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  1. Sounds like a great idea. I'll get something in for the 2nd raffle. I'm a bit too late for the first. JODI
  2. That is so frikin' cool that Gerry is using "The Bag." I wondered when I saw it, if he had ditched the old one and if that was the one we gave him. That is just sooooo "right". BOM
  3. Susan, you are the absolute best. I'll be joining you all at the Grand Lux Cafe on Thursday before the show. Don't know what I'm wearing. Black for sure, but how dressed up, I can't say even at this late date. If everything in my closet would fit, it would be no problem, but alas, nadda. Can't wait until Thursday. :yippee: Jodi
  4. Susan, You are so marvelous for doing all of this for us! When I read all the posts it is incedible that you can even keep it all straight. Your head must be spinning with a horrendous headache. We thankyou from the very bottom of our hearts for all of your hard work. You are amazing. When we are all seated at the theatre we can look back and thank our lucky stars for a gal like you. I know you have lots of other things to think about for the cony also. Thanks a million. You deserve the Stunt Girl of the Year Award for all of this. :yippee: Jodi
  5. Susan, You absolutely ROCK. I'm sorry that all this mess fell on your shoulders. Just figures that it couldn't go smoothly. I really appreciate all of your time and trouble. Can't wait to see all of you all in just a little over a week. Try to take a few deep breaths and I'll be thinking about you. Thanks again, Jodi
  6. The powers that be, I would DEFINITELY like to have a ticket for Thursday June 7th since I am flying in on Thursday morning and have nothing to do that night. That would be awesome. I got cut out of seeing it last year and was SOOOOOO disappointed. Do I need to do something other than put my wish here??? Are you guys taking care of it since you have the tickets and our money? Jodi
  7. Thankyou so much for the translation. It is wonderful to hear Gerry and his verra intelligent interview and thoughts. Jodi
  8. Susan...I want to go to POTO on Sunday and will send you a check, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to PM on this site anymore. Can you send me your address and I'll get my check off right away. JODI
  9. WOW! I get an email that GMCL are now on GALS. AWESOME! I'm sure there will be many bonfires here! Thanks to the GALS sire for giving us a place. I love the emoticons! Now I have two sights that I must check each day. I haven't got any pictures up yet from Colorado. Was feeling exhausted with a head cold afterwards, but have enjoyed everyone else's pictures. I'll get over to GB.net sometime this weekend. haven't been there yet. Hope everyone is okay! Colorado was a blast! BOM
  10. Dearest Tonya.... It was so verra kind of you to come to our convention in Vegas. Your generosity was overwhelming. And that I know it was you personally that influenced Gerry to come and spend a little time with us is beyond words. That you were a little shy about it, as Gerry seems to be, is so indearing, making you both so wonderfully human, just as we know you are. Your time with us was so stupendsous. Thank Gerry also for taking time to see his fans once again. We were in awe! Literally!!! Hopefully now that you know we are totally harmless and have only Gerry's greatest interests in mind and the greatest respect for him and his work, perhaps you will have the chance to drop in again to another convention for a longer visit. Your Q&A session was great and so delightful . I'll bet it was a bit hard answering some of those questions knowing Ger was backstage. haha! That I was able to meet you after the showing of B&G and was able to hand you a signed copy of my book DARKNESS BRINGS THE DAWN...ERIK'S STORY, was so awesome also. The publication of my book, dedicated to Gerry, didn't come out soon enough to get it to anyone to put in the manbag and it wouldn't have fit anyway. I added my last minute hand-written letter to Gerry in the envelope along with yours at the last minute, so I hope that he got it. The post office here says that the copy of the book that I sent to Gerry in London is still waiting to be picked up at the post office for some odd reason, so I sent him another one that does not have to be signed for. Hopefully he will get that one. PLEASE share your copy with him until he gets his own. (If he ever reads it and lets me know, I think I would faint, but would be willing to do so just to know.) Thanks so much again for all your do for us and for taking good care of Gerry! We appreciate it as I know Gerry does. We love ya Tonya Jodi Minton (BlackOperaMask)
  11. Lord, I just around to reading the transcript and it was wonderful to read every word. Even though gerry is loosing his acent, it was hard for me to understand everything. Wow! Thanks to those who did this! BOM (Jodi)
  12. Stef...Hi girlfriend. Are you back to earth yet?????? Of course you may add my pictures to the others. I didn't know who to ask so i just put them here. i know more will see them with the group. Thanks so much! BOM
  13. SUSAN...you are awesome and are the Wooman! It was great to relive each and every word. The more I hear it the more I remember and pick up. I'm not the fastest uptake on Scottish accents. It took me three times to get all of B&G in my mind and understand every word! Thanks again! Hey Stagewomanjen (roomie) I can't wait for yours also because I know it is also really good footage! BOM
  14. I am not real savy with computers, but managed to get my pictures into a photobucket album! http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y86/BlackOperaMask/Vegas/ The entire weekend was an experience of a lifetime. I will not post a story about seeing Gerry at the Cony because that privilege goes to those special deserving ladies that finally got their special time with Gerry! Just simply viewing the experience and seeing their joy was something that is really beyond words to describe. The love in the room for that time before, during and after Gerry's visit was so incredibally special! There was not a dry eye when SwanSong sang her song on Friday evening and her story about the making of her song was sooo moving. All participants did a wonderful job. Gerry giving out the Butler Awards was an awesome event That he came to give all his fans, from all his sites, such a special treat is beyond reasoning or trying to even explain the emotion! He is absolutely the most incredibally handsome man on this planet with eyes and manerisms that speak volumns without needing words. And his caring and charisma is also beyond words. He was funny, emotional, smart, a bit naughty at times with his language (and we love him for it...knowing he can relax with us), and a little "neirvous" at first, and he talked and acted strictly from the heart! It was most incredibal. He wasn't there long, but in those few, perhaps 30 minutes, a lifetime of memories were made that just reinterated WHY we love Gerry so much and WHY we support him. As he said...we are all a team...I guess The Stranger said it also..."We are all connected." The weekend was suburb! After writing my sequel to Erik's Story and winning the signed script of POTO signed by the main actors and Joel in the silent auction, (I need a loan now), then getting to wrap myself in the lovely cape Gerry wore in the cemetery scene of POTO, and Gerry's visit being the highlight of the trip, I can say that this Cony was FABULOUS! My grateful thanks to all those that put soooo much time and effort into every little detail and slaved and "sweat blood" wanting everything to be so perfect. Well ladies, my hat is off to you. Everything was SIMPLY PAAIRFECT!!!!! in the accent of a most pairfect Scot! I hope that you enjoy the pictures and I hope that the link works! haha! I tried to include some pictures from others days at the Cony besides just the Ball. BlackOperaMask (BOM) These pictures can go in with the others on the front page if someone knows how to do that! Duh!
  15. Swan...it was so lovely meeting you at the Convention! Your story about Nathan and your song were incredibly beautiful. It was hard to keep from crying during your performance. You must continue with your story so that all can share your joy! Your costume and your hair were just stunning! I'm sooo happy that Gerrry was there to give you your award! Isn't he marvelous and those eyses and strong arms just pull you in! Congratulations, sweetie! Jodi (BlackOperaMask)
  16. Seeing the POTO costumes was most definitely one of the highlights of the trip. All the costumes were gorgeous. Of course Red Death was my favorite, along with getting to wear Gerry's Phantom cape. Winning the POTO Scrip signed by all the main players and Joel and writing my rendition of the sequel and then getting to wear THE CAPE...OMG it was awesome. Thankyou Susan for allowoing us into your home. It was so incredibly lovely! BOM
  17. OHHH YESSSS! I look at all those pictures in the comic book of King Leonidas and picture Gerry in everyone, and think OMG...please Lord make it look like this in the movie! Just a red cape and a sword. The Red Death cape especially, because it didn't cover too much! :: BOM
  18. Now that I have waded thru all 7 pages...I AGREE! With pretty much all that has been said! Stalkers are weird and uncontrolled and have no respect or grip on reality! Hopefully there is not one following OUR MAN! But thanks so much Sacre (sp) I agrree with your view and thanks for posting! If I ever go to Montreal, which is unlikely while Gerry is filming...I will certainly keep an eagle eye for His Royal Hotness, and if I see him, and it's at all appropriate, I want that sweet picture of us together with him looking drop dead gorgeous into the camera! :mopboyerik: BlackOperaMask
  19. I would like to rub lotion on Gerry in this outfit. :mopboyjackie: "Just let me get ya here, honey? And maybe a little higher, here!" I would hope that if wet , that GLUE that held that towel on would disolve and the towel would fall off. "Oh, Gerry, we can't let you get sunburnt, so I'll just rub you down. Oh, the towel is alive!!!!" :mopboyerik: BOM Hi up there Sporran Tart!
  20. There should be at least ONE steamy and passionate scene between The King and Queen. When she finds that he is leaving to go on his "walk" to the north... but in reality headed for battle she remarks...."North. The Hot Gates. This explains your Enthusiasm last night." His answer..."Yes. Sparta needs SONS." Okay...I am definitely READY for that enthuastic night! :ripoffclothes: :shower2: I'll bet no loincloth here.:spontaneous:
  21. Lordy, I think I'm going to have to go out and rent SIN CITY to get an idea of how this is going to be on the big screen. Holy sh*t. If Gerry is almost naked, it won't matter how it's filmed or how violent. I'll be watching it over and over! :: Gerry. BOM
  22. :smileydavid: Gerry checking out the left mentioned smiley... :droolicious: OH my goodness.... I will immediately change from working in the nursery to working in the burn unit where i can be of OFFICIAL assistance for the PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO GERRY's ...uh...skin..... by being the person that personally hand carries (on my own body) and APPLIES all creamable liquids that go on uh...everywhere on Gerry's delicious body! Stictly for medicinal purposes, of course, to prevent skin cancer. It will be my duty to keep a plentiful suppy at all times. (NOT A PROBLEM) For Gerry, I scacrifice all time and effort at my disposal...24/7. You often get more sun than you realize, therefore I will be of assitance night and day! There are no words to discribe those pictures as Sporran Tart said sooooo..... :roflmao: :bouncydrool3:
  23. Oh yeah! After reading the comic book and seeing those so called loincloths...more like G-strings or nothing at all...I'm wondering just how bold they are really going to get with this "loincloth." Hummm! An awful lot of Gerry's butt is going to show, I think...and the more the better in my opinion! :: I'm thinkin I'm really going to like this movie. I must say on a more serious note that after reading King Lioniados's lines that I could really see Gerry playing the part and saying those ominous lines with his melancoly soul and it had me crying at the end. This is going to be a tear jerker, just like Phantom at the end! BOM
  24. This thread was hilarious. I recognize some from GB.net but others are new. The stories of TIFF are great! So wonderful that a few got to meet Gerry and Alan! Alan is funny, isn't he? Talks a lot! yas, seeing them talking together would definitely be a blast! I haven't got all these little clickable smiles and such down yet over here! They are a bit funnier and different! LOL! Hey, anyone....what do ya have to do over here to get into over 18???? Someone PM me or just say here and I'll check back! I want the darkside over here also. Waiting for the darkside on GB.net, but it is taking a long time! Hi! Sporran Tart! Remember me from Leno! Hope to see ya soon at some gathering! You are the best, girlfriend! I wear my shirts proudly that you sent me the template with BLACKOPERAMASK on it! Have made several! Thanks again! BOM
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