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  1. These pictures just got me sighing all over again!
  2. It's so cute so see Gerry so big tall taking a little Lolita for a walk.
  3. You truly are blessed to have such talent! It certainly must give you alot of pleasure creating Gerry with your own hands! I bow to your gift. p.s. Just curious...what is your profession? I can only imagine it to be art related.
  4. Wow! Just reading this made my heart race. Nice fantacy...I'd love to read this book. Hope you're very successful with your books. Congratulations. I wonder if they will be available in my country.
  5. Hi Joana, I'm really looking forward to seeing a pic of your sculpture of Gerry. You're really very priviledged to have talent to form your very own Gerry - just the thought of having your hands all over the man!!!
  6. It's unforgiveable that there is no mention of Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Oooh... Thanks alot for this EYE-CANDY!! This man doesn't need to do a single thing to makes us swoon - his existence does it all!
  8. Stunning work! You're excellent at drawing...but then again with the subject at hand, you can only be inspired to do the best. Congratulations on a wonderful talent.
  9. of course watch all that time, then the kid calls me from outside, crying about something that happened on her bike...i smooth things over , come in and the carpet is cleared... why do i even bother The joys of motherhood!!!
  10. I also saw him, dark jacket, white shirt and blue denims...and sunglasses. I'm glad a managed to see him!!!
  11. Hey Swannie, it's the first time I see you speechless!! I'll just go to and have sweet dreams.
  12. Wow, there's alot of resemblance between Gerry and his sister...and the eyes...! Nice looking family.
  13. You ladies are alot of fun! I like to think that Gerry gets to read this. He's most definately a Delicious Man! Very good on the eyes!!!
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