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  1. That's my fantasy, to be healthy and slim and the only woman on the set. My gosh, think of it... ...and I'm playing the love interest to ??? !!! :boink: End Fantasy. LOL, Paris.
  2. I'm going to wait to get it in blue ray.
  3. Great blessing to you Carly, you are with the Angels now. Rest in Peace. Paris.
  4. I made the butt shot my wallpaper on my computer.
  5. Aw, that just make my heart SOAR!!! I am so happy for you, I'm just speechless. Gerry appreciates his Gals and we apreciate him for his humanity... and his hotness!
  6. Now I understand why there must be a gutter! I looked at those photos and knew that there was nothing I could say here about them, so I'm off to the gutter! Gerry... YOU ARE SO HOT!!! Paris.
  7. I recognized you, Swannie. So I came up to you and took a really beautiful picture of you because I always wanted to meet you. I recognized one or two others, but they were all too busy talking with others at their table and I didn't want to intrude. I think that next year there can come a moment during the first night, perhaps those who want to state who they are on the mic would help in putting a face to a name. Or maybe a sort of speed dating format where people get 60 seconds to state who they are, and why they love Gerry. Then just make their way down the row. I don't know, but it does seem hard to meet everyone, and not everyone "clicks" in person. It's much easier on the board... Paris.
  8. Hi Mel, just wanted to say that I saw you at the Vegascon, but didn't get the chance to meet you. Perhaps next year. I'm going to start hanging out in the gutter for a bit, LOL. Gerry just seems like a great guy to know. Like he'd be such a dear friend.
  9. I just want to that Perrin for her help in getting me into the convention. I had lost my badge and was looking everywhere for it, but couldn't find it. It was great meeting Sue and her daughter there, as well as Cassie and Swannie. There was also the nice lady that my husband and I met getting off of the elevator who MC'd the first nights event, her song was wonderful, as was all of the nights talent. I would have liked to have met more, perhaps next time. There were some other nice ladies at my table as well, sorry that I don't know your names. I had a great time and can't believe it's over, but I do look forward to becoming more of a gutter gal and dropping some pounds for next years con. Cheers! Paris.
  10. Geez, I love YouTube! I typed in Don't Go and bam, that's what I got!!! I wanted to cry! Then I went crazy and typed in Newcles- Jam On It, Shalamar- A night to remember, songs by The Time, Carwash, Boogie Wonderland... I'm dancing right NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW! I'm done. LOL, Paris...See ya'll there in Vegas, but I'm a bit shy (at first)
  11. In Hollywood, if your mother isn't in the Business, or your father, sister, or who ever, and you don't have a certain "tie" via family members or religion, then you are lucky to even take part in any movie or TV show at all. People sometime change their last names in order to conceal that the come from a long line of movie stars so people won't realize that its all in the family. Sometimes I look at singers or movies stars and ask myself how is it that they are in the business when they are straight out ugly and have no to talent. Then I realize that they are the child of someone. That's the Hollywood game that Gerard isn't a part of. This is why they make a difference in him because he IS different from them. He hasn't conformed to the way they want him to be, nor was he born into it. With 300 the powers that be HAD to take notice of Gerry, but they don't know what to do with him, LOL! Well, that's my take on it anyway. DON'T CHANGE GERRY, you are a breath of fresh air! Never surrender! Never retreat!
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