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  1. Happy birthday xx

  2. After seeing what became of the Oscars this year, in a way, I'm hardly surprised that he didn't show up. After all, '300' should have received an Oscar! Those idiots! However, I do agree that Gerry on the red carpet would have been a marvelous vision indeed. G.
  3. I think that if Gerry's life changes at all, it will involve more work. Much more work, of both the personal and professional kinds. '300' blasted him into the darn stratosphere, ladies, so the pickings for possible mates clearly improved at that point. This is to be expected. Many stars keep relationships under wraps so as to avoid causing distress in fandom. There are a few who flaunt their connections for obvious reasons, but I truly believe that Gerry isn't one of these. Also, fame means that Gerry will have to change his approach to women, to include mostly ones living at his level. For my part, I believe that fortunes wax and wane and bodies break down over time. The soul, however, is forever. Be careful with yours. Have faith in what you know is right for you. A soul is a terrible thing to waste. So don't. G.
  4. Well pardon me all the way to Kittery (in Maine). Don't you think fans take things just a bit too seriously? I mean, hey, the guy is SO busy he's going to fall off his damn bike! Sometimes I wonder about this trend. Can someone tell me why he goes full speed ahead with ALL of these films? He did a great job in the re-titled TV flick, "Shattered", and got good exposure from it, as well. Fans should share info and gossip among one another, and if Gerry happens by, well, hey, as our dear Paris would say, "THAT'S HOT!" (Yes, she tried to copyright this little remark, no kidding!). The upshot? Don't worry. After all, didn't Gerry once say that his fans are always in his heart? Ah, ye of little faith! G.
  5. Well, Ger is hamming it up in Aussieland, eh? Good for him! You're right. The ring, bracelets, neckace, etc. are gone. Maybe, now that Gerry is a REALLY BIG STAR, he had one of those, er, 'image consultations'. Many people totally change their looks to suit their newfound fame. G. :beard2: See?
  6. Ah, Gerry. Hunk-o-rama, eh? Seriously, I agree with some of the previous posts in that Gerry does often have a "distant" look about him in many of his photos. I'm not sure what to attribute this to, but it's definitely there. And there's no question that it sparks a ton of inquisitive remarks on any of his many boards on the web. Perhaps he is looking for something (or someone) in particular. We out here in cyberspace may never know. However, we can and should give him all the support we are able to give, in the hope that maybe we can show him his inherent value, if not to his audience(s), at least to himself. Remember that the highest form of love is caring. All else is just a footnote. G.
  7. Happy birthday to you, GALS! And many more .... G.
  8. Pugs ARE cute. The interesting thing is to see just how people are connected with their pets, in this case, dogs. Some people actually LOOK like their dogs. It's true! G.
  9. You know, when you think about it, there are a LOT of handsome guys out there, especially in Hollywood. Gerry is handsome, too, just like most of them, so why is it that he has such a following of fans telling him 24/7 just how sexy he is? What's his charisma? Surely, Gerry is more than the sum of his body parts, even though we all know that there are threads galore describing those very parts. There are many stars who have greater fame than Gerry, but certainly not the devotion of fans that Gerry has. I'd ask Lolita, but then I'd have to find somebody to translate Pug. What's your take on this? G.
  10. Wow! Gerry as "The Normal Guy". Nobody ever thinks of him as shopping. "Hi! I'm Leonidas and by the way, where the is my change?" All the while, the girl is thinking, "The King and I!" Sigh. Real life really IS stranger than fiction. G. :ohbaby2: Yep. Now we know why this picture is cropped where it is.
  11. In the past, Gerry appeared to like Japan and all of his fans there, so it's no surprise that he should be looking forward to '300' hitting the screens and driving the Japanese nuts. Ah, Gerry, we hardly knew ye. G. :beard2: Really? And exactly what do you do with it?
  12. I wouldn't worry. Gerry's never out of the loop for long. If he's taking a rest, good. If he's reviewing scripts, even better. If he's working on yet another new film, it's best of all because hey, none of the GALS can get enough of him. Ever! He's the most handsome, captivating and downright droolworthy guy in the galaxy to date. Now top that! G.
  13. Lovely interview, in both languages! Thank you so much for the translation. I'm happy to see that Gerry keeps to his integrity. This is very apparent when he speaks of considering various movie offers. Usually, when a person becomes so famous so fast, they rush into projects all over the place. A little careful thought goes such a long way. I can't wait to see what Ger has in mind next! G. Really? Now this I gotta see!
  14. Many people wear bracelets for sentimental reasons, too. Like friendship bracelets, for example. Gerry does seem to like silver a lot. Thank you, Sporran, for the details about the necklace he wears most of the time. Hey! Maybe he could get a bracelet that matches a collar for Lolita .... G.
  15. The scrutiny is a fact of life for superstars ... and Gerry is now OFFICIALLY a superstar. So many people will try to get close to him for various reasons, and some of those reasons may not be so nice, I'm sad to say. However, Gerry has achieved his dream, and he will continue to build on that dream. Good for him! He has spoken frequently about how much his fans mean to him. I think Gerry is in a unique position with respect to his fans. His base of support started early in his career, and few celebrities can boast such a phenomenon. Not all of his fans are nutty. Not all of his fans are housewives, desperate or not, either. Some of his best fans and most sincere supporters are out in the audience. He will never know them personally, for the most part, but they are there and their presence is felt particularly on the sites set up to discuss and promote Gerry on the Web. One good thing about Gerry's new star power is that he won't have to worry so much about his public image anymore. He will be able to pursue whatever career path he wishes from now on, and he will certainly speak his mind more freely because money from '300' talks and the big guns will HAVE to listen, no matter what their private prejudices may be. Ah, Gerry's fans will always love him, warts and all! G.
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