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  1. Yes, you're right! Then when she's ready to call in the note, he'll be givin' it! Delene YOU ARE SO FUNNY.....!!!! LOVE THAT COMMENT....MAY BE MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! WISH WE'D SEE MORE OF HIM FUNNY AND LOOSE LIKE HE WAS THAT NIGHT! So when was this episode of The Tonight Show? I must have missed it! Didn't think I had missed any of Gerry's appearances on TV, but I must have. QofScots He made this comment on a Craig Ferguson show way back when...?? He was SO FUNNY AND GORGEOUS.. one of his best appearances...! I'm sure Gals has it ...they were talking about living in America vs Scotland..HILARIOUS..... there were plenty of fans in the audience that night who were more than willing to give him shelter!! ps Want that fellow back miss him
  2. Yes, you're right! Then when she's ready to call in the note, he'll be givin' it! Delene YOU ARE SO FUNNY.....!!!! LOVE THAT COMMENT....MAY BE MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! WISH WE'D SEE MORE OF HIM FUNNY AND LOOSE LIKE HE WAS THAT NIGHT!
  3. Hello DonnaJean..I am from Chula Vista as well..way back in the day when it was a small town with only one high school, CVHS! Raised my kids in Bonita...now live in San Diego. Not too many of us on this site I suppose! I first saw Gerard at ComicCon for 300. It was easy to do back then..not so when I saw him again for RocknRolla..it was an all day affair ...but worth it. Don't suppose I'll ever see him in person again, darn! I may have to drive to LA for Machine Gun Preacher and/or Coriolanus...like I did for Beowulf...but what the heck? I think this will be a good movie...hoping for the best for him!! Hope for the best for you Donna
  4. THANK YOU GALS...ALL OF YOU ARE SOOO FUNNY. I WAS ABOUT READY TO TURN HIS PICTURES TO THE WALL, THEN SAW THESE AND READ YOUR COMMENTS..HILARIOUS! Oh what heck ..why let go? There's always a surprise around the corner! THANKS again for lots of laughs!!
  5. TERRRRIFIC.... JUST TERRRRIFIC..thanks! Love seeing the early GB, the personality and looks that hooked me!!! Here I am all these years later..even though he has changed so much! Thanks again!
  6. I love Gerard in Beowulf..the movie is crazy but who cares? He dominates, he IS the movie!! He's at his most BEAUTFUL self, gorgeous and confident as he moves through every scene. His expressions, so varied, the sneers, the softness, the anger and the fear, he can anything with those eyes and those lips..no dialog required (but I'd miss that deep, commanding voice). Beowulf and Dracula are my "go to" movies for a naughty little GB fix....not for the storyline, just for the shivers......! Thanks Theresa....
  7. WOW! A SCOTTISH soccer player? Finally another chance to hear Gerard's beautiful & natural accent. Thanks for this interesting article!
  8. FANTASTIC!! Nice to see the "Wild Bunch" and "Sparta" so well represented!! Gerard should be #1....or at least in front of Brad Cooper!
  9. What? Surfing? Better left for documentaries in my humble opinion. Was hoping the devine Mr. Butler would have (or make) better choices at this point in his career. Granted it will nice to see him in the sunshine and surf...but really.. (dare I say it) "DUDE"!! I'm almost embarrassed. Guess I need to read story...but sure can't see many people around the world paying to see this. I adore this person and devote way more time to him than I should..hence my mean spirited comments, I just expect more from him. Maybe my opinion is based on being from San Diego...where surfing is a way of life..it's just not movie material.
  10. GRRRRRR indeed.....what a disappointment!!! You could tell it was Gerard by the way he strolled down the carpet, hands in pockets, a little pidgeon-toed...you couldn't see much but it was him!! Somebody at CNN need a lashing!! Let's hope there are loads of other pictures to come....boo to the producer ....I like John Legend but not THAT much!!!
  11. Excuse me but did I miss something???? Enlighten me please!! ~HUGS~ Kathy Sorry..I'm traveling and have limited computer access. Haven't seen the movie in a long time but as I recall the cord gets tangled between his legs....(AHEM!..all of them!)...and the resulting tugs make for interesting viewing...better seen in slo-mo of course..(or were those just folds in the fabric?). If so.. please don't ruin my visions with such revelations. I did love those slacks and wet soccer shorts...SICK isn't it? Now I can't wait to get home to watch it again...was it worth the hullabaloo it caused back then? Really liked this film...use it for gifts. The 50's.. a great time to grow up......
  12. I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed Frank's absence at his friend's wedding. I missed him at the wedding as well.....but if you carefully check the scene with the vacuum cleaner cord...you won't care if he was in the wedding scene or not! Had watched this movie many times before one of the GALS called it to everyone's attention...hmmmmm!!!
  13. GO...JUST GO!!! You may never have a another chance to see him! Don't give a thought to what people think....do this for YOU!! A lot of us have done crazier things just for a glimpse of him. In fact everybody thinks I'm crazy for going to Comic-Con every time he's there. Standing in line for hours then sitting in an auditorium for hours just to watch him for 45 minutes. IT'S ALWAYS WORTH IT! He's great...now get yourself a bottle of water and hit the road....and PLEASE take some pictures!!! If you miss him at least you tried.....!! Have fun Mary!
  14. Hah!! What a find!! Thanks!! The movie is crazy...haven't watched it in a long time. Gerard is great in this role, just does his job...albeit with a bit of flare!! If he can do this stuff, he can do anything (as we know), even when the movie itself is a bit cuckoo. Pineapple pizza..who can forget that scene, OR the leopard print undies...??? He said once they made this movie for $70,000.00....(that much?). Just kidding! What ever happened to the chap who played the "lead"...Benny?? He looks familiar but think his star has not risen like Gerard's. Thanks again for this...I'll have to go dig it out of the archives..!!!
  15. He's been in NYC actually. Someone put up a pic on Twitter that they took with him outside of a coffee shop, and then he was seen last Saturday at the Broadway show "American Idiot". Other than that, the man is obviously trying to lay low hopefully taking a much needed break from a grueling filming schedule only to begin another intense few weeks in SA. Thanks, phoenixgirl, for the info! Did find the photo someplace, that lucky girl!! I hope he is enjoying his brief "recess"!! Hope we have gals in So. Africa who will keep us up to date...or how will we stand it??? Donna
  16. My oh my.. he is absolutely gorgeous! A great big WOW!!! Thanks for this wonderful little find....it's new to me and just what a girl needs to raise her spirits....hmmm!!! Where is this guy anyway??? Was hoping he'd come back to So. Calif. before he goes to So. Africa...at least we might get a tidbit of real news!!
  17. What good news...thanks! I'm in a GB drought so any and all news is welcome....sure hope he makes over for dinner....what will you serve.....he loves his potatoes so stock up on those! Or many deep fried Mars bars!! What fun you'll have...thanks again
  18. I here ya, sista! Been there, done that! Let's see, knitting, Gerard, knitting, Gerard, knitting, Gerard. I've never knitted so I guess it's Gerard. Delene Thanks for your comment! The thought of giving up GB for knitting isn't a part of any equation for me...(apologies to all those who are talented in that form of art). I have to say it's way too much fun being a part of this..whatever...thing we have together! I thank you, all of you beautiful women, for all your work and intelligent insight! Life is short...enjoy things that stimulate you, whatever they may be...just be sure to take care of yourself while you enjoy. I'm off to cook dinner for grandkids...with thoughts of that yellow towel from "Shooters" and a similar vision in the white towel from "TBH"....hubba hubba.... ps
  19. Thanks so much!! I was beginning to think there were no cameras or fans anywhere in that part of our country!! Another blue plaid shirt??? Oh darn....but he sure looks good in it!! Thanks again!!!
  20. Id love the info as well!! It's a great way to start the day..just watching him laugh like that...thanks!Back to Preacher and Gerard in Africa, I sure hope he's there on June 12 as that's the day the USA plays it's first World Cup game against England since 1950 (as seen in Gerard's movie The Miracle Match). It's an excellent film and a great time to get new fans to enjoy this true story. I'm excited about Preacher AND about the soccer match! I think MGP will mke a great movie, Childers is a complex character. Bet he can use a bit of his "native tongue" ie the cursing part anyway! Stay safe and healthy in Serbia and Africa Gerard! Hope you get there by June 12! If anyone wants to read up on the famous soccer match, it's listed on FIFA.com, the official site for the cup. The story is "The Miracle of Belo Horizonte", in the "Matches" category. Gerard plays the USA's most excellent goalie, Frank Borghi. GB's not bad in wet soccer shorts either!! Thnaks, Donna
  21. Just when I think I'll take a GB break, news like this pops up!! Thanks for the info though!! Dracula is right up there near the top of my fave GB movies. The movie itself isn't so hot but who cares? HE is SUPER HOT in this one. The stroll through Virgin Records, the scenes with Lucy, the walk into Mary's room after the plane crash...the "come let us feast" scene..oh my I must stop! His "we're all so much more COMPLICATED than our names"...line really hit me and I decided to use "complicated" when I joined Gals. Wish he'd do more love scenes like the ones in this movie...seems now they make him stay too controlled...darn!! The special features are great as well. In the director's commentary version they talk of Gerard's first day on the set, great stuff!! I'll be buying this one for sure..my original is worn out..at least the GB parts are anyway! ..... Thanks again Texas Gramma...I always enjoy reading your comments.....too funny.....
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