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  1. ... to watch his steps :D Once again Gerry is having a problem with his co-stars dress. You remember he almost stripped Emmy Rossum on Phantom´ s London premiere by stepping on her dresses rear.


    And here we are again (in London from all the places). Luckily Lena has stripes on her dress :rotflmao:


  2. Just a thought..

    If they are due to start filming TR soon, could this be why in the most recent pic of our man at the pre-oscar party, he has a completely new & different look?

    I guess soon enough, we shall see...

    That is exactly the same idea, that crossed my mind, when I saw the last pictures. The change in appereance could mean the preparation for shooting. And it´s not just hair cut short and smooth face. He has his hair also dyed dark again and also his brows. I have to say I would love to see him play this role (and not because it is supposed to be shot in here :yippee: ... well, not only :D ). It is so challenging role to play.

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