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  1. Already half a hour into November 13th, over here... BUON COMPLEANNO, GERRUZZO!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:
  2. ...and, again, y'all seem not to get the message. He. Wasn't. There. Period. Please stop speculating, first thing you sound way too ridiculous, and then you're not doing him a favour fueling fake news. Fans making up stories isn't a good thing. (God, I thought in a board where most people are grown up adults pointing out this wouldn't have been necessary - how wrong I was...)
  3. And I'll repeat this is all speculation.Does the Italian press do much general coverage of this particular festival?Surely not as much coverage as Venice Film Festival gets, still it gets some coverage on newspapers and tv. You see, it's not a *huge* event (couldn't be, Ischia is a small place on an island off Naples), and it's both a film and music festival (they gave awards to the likes of Laura Pausini and Andrea Bocelli this year).
  4. MJ, I see your point, and understand that - I too like to see new piccies of him (altho - and now I know most of you will hate me for saying this - I think he's more telegenic than photogenic, id est looks better in person than in piccies. Anyways, that's just my opinion.), getting to know what he's been up to, etc. Still, I also think that creating the frenzy out of *nothing* - like saying "oooh, he might show up there since Hilary Swank and/or Raoul Bova are there too" - is pretty pointless, and very irritating, too (FYI, Raoul Bova is Italian, and is basically expected to show up to any film festival held in Italy...I often see him walking around in Rome as, well, he lives here, but does that mean Gerry is going to show up here, too? I don't think so.) - that's the same kind of frenzy that gossip/tabloid papers create, and, again, most of the time out of nothing, and that I just hate that. If and when Gerard *actually* shows up anywhere, I'll be happy to see new piccies, if he's keen on to being taken piccies of himself (and no, I don't like seeing him all grumpy and rather p*ssed off in a limo, sexy as he can look even when looking grumpy - 'cos he's a person, and a p*ssed off person is never a good thing.). Beside that, I'm just happy knowing he's working on a few good movies I'll surely go and see, and knowing he's doing well. That's a healthy attitude to maintain, I reckon.
  5. Congratulations, Erica!!! You rock!!! :claphands: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:
  6. I emailed her a few days ago, but got no reply yet... I'm really worried, now.edited to add: I just sent her another email telling her we're all worried in here and to please get in touch soon... hope she's ok.
  7. And I'll repeat this is all speculation.
  8. Peggy, thank you. The aria is in French, here's a transcription of its lyrics and a translation into English, too:Lyrics: Puisqu'on ne peut fléchir ces jalouses gardiennes, Ah! laissez-­moi conter mes peines et mon émoi Vainement, ma bien­aimée! On croit me désespérer; Près de ta porte fermée je veux encore demeurer Les soleils pourront s'éteindre, les nuits remplacer les jours Sans t'accuser et sans me plaindre, là, je resterai toujours Je le sais, ton âme est douce, et l'heure bientôt viendra Où la main qui me repousse vers la mienne se tendra Ne sois pas trop tardive à te laisser attendrir Si Rozenn bientôt n'arrive, je vais, hélas! mourir Translation: Since these women, jealous guardians, cannot be swayed, Let me tell you of my grief and trouble In vain, my love! They believe they can dishearten me, But by your closed door I still wish to stay The suns could go out, the nights replace the days Neither accusing you nor pitying myself, here is where I will always stay I know that your soul is sweet, and the hour will soon come When the hand that pushes me away will reach out for mine Do not wait too long before you let yourself be touched If Rozenn does not come soon, alas! I shall die.
  9. I saved that one to my Gerard Butler 2007 file! For fun, I plan to blow it up, with your permission, and have it made into a full size poster. We will put it at the front of the film studio in Glasgow! I'm sure that Gerard gets a kick out of it...I shall let ya'll know EXACTLY when he agrees to portray my Robbie! Thanks for the share! Janet, of course you can - I'm sorry I don't have a hi-res file for that, as I used the piccy I found in the GALS gallery, and that's not very big, but if anybody has a hi resolution version of that same photo, please PM me, so that I can make a new St. Gerard from Glasgow (ora pro nobis - amen) whose sacred image won't lose quality when printed poster-size... help, anyone?p.s.: I *still* want to be art director/production designer to your film, PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!! :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:
  10. Nope, it was this past week, it ended today.
  11. Uhm... nope... not yet: :cunning: :funnyabove: :funnyabove:
  12. Well, they're filming in London, the Serpentine *is* in London, didn't take Ms.Newton that much of an effort to go there (not jet flying involved), don't you think?Anyway, it kind of amazes me how you just want Gerry to show up *everywhere*, only to start going "oooh, poor luv he looks so tired!" as soon as you see piccies of the event. That's a bit of a nonsense, IMHO.
  13. Alright, I don't know if this happened because we've been talking of songs that remind us of Gerry or what song(s) we'd like to sing to Gerry or what, anyway last night I had a Gerry Dream. And HE was singing. But he wasn't singing, say, something off POTO or some song we've mentioned here on the board or anything i've been listening to lately, oh no... he was singing "'O SURDATO 'NNAMMURATO", an oldie from Naples... in Italian, or, better, in a perfect Neapolitan accent. I woke up in tears, literally. :inlove:
  14. I know, and I'm sorry if my previous comment sounded a bit...uhm... unrespectful to the cat, but, honest, the first thing that I thought was "there, the Phantom took revenge..."... oops! Sorry... poor cat... erm...
  15. Oh, blimey. It seems ALW's cat died. Yes, same cat that deleted the score to POTO sequel from Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s digital Clavinova a month ago or so... I sort of can hear Erik singing "...you will curse the day you did not do all that the Phantom asked of you!" with a sneer onto his face... *shivers*
  16. Well, that's a bit of a speculation, methinks. I repeat myself, I know, but he can't be ubiquitous: he's filming Rocknrolla in London and they have to pack it in quick, as he's flying to Australia to film Nim's Island right after that. Sunbathing in Ischia, as much as *I* would love him to do that ('cos I'd be there, too, faster than you can say "mozzarella di bufala"), just doesn't seem to fit in, I'm afraid.
  17. Oh... and there I was, about to post this: :cunning:
  18. It's ok - I too was hoping he would show up, and have been keeping an eye on the festival's programme all the time (as, if he was going to be there, I would've hopped on the first boat from Sorrento to Ischia, too!!!), but, alas!, as you can see from piccies of this year's edition, no Gerry-luv... *sighs*...Still keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a miraculous (LOL does such a word exist or have I just made that up??) appearance @ Rome's FilmFest later this year, in October, but his schedule is so busy I won't hold my breath (ooooh, please, Gerry, come to Rome!!!)...
  19. Alas, they're only referring to him having been there in the past years - unless he's gone there undercover, I mean, but until now there's been no sign of him over there (I reckon he's too busy in London filming Rocknrolla - c'mon, the guy can't be more ubiquitous than what he already is, poor luv!) - his name's been mentioned a lot these days as Hilary Swank was there at the festival yesterday (and on holiday in Ischia in the past few days) to promote her forthcoming movies, including "PSILY", so, FYI, Gerry's name appeared a lot on Italian newspapers in the past week, which is a verra, verra good thing anyway .
  20. How long a songs list can I make?
  21. :funnyabove: :funnyabove: :funnyabove:
  22. Hello Lair sisters, In another thread someone asked what song makes us think of Gerry. My pick was Edouard Lalo's aria "Vainement ma bien aimée", from Le Roi d'Ys, and I explained the reason here. But, in the end, I think that aria also makes me think of Erik, our beloved Phantom, so I decided to assemble a little video using that music and clips from POTO. You can view it here on YouTube, hope you like it.
  23. ah, well, last time I dreamt of Gerry I asked him to make a soup for me ("...cook for me, my angel!!!"... LOL), now how's that for a silly dream?
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