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  1. Happy birthday hun xx

  2. Ok girls....I did another post of this...but I think this is the best place for it......... He is my second try... I kinda like it!!!
  3. My hubby wants to know what I'm looking at that's making my face so flushed!!!!!!!!! OoOoOoOo...MY! At this time I believe it would be apprepriate to all bow our heads and give thanks for this fantastic feast our eyes are having!!! We are all so blessed...and boy am I thankfull!!! :inlove:
  4. I actually adore those pics of Lena and Gerard....it makes him seem more "real"...I remember thinking how cute!
  5. Kimber71, I like your creation... And, I don't think any created siggy is "lame" as long as the creator of the art piece likes it! Erik's Ebony Eyes :erikrose: Oh...aren't you a lovie!!! THANKS! lol...you are very sweet
  6. OK....mine is a tad lame...but I tried! This was fun....I'm going to go play some more!!! Thanks!
  7. Clan MacRae here...I am actually half Scot..half Italian (Moretti) maiden name MacRae. My fathers family only came her a short time before he was born...but my auntie and uncles were born there (Glasgow) I have a lot of family still there. I do not have to trace back too far.... I am one of the lucky ones...blonde hair..blue eyes...and olive skin.. I wish I could pick up the accent of my family members...no luck But I do know Italian...go figure! Either way...proud of where I come from!!!
  8. I SO AGREE!!! I have a brand new house (2yrs old) and I have been spending many weekends and days off trying to get that same "old" look!!! (You are welcome home depot & lowes!) Nice to see he not only is good on the eyes...he has a good eye!!!
  9. GALS....this was SO fun....THANKS! You all made what would have been a some what boring weekend....(mostly feeling sorry for myself I was not able to go to VEGAS!) You all are amazing! I feel like part of a special club now! LOL...thanks for the giggles and smiles (my cheeks are sore) and not to mention the never ending supply of Gerry! (OH MY!) Kudos to all.. ~Sparkles~
  10. *repeating to myself* PG13, pg13, pg13. Can't comment on pic right now. Have to compose self first. Truly evil of me to post this one, huh? But I couldn't help myself. :tasty: *slaps hand over mouth* I get in trouble when ever that pic pops up. :funnyabove: Pops up! ....oh my!!! love it!
  11. beachie....your wallpapers are amazing! one problem....if I use them, I'd never be able to get myself to go on-line...I wouldn't be able to leave my desktop! lol...
  12. Oh yummy, I'll a slice of that coconut cake (served on abs, ofcourse) and some fruits of that centerpiece please. This is my choice as well......actually, I'll skip the cake and go right for the fruits of that centerpiece....mmm....yummy!
  13. Kathy! Unfortunately, even though probably every GB fan has seen this photo, or a version of it, it's currently not allowed on the boards, due posting guideline restrictions per our agreement with our Server. I am sure that most of you GALS are with me on this one....there is no real need to post the pic...it is permanetely etched in my mind! :tasty:
  14. Girls, just don't do it! I know it's tempting, but I can't tell you how many pictures of GB I've ruined doing this. frenchy. heee, heee! You're too funny! Thank goodness they're in 'protection' ummm...you know...plastic photo sleeves, of course. :funnyabove: LOL.......pssst hey Frenchy, laminate the pics, it'll protect the paper. HAHAHAHA.....my cheeks hurt from you all being so...dare I say....CHEEKY!!! you GALS are fab!
  15. Oh, my Is it warm in here, or is it just me. He looks simply perfect in that pic. Those eyes, the lips, the scruff, all dressed up. If he were mine, I would put my mark all over him too, before letting out of the house. *pant, pant, gasping for air* Hahaha...if you liked that one...here is one more I played with a lil'..... BUT THIS ONE IS PURE EYE CANDY....OH, SO SWEET!!!! Now...how hot is it?! I may be a little stupid here but is that Gerry? I mean ALL Gerry. I know he had a great body in 300 but is that him? I can't see where you put his head on another body. I'm really curi
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