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  1. That was a great interview! Dayna, your question was incredibly insightful, and his answer was just precious! I dying of laughter when I heard his quips. Loved it. My only problem with the whole thing was the question GB.net asked. I don't want to offend anyone, but it really seemed out of place, and frankly, creepy. I felt like it almost put a shadow over the whole thing, that is, until he heard the other questions asked. Anyone else feel the same way? Stacy
  2. Bad news GALS....there's a strong possibility that I won't be coming to Vegas this year (even though I'd finally be able to drink & gamble with you all!). I'm supposed to be, during that time, taking another trip to the UK, because if I don't, the frequent flyer miles I racked up last time will up and disappear. Aside from the fact that I'll probably be there at the time of the convention, last year was so expensive that even if I wasn't going somewhere else, my mother probably wouldn't let me go. She was PISSED with all the money I spent! I'll miss you all! Love, Stacy
  3. Dear Gerry - You know, you have definitely had one hell of an amazing year. So, having thus stated the (very) obvious, the only thing left to say is this: It is my sincerest, most ardent hope that this coming year can match up with, if not surpass, the one you've just had. I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you have an absolutely incredible birthday. Love, Stacy Anker (aka Stacy A.) PS. Me and my friend were the ones who gave you the big box of chocolates when you were leaving Conan last March, but we forgot to put a card in. So, I hope you enjoyed them!
  4. We're missing you in The Gutter. Hope all is well.


  5. Man, there were so many fun memories!! Here are some of mine: Thursday: Actually MAKING IT to POTO, and getting to see it!! Meeting Tony Crivello, who actually looks sooo much like Hugh Panaro it was scary! He's just shorter than Hugh, LOL. Driving along the strip with my old karate instructor as he showed me around Vegas for the first time. Watching my old karate instructor's dog literally run away from me any time I got close, when I stayed over their house that night. Friday: Hanging around the lobby of the Flamingo, meeting some of the GALS as they walked by, while I waited for Jenny to get there. Meeting Jenny and Marissa in the lobby as we prepared to check in. Dragging Jenny over to the swim shop, even though I know it totally wasn't her thing. Thanks for coming with me anyway, darling! Going up to register, and FINALLY meeting some of my fellow Gutter GALS!! Getting autographs from our author GALS, and taking lots of pictures. Seeing Barbara (aka lugerry) again, after having not seen her since March. Going to lunch with Jenny at Margaritaville. We had great seats, even though they were a little far away from the table! Getting all dressed up for the dinner party. Meeting everyone I didn't get to meet earlier!! Having some fun watching the talent show, and gettin' crazy dancing after. Going up to the big suite and watching "300" with all the girls!! Saturday: Going to breakfast with some of the ladies in the buffet. Going up to watch "Wrath of Gods", and that GORGEOUS interview. Damn you, black box! DAMN YOU!! Leaving and going back to Margaritaville for a late lunch with Leslie and Annemarie. Flirting with the waiter at Margaritaville so he would serve me a margarita! Going back to the room for a quick nap, before getting ready for the big party. Getting all dressed up in my fabulous Grecian gown! Seeing everyone in their own costumes....we were quite a sight! Winning at the raffle! Winning something fabulous in the auction! Sunday: Meeting a whole bunch of the Gutter GALS for a big breakfast feast! Walking to the Venetian, via first the monorail. Meeting up with Leslie and Annemarie in the Venetian. Touring the Strip with Leslie and Annemarie, then meeting up with some of the other ladies at the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace. Getting pizza with the ladies for dinner. Seeing NO ONE pay attention to me when I was saying goodbye, because they were all busy watching the beginning of "300" on the hotel TV! ...and I think that's it for now.... Stacy
  6. I do have to say that one thing of mine that IS tired is my wallet. I don't know where the hell all my money went!! I mean, I spent some of it, that I know, but my G-d in heaven where's the rest of it?! Goodness!! My friend invited me to meet her in the city for some Broadway softball fun, and I can't go because I don't have enough money even for the stupid train ticket! GRRRR.... Stacy
  7. I have to say that I'm a little bit of everything right now. I'm tired, both jet-lagged and just plain worn-out from the trip. But it's always like that when I come back from somewhere. I'm also sort of feeling kind of removed. I feel like the whole thing was some sort of bizarre dream, like it never really happened. Although, as everyone knows, it definitely started off for me as a nightmare with that damned flight! But seriously, the whole thing feels kind of unreal....like I still can't believe I actually was there, hanging out with you guys, having as much fun as I did. I know that I probably annoyed the hell out of some people with my insistence on tagging along, but I really did just have the most fun ever. Honestly the only thing I can compare this to is the time I met Gerry, back in March. I'm sort of just sitting here, not sure what to do with myself or my feelings. That's really all there is to it. Stacy
  8. Stacy A.

    Next Vegas Con

    I know what you mean! The fact that it was built by Bugsy Siegel made me so happy when I realized that it was THAT hotel. Maybe it's just the fact that he was a Jewish mobster from NY, and, well, I'm Jewish, related to....okay, that's all I can say about that. The FBI doesn't read this board, does it? Stacy PS. I'm with everyone about meeting more people. I definitely didn't get to talk to as many people as I wanted to, even though I definitely recognized you, Swannie! I think I was a little shy when it came to you, LOL. (I know, me? Shy?!) I was actually a little shy about approaching Dr. Em too. Fortunately, we sort of approached each other, and she is my goddess, let me tell you.
  9. GALS, these convention photos are impressive!! Great job!! I'll be adding mine soon, I promise! And I have a lot of the landscape in the other parts of Vegas too, from my Sunday walk with Annemarie and Leslie. Stacy
  10. Stacy A.

    Next Vegas Con

    I'm so game for all these suggestions! I sincerely hope they don't tear down the Flamingo. I might actually cry if that happens. Not because of being there for the convention, but because the Flamingo IS the original Vegas, no matter how many times it gets torn down and rebuilt. It's a piece of Vegas history, and should be treated as the landmark that it is, even with all the improvements, etc. that have been done since it was originally opened in the 1940's. It should be classified as a historical landmark, though they won't do it because it means not being able to expand the hotel or anything, as far as I know. Stacy
  11. OMG that place is looking GORGEOUS. Sooo totally my style. Goodness, it's like my dream to live in a place that looks like that. And, of course....to live in a place like that with Gerry would be even better, LOL. Stacy
  12. Julie!! I'll hang out with him!! I'll be staying (I think) at my old karate instructor's house on Thursday night, before the convention, but before POTO I'm not doing anything all day! My flight gets into the airport at 11:11am. My number is on the contacts list! (Oh, and I'm 20, single, and have a military-related background, to some degree). Stacy
  13. Friday night I'm wearing a blue halter dress that I bought last year for a wedding I was invited to. Saturday, well, you'll see, since I can't find a picture of my dress. I DO need some help with my hair though, for that night. I can't do a ballet bun by myself. Stacy
  14. Susan, I'm in for dinner! Can't wait to see you all!! Stacy
  15. OMG Foxxy that drawing is AMAZING!! You bet if I can afford it I'll bid on it!! You have such a talent, I'm just amazed. Stacy
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