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  1. i totally agree bethy! i love this site, and i love gb.net! they're both amazing and i love being with tarts and GALS! they're both places were i can unwind and relax when i am stressed, or just need to be taken to a happy place! you opinions are very appreciated here. i will never choose between my two homes.
  2. driving around in the car and listening to my cd's full blast! that really makes me happy doing volunteer work for my church
  3. i honestly get angry when peopel post thse things...not like ahte kind of angry...but like a i dunno how to explain it...but ya i for sure get jealous, i dont think that its wrong, it just natural, when people are like "OMG I TALKED TO GERRY OVER THE PHONE" i'm like thank you very much...could you rub that in my face a little bit more, i dont think that you've done a well enough job. maybe i'm just a bitter 16 year old teenage girl, who does nothing more than complain...but it does anger me :grump:
  4. i for sure like him when he is wearing the t-shirts, leather and jeans...although i always melt when ever i see a guy in a suit, or a tux...so i like the formal look on gerry, but it has to be either plain black, or like a nice light pinstriped suit...something like this... or this.... OMG sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot! its amazing...now whenever i have my grad party, my guy has to wear that suit...(the first one) with the hat and everything lol
  5. well heres a picture of me! ita a little old, but i basically look the same except that my hair is a lot shorter now( i had an urge to get a pixie cut, and i did, its growing out nicely tho) i'm the girl with the black wavy hair, and the big pink sweater with the broach on it! i was at a party, and it was soo much fun...although i am very short, and when i was dancing with the guy next to me(hes beastly tall) he kept on leaning in really close to talk to me(we were slow dancing) and he was like 2 inches away from my face...i was sooo uncomfortable, :conf: it looked like he was about to kiss me, and it looked like i was blushing because it was HOT in there, and so my cheeks were bright pink...but i guess that i was kinda blushing due to the fact that it was dark and it looked like he was coming in for a wet one! lol soo akward
  6. hhhah i love the second pic! it looks as if he is gonna do something bad(or at least thinking about it) lol
  7. Iwill have to say that mine is POTO...i ADORE this movie soo much, and it wiil always have a tremendous impact on me...i have seen this movie about 50 times, and yet i still cry EVERYTIME! :cry: thats the sort of impact that gerry had on me in this film.
  8. hi...i would like my gals name to be...Sweet-Smiling-GAL
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