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  1. It is my understanding that riding a mechanical bull can be quite....um..........'stimulating'....... The mental images of a 'stimulated' Gerry are driving me mad.....no productive work from me today. Am loving being back in the gutter......it's been a while for me. Lillianna
  2. Man oh man, can Gerry strut! ! THUD. I think the hat is awesome. Very cocky! -- pun intended LOL !!!
  3. RnR opened in Toronto today. I was lucky enough to see the 12:50 "sneak peak." Were there any other 'gals' in the theatre enjoying Gerry's performance as much as I was??? Have to say - this is one of my favourite Gerry movies. He was terrific. I loved the clumsy yet charming character he played. The dance sequence is a riot. I won't give anything away but please stay until the credits begin. You don't want to miss the little "extra" Gerry that is tagged on. It's well worth seeing. There was a TV movie critic outside the theatre waiting for the screening. I hope that he gives it a great review (well deserved IMHO) so that more theatres pick it up and it gets a wider showing. Lillianna
  4. I wonder if the gym Gerry belongs to needs someone to hand out towels? I'm available ! ! ! And they wouldn't have to pay me - I would do it for free ! ! !
  5. Just saw Gerry on Leno. All I can say is dayum! Can he FILL OUT a pair of pants. I know, I know. I belong in the gutter....... but I so like being there ! ! !
  6. In my humble opinion the entire tone of the piece was negative. She starts out by calling Gerry a "hulk" in Attila and Beowulf. Then she moves on to refer to an enchanting movie like Dear Frankie as "slush." She seems to imply that the man lacks substance when that is far from the case. His incredible depth of character was what attracted me in the first place. I also was not impressed by her constant denigrating of fan sites. Many people have formed friendships using just such a medium and this writer, for all of her supposed insights, seems to have ignored that. In particular I was astonished that she refers to an actor who has many, many projects in the works as having hit his "plateau." Five (at least) upcoming projects do not a career plateau make. And my final gripe, she feels the need to point out that Gerry "appears to be wrestling with an identity crisis." Wow, didn't know she possessed a Ph D. in psychology. I can completely empathize with Gerry's attempts at distancing himself since his candidness is rewarded in just such a manner. Maybe Gerry should have allowed the paparazzo in for an interview and left this woman out in the street. Just call me disappointed and fed up with no-it-alls who know little and spew much.
  7. I'm just thrilled that Gerry again gets top billing. And the author of the article - jealous much?
  8. Another fabulous picture of a tan Gerry in his funky white shirt. Is he trying to give me a stroke......???
  9. He says, "It was madness... I was signing posters and my watch kept catching on them, so I took it off and put it between my legs... Is it totally wrong that I want to be that watch in my next life???
  10. Seriously -- who needs light bulbs? The man's smile just lights up a room. And the quote about R&R being better than sex....except with HIM.........HAVE TO AGREE ! ! !
  11. Ma, Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. That was most kind of you. So much support here at GALS. Hope I can consider you a friend as well. I also thank you for the "hugs" at the end. I passed them on to mom - I think she's bored with only getting them from me ! !
  12. I just love the sound of the "kiss." Now that's a sound I would love to wake up to. Oh, and waking up to Gerry wouldn't be bad either ! ! LOL
  13. My mom used to say: "that which is human, is not foreign" Yes, we all poop. Good for Gerry for not being pretentious. I love the "flowers" and "daisies" comments. My mom is in the final stages of Alzheimer's Disease. I have been changing her diapers for a few years now. Nope -- no daisies. Heck she changed my diapers -- it's my turn now.
  14. OK - going to get my ruler RIGHT NOW ! ! Dayyyum!! Our Gerry is sure proportional: huge talent, huge intellect, huge heart, huge...... Officially in the gutter..........
  15. Yup! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for taking mercy on me and leading me to the right thread. I love this site. GALS rule ! !
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