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  1. I saw The Watchman at the IMAX and I loved it. I am going to have to put Zack in my list of favorite directors. This guy is a genious!!!!! I took my kids 10 and 14 but I knew what was going to happen in the movie. They watch horror movies and play Call of Duty on the Xbox 360 so it wasn't like anything they haven't seen before. The sex scenes weren't like anything we haven't see on tv like on FX and then Dr. Manhattan nake self didn't bother me one bit. I thought the movie was done very well. This movie is not for everyone. It seems to be one of those movies where you hate it or love it.
  2. Those were sure some nice pictures!!!!! If I was walking down the street I would of died if I saw him jogging towards me. LOL.......Now It makes me want to get into shape. He was jogging on my birthday!!!!! He is so dreamy!!!!!
  3. I took my cousin's daughters to go see this movie and they loved it. Both of them said at the end that they can't wait until this comes on DVD so they can buy it. I told them me too!!!!! It was funny, touching, and just a fun movie. I enjoyed this better than PS I Love You because it was very uplifting and not so heavy like the other one. Don't get me wrong PSILY was good but it was just too emotional for me. I am looking forward to seeing Gerry's upcoming movies. (Gerry Face) LOL.....
  4. OMG!!!!! HE LOVES CHICAGO!!!!!!!! So do I!!!! My mom is from Chicago. I use to spend my Christmas and Summer Vacations up in Chicago. I miss it so much. I want to move back up there. Chicago rocks!!!!! The food, the people, museums, everything about Chicago is awesome. Ok...I can calm down now. I just got all excited to hear that Gerry loves Chicago. What town hasn't our boy had a girlfriend in. LOL.......
  5. Wow Gerry and his sister look alot alike. You can see alittle bit of resemblence between Gerry and his brother. His brother looks like their mom. I am guessing that Gerard and his sister look like their dad. Great looking family. Great to hear that they are very down to earth people.
  6. I wasn't able to watch it. I guess I will have to watch it when I get home. It will give me something look forward to after work. Great now I will be counting down to 4:30!!!!!! Love the pics. He is just so adorable.
  7. l like that he didn't care that the paps were there. He was just doing his thing. Which is flirting with girls. He is being a typical single male. One day Ms. Right will come and calm him down but for now he is just having fun.
  8. Good for him for quitting smoking!!!! I am so proud of him. Now he will not want to be around smoke because of the smell. That is how my grandparents were. They both smoked and after they quit they couldn't stand being around smoked and apologized to us for smoking around us. Good for Gerry!!!!!
  9. Cool.....He is really funny so I am really glad to see him star in a comedy again. This time around I will not cry like the I did with PSILY. Don't get me wrong....I loved PSILY but it was just emotionally draining for me because it opened up some old wounds from when my friend lost her fiance. I am glad he is doing comedy again!!!!!! (Gerry Face)
  10. I can't wait to see this one!!!!! I'll take my cousin's two girls. They will love this movie. So, will I. LOL....
  11. Wow thanx for posting those wonderful pics of our Gerry. He looks great. I read someone posted that he looked like GI Joe and he does!!!!! I couldn't believe how big his arms were. DANG!!!! I am home sick today. I have a bad sinus cold and wow what a great dose of some Gerry Soup to make me feel better. LOL.....
  12. I just listened to this interview and I just loved this interview. He is so deep and passionate, humble. Makes me like him even more. Especially the way he talked about Lolita. It made my heart just melt. To hear a guy talk about his dog like she is his world makes me melt. Lolita is one lucky girl. I liked the way he said her name too. :inlove: Oh yeah, I walked out of my office and I could still hear him talking and it was like I had him on my speaker phone. LOL....I thought to myself "This is what Gerry would sound on the phone". LOL.....
  13. I am really glad that he gave up smoking. Good for him!!!! I love the way that he describes himself as a puppy dog when explaining the Gerry Juice. :inlove:
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