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  1. Just when you think he couldn't be any more beautiful!! Good grief!! Thanks for this gerrybutts! I'm patiently waiting for more info on Europe...... He will knock their socks off!!! ps hope he doesn't get any thinner.....he is just pairrrrfect now!!!
  2. He sure can make the most of any situation can't he? This is so funny. Thanks for the great find!!
  3. Ditto!! He is at his BEST in "The Jury". That man can make me cry when he cries, laugh when he laughs..he's just the best. Now time to wacth it again...or maybe save it for these upcoming LONG months with no new GB films.......and probably not much news either. It will be like the old days when a one inch picture in a magazine was like finding a pot of gold!.
  4. Thank you for this fabulous photo.....the MOUTH is what grabbed me the first time I saw Mr. Butler, twas way back in POTO...I've spent way too much time looking for special photos of that mouth................ I remember some woman's comment on Amazon way back in the day............."who cares about his movies.....just watch his mouth move around his words............." Oh my....... Now and then I remember why I spend too much time on the DIVINE MR. BUTLER!!!
  5. I think this film suffers from POOR film editing......very chopped up, to the point you feel they cut his lines before he finished. It's not a bad film....just seemed a little forced because they throw too much at you and scenes have no time to develop properly. I did love the lingering camera shots of Gerard...in most of the films he's made with his "A list ladies"...they've flashed on him for what seems a split second and then spend an eternity on the women. No fun for me....! He is very good in this... just bet he wishes they had a few longer scenes to maximize their obvious chemistry...they are very good together. I'm taking my granddaughter today, maybe I'll like it better second time around. ps I think Gerard was much better in TUT!!!
  6. What a great picture!! My sons NEVER dressed up like that until their senior proms. Gerard looks pretty young in this photo....did I say pretty .....as in GORGEOUS even then!!!!! Keeps getting better and better..... Thanks!!
  7. Thanks for this NICE article....and the picture is one of my favorites! He is one funny fellow and I'M sure not sorry he's sexy!!!!
  8. I sent an email to the author of the article thanking him and mentioned a few other GB movies.....ie Dear Frankie, One More Kiss. He sent a lovely little reply and stated he enjoyed Dear Frankie, had recommended it to some of his friends and they liked it as well. He said, once again, that Gerard's performance in LAC was one of the best of the year!! Finally a critic who sees what we all see.........TALENT.... (not to mention lips, eyes, stature, and that "chivalrous and infectiously prickly" personality..)
  9. Of all the hats in all the world.......why that one??? Other than that...he is looking great!! And back in NY so soon?? I love it when he's in LA...more pics, more news!
  10. I've really enjoyed all the entertainment shows for the last couple of days....they're repetitious I know, but most of them so good for Gerard. I think my favorite is the CNN Showbiz Tonight segment....it was long and sorta/kinda featuring Ms. Aniston, however, they went on and on about Gerard......one of the commentators said she had interviewed him, then went on to say something like ..."he is ONE GORGEOUS HUNK OF MAN I'll tell you that" ...and "he is the the hottest man out there right now". Very nice to hear nothing but good stuff.......for a change!!! I don't know if their is video of this.....but it's worth watching!! Donna
  11. Hello to you and HELP!! Which is best to buy, the regular dvd or the Blu-Ray?? Sometimes the "extra features" are different for each format...ie "300". I'm new to BlueRay....and like it but I love the extras especially when I'm not WILD about the movie! In this case I'd settle for the regular, which I can share w/my grandson! Question I guess..... which format has the special Part 3.....hubba hubba??? I'm out the door on the morrow...tried to buy today but sadly the MCRD (Marine Corp) base store had run out of the BluRays....WHAT??....(then I started thinking about the extras). Talk about poor marketing...this movie is perfect for our fellows in uniform!! Thanks for the help, you very smart and hard working gals! Donna
  12. Thanks Rendita....and YES who wouldn't LOVE this picture? Actually I wasn't going to buy this dvd, only saw it once in the theater. I have all his others.... but this wasn't one of my favorites. It's sort of down there with "Shooters"..(except for the infamous yellow towel scene from the same). I'm now going to reconsider my decision...your photo has jogged my memory......it seems there was a shower scene in "Gamer"????? Ahhh..yes ...and some astonishing close-ups of his fabulous face along with a great performance (given the material)......
  13. Don't miss this.....you fans are in for a real TREAT.......Gerard is perfect as Gus....it's one of his best performances!! You hate him.....you love him.......he is just the best! I have to watch it on my DVD player....but who cares?? I've almost worn it out! I'd love to see it on a bigger screen......maybe someday they'll reformat it for the U.S. Thanks for doing this for all of us!!! You're the best!!
  14. Went to the movies in San Diego today and just before "Sherlock Holmes" played they had a popcorn ad featuring HTTYD...by the time I looked up I saw only Craig Ferguson's character, "Gober?" and a few others, it was cute.......and then lo and behold they had the "Bounty" preview!! People were laughing in all the right spots so.... it was a good day for me...!! Hope they both do well.......
  15. Thanks! I enjoyed this ..........having just read articles in the Guardian and the Telegraph which contained vicious attacks on Gerard, this was nicer to read. Both gave LAC horrible reviews.........I emailed both to complain ....not liking the movie is one thing...personal attacks are something else. No wonder Mr. Butler doesn't care for the UK press!!!!
  16. Went to see LAC, again, on Monday.....in the middle of the day...the theater was two thirds full! I was impressed. Lots of response from the crowd so they must have liked it. I cannot believe they are cutting way back on the number of theaters this weekend, of course what do I know of movie marketing tactics, but it seems a perfect place for people to go..ones who are not interested in Black Friday..........like me!
  17. Thanks for this heads up! LOVE LOVE him as Dracula.......I still watch it .......grrrr..... he was just great even though they did butcher some of his best work.....(just check the extended scenes)...!! I always laugh at the part during the director's commentary when they mention GB's first day on the set..... everyone went bonkers for him! What did they expect......fresh from filming Attila, long hair, buffed up a bit...just being his HOT SELF!! Oh my, time to take TUT out of the dvd player and "insert" Dracula....... ps he puts those cutie pie Twilight fellows to shame!!!
  18. As you probably know....he made "Inside Edition" last night....a few comments and the picture......but they did strees that it was in fun.....! I really don't have a problem with it..... I'm sure he's sick of all this nonsense.... just as he's sick of the ghouls that chase him with their cameras. All part of show biz I suppose.........poor guy, wait until he returns to the US ...he'll never hear the end of it!
  19. THANKS! My computer is old....the pics are blurry and I cannot enlarge them......... that said, WOW...he sure looks good and is that a new "do"????? Seems his hair is growing out..........yummy....!!!
  20. DITTO!!! NO COMPARISON!! Johnny Depp has always been sort of uppity and inacessible, & more than a little wierd...how would you know if he sexy or not?? Just by looks?? Don't think so! Since when does just "looking good" make a man sexy.....it's the whole package..(hmmm)...! Gerard is out there in front of us all the time...you can see who he really is....all the ups and downs...the laughter, the friendliness, occasional sadness, the bit of anger once in awhile.....he is HUMAN, not to mention the most GORGEOUS man on the planet!! He's got it all.......!! Double boos to People....they are totally out of touch!!!
  21. Thanks, Lavender 1960, for info on photographer etc., I read only the "meat" (hmmm) of the article...!!! I've emailed him and hopefully he'll respond...... I'm still searching for the magazine......it would be a wonderful addition to my collection. I have to say when I first saw the pictures I thought briefly of the Ralph Lauren ad fiasco a few weeks ago.....the models with bodies altered to appear way smaller than humanly possible, grotesque!! I love these Signature photos and whatever they did it worked!! THANKS again to all you Gals for all you do!!
  22. I'm having trouble finding information on the photographer, who was that guy?? He's VERY VERY good at what he does!! Can't find the magazine either...yet!! Has anyone had any luck?? What great photos and great article as well. I'm a little more than an hour from Orange County......I'll go up there if I must!!! If I find it, I'll pick up several copies...... I'll be evryone's best friend.....ha!
  23. Thank you sir!!! You are the best!! It's great to have the video so quickly! At the risk of being rude......that fellow should allow his guests to complete a statement....WOW....every time Mr. Butler tried to speak he jumped in!!! Needs lessons from Regis on the art of listening!! Thank you again ...
  24. This my be old news bflo (it may be on Gals by now), but I watched it at GB.Net this morning....not great quality, but at least you can see and hear it without the hideous blips every second or two! He is great huh??
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