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  1. Jenn, Thanks for the translation. I am so impressed that you know Japanese well enough to translate this article. Bravo!! This is a very difficult language to learn. I checked your profile to see if you were of Japanese descent. Since you are not, I would be very interested to hear how and when you learned Japanese. What a great skill. So many GALS seem to have special gifts. Leimomi "Judy"
  2. Hi Judy! I so enjoyed meeting you in Vegas! Take care and hugs to you,


  3. Stef I tried to email my pics directly to you at stef@gerardbutlergal.com and they did not send. How do I do this?
  4. Thanked you in an email, songbird, but wanted to Thank You here too. Great of you to go to the trouble. I also want to see how my new siggy looks.
  5. Just saying,"Hello." New member learning my way around. Have signed up to attend the convention.
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