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    I enjoy reading novels and non-fiction (I am a Madeleine L'Engle and Alexandra Stoddard-aholic); I'm currently researching the German branch of my family tree (my aunt has the Irish/Welsh/Scots/Dutch branches well-covered - she writing a book about them!); I write stories and poetry (my poems have been published, but I'm having a hard time with the stories because I have a tendency to self-edit instead of just writing); I like most genres of music (especially Irish and Scottish fiddle music), but I'm not a fan of heavy metal or rap.<br /><br />And I spend a great deal of time lusting over Gerry Butler (of course!)

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  1. Hi! MSN has an article/slideshow called "The Incredible Bulk" and Gerry's pic as Leonidas in 300 and his workout are there. If I did this right, the link is: http://movies.msn.com/movie-guide-summer/buff-movie-bods Enjoy! DR
  2. My teenage son had to create a crossword puzzle for his Computer Applications class and his favorite movies were his inspiration: #25 Across Clue -- "Scottish Spartan" And none of his friends could figure it out! Sad to see how deprived they are...LOL! DR
  3. All the pics are gorgeous (well, what do expect? This is Gerry we're talking about!) but there's one pic from the Ferragamo party that made me look twice. Gerry is doing what he does best (look totally hot) - and right beside him there's a headless mannequin in a red dress! The caption should be "I know that women have been losing their heads over me for a long time - but this is a little bit much, don't ya think?" DR
  4. What I love about Gerry is his willingness to open himself up to people, to show them who he really is instead of hiding behind a mask. In the article, he comes across as someone at peace with his choices and with the world. I'll be 46 years old in December and I still haven't reached the level of acceptance of self that Gerry has. I should make copies of his first tip about how to reduce stress, "Let go of things that you can't control," and post them all over my house! Living one's life in a state of constant worry - as I do - determined to "fix" things, isn't good for one's overall health - and that's something I need to drill into my head! Thanks for the great article! DR
  5. Congratulations and Best Wishes, Lish, on your marriage and Thank You for all the work you've done to make GALS as great as it is Congratulations and Welcome to the Mod Squad KB and Moira! DR
  6. First off, I don't think who Gerry is with and the nature of their relationship is any of our business. When he's found "The One" and is ready to settle down, he'll let us know. Secondly, referring to Gerry/Jennifer as a "booty call" is just plain crude. DR
  7. It's not that bad, Gerry! Smile! My hubby is in NYC today. Maybe I'll have a "Gerry Sighting" to report! DR
  8. Gerry, just so you know, my son almost peed himself and I nearly choked to death with what you had to say about the sea lions and the potential for getting your face getting bitten off. As the teenager that lives in my house said, "It was freakin' hilarious!" P.S.: Do you still have your Phantom mask or the one you wore as Leonidas? They could have come in handy, don't you think? In case the sea lions did take off your face? PPS from the teenager who lives in my house: I am going to tell all of my friends at school about this on Monday! DR
  9. Way to go, Abigail! And, Gerry, she's right. The swearbox doesn't work that way. If you put in $20.00, it's $20.00 for one curse. You don't pay for 16 and get 4 free. And how do I know these things? Well.....(I never said I was an angel!)LOL! DR
  10. I meant to put this in my first reply: I'm so happy for Gerry that he found the willpower to overcome his ciggy addiction at still a young age. My grandfather quit smoking at age 70, but it was too late and he died of lung cancer five years later. My dad's been cigarette-free for twenty years this November. He quit the fall before I got married. He went the "cold turkey" route - and the first couple of months were very interesting!LOL! Congrats, Gerry! DR
  11. Thank God! I was beginning to fear that we'd have to beat him over the head with studies by the AMA to get him to quit! DR
  12. A question occurred to me as Rick, Brian and I were driving home from the in-laws' last night: Do actors (in this case, Gerry) and actresses get time off so they can spend the holidays, like Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, with their families or do they have to stay close to wherever they're filming? I don't know if there are clauses in contracts that cover this issue, but I'd be seriously bummed out if I had to spend the holiday season in one part of the world while my family and friends were celebrating in another. DR
  13. Dear Gerry: Merry Christmas to you and your family and a blessed, Happy New Year! DR
  14. "Single White Scotsman, 38, looking for love, companionship and someone to tell his secrets to. Prospective "lady friend" must have four paws (better traction in the snow when we take long walks together on winter mornings), a cold, wet nose and her own fur coat. Must also love being scratched behind the ears and on her belly and grunt. All others need not apply." DR
  15. (They say the "3rd time is the charm" - so I hope I get it right this time!LOL!) I'd like my GAL name to be Gerry's All Day and All of the Night GAL/Butler's Celtic Cheerleader and Mistress of Erik's Darkest Dreams. Thanks! DR
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