Wow! Abby that is so real! You are amazing! This is your career my dear! Make the most of it. What I wouldn't give for your talent. Keep it going! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  2. Goodbye to Archie and Stoick ~HUGS~ Kathy
  3. Voting off.....Stoick and Gus! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  4. June, I may be a little late getting here but that is because I caught a peek of this beauty on Facebook almost the moment you posted it. As always, I was enthralled with it and couldn't stop looking at this lovely piece. He looks so beautiful! As always you amaze me with your talents. I so look forward to each piece you do and I am NEVER disappointed with the results. No one could make these awesome pieces better than you do. I hope you keep going because we all enjoy watching them develop overtime and the results are pure perfection. Thank you once again for sharing your talents with all of us! You rock girl! ❤️ ~HUGS~ Kathy
  5. Goodbye to Charles Belamy and Yasha. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  6. June....looking forward to the big reveal! Can't wait! ❤️ ~HUGS~ Kathy
  7. Peter (Please!) and Charles Belamy, goodbye to you both! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  8. Voting off....... Tim Bolton and Peter ( Little White Lies) Barbara, (lugerry) LOVE the Mike Banning siggy you have! Great job, Diane! ( Shamrocked) ~HUGS~ Kathy
  9. Guess I will go along with Burke and Jacko. Just for the record, I am with you Elissa in your thinking! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  10. God Bless you Tracy! I will always remember your kindness and sweetness to everyone here. My condolences to Dennis and his family. Tracy will be greatly missed. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  11. Voting off The Sea Captain and Cassius ~HUGS~ Kathy
  12. Chaun and Lead Seaman Good to be back! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  13. Would somebody please put this on YouTube so I can download it? I can't download these non-YouTube videos. RATS!!!!! ~HUGS~ Kathy OK, forget it, I found it on YouTube and I downloaded it! YIPPEE! He is so adorable.
  14. Poor Bill, he has gone through so much but I am glad there is FINALLY a diagnosis so help is now on the way. I'm so happy to hear he is already improving and feeling better. I'll keep the prayers going for him as usual. Thanks for the updates, Elissa! I have had company staying with us and they just left today so I haven't been on here for a while. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  15. June, I had company visiting and found out that the wife loves Gerard Butler. We were watching the news in Florida and it was announced that Gerry would be the Grand Marshall at the Daytona 500 and she got excited. I asked her if she ever went on GALS and she said she didn't know there was such a site and I showed her. I also showed her your cross stitch masterpieces of Gerry and she was blown away. She said she never knew you could get cross stitch to look so real. I told her the artist is a master and every piece is a work of art and she said, "I'll say it is art alright". So you have another fan and she is going to come back to GALS when she gets home. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  16. Elissa, I love it when a doctor says there is always an answer and you just have to dig for it. That means they are willing to work for the answer and they will ultimately get it. Always encouraging to the patient. So happy to hear Bill is feeling better. I will continue prayers on his behalf. Thanks for the update. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  17. Good, no surgery. The update sounds promising. I'm sure they don't want to do surgery when blood clots are involved and could occur with the surgery. Good to be on the safe side until they are sure all will go well. I hope Bill is feeling better. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  18. Spotted this lovely piece on Facebook but came here to drool some more. June, you are doing your usual fantastic best on this piece. It has Gerry's heart and soul on display with those beautiful eyes that are so very much Gerry's. Can't wait to see your next update!!! It just gets better and better! ~HUGS~ Kathy
  19. YES, those are GERRY BUTLER EYES indeed!!!! Beautiful and perfect. You get the eyes right and you get Gerry's soul and you got his eyes right!!! GREAT job, June!!! I'll be checking back for more...... ~HUGS~ Kathy
  20. Men hate losing control over their life. They like their independence. That makes them testy. Women go with the flow better. I hope this all works out for Bill. ~HUGS~ Kathy Testy? That's putting it mildly! Each phone call saying an appointment has been set up or a nurse or therapist are on their way to the house the air turns blue! He knows it's all needed, but he doesn't like it! One good thing, the occupational therapist came and evaluated him yesterday and said he doesn't need OT, so it will just be PT and RN visits. It seems my being an RN doesn't count. Poor Bill......Poor Elissa, because she has to live with Bill under these circumstances. I always said I would take an illness over my hubby because I can handle the inconveniences better than Hubby. Men just don't like any part of losing control of their life. Take it one day at a time and hopefully very soon you will both get your life back. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  21. Thanks for the download, Barb! Here I thought Gerry lost his accent. How wrong was I. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  22. Men hate losing control over their life. They like their independence. That makes them testy. Women go with the flow better. I hope this all works out for Bill. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  23. Always a great feeling going home from a hospital. You get a renewed gratefulness for HOME!! Pass along a big, "Hi and get better" to Bill from me. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  24. Elissa, I'm in Iowa and haven't been on much but saw your comment about Bill on Facebook. Glad to hear it is not his heart. I hope they can make him feel much better very soon so he can have his life back again. Continuing with prayers for Bill. ~Hugs~ Kathy
  25. THANK YOU, Abby for sharing more of your artistry with us. Your animals are always just amazing, as well as your portraits. I love looking at them for all of the detail that you put into them. I just stare because the animals look alive and I expect them to move. I love art and have always enjoyed Art Museums. I lived for over 30 years in Chicago where the Art Institute is and it was one of my favorite museums in Chicago. It was thrilling to also go to the Art Museum in Washington D.C. but the biggest highlight was going to the Louvre in Paris. I've seen some fabulous artwork and I have to say your art will be in a museum someday if you continue with your art. PLEASE DO!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, my friend! ~HUGS~ Kathy
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