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  1. My only problem now is waiting for the movie. I told Mr. Childers I would be supporting his work, and just like the interviews he is exactly what you see. He shook my husband's and my hands again, and said, "I'm counting on it." God bless this man. Just bless him. We gave a check at the church for his work. He is so focused. He is not a kid anymore and I am kind of worried about him, I am praying for someone to come along side of him, although he does have workers there, just someone to stand with him besides the men he has trained to do the war part of it. He used to be a shotgun f
  2. You're welcome. It was a first for me for sure to meet someone who Gerry is playing in a movie. I read on IMDB that Gerry has a piece of this film as one of the producers, is this true? Anyone. Not everything on IMDB is accurate, so I was just wondering. If that is the case, then I am even more impressed to picking this story for him to sink his own money in.
  3. Yep, Childers didn't specifically say that, but I got that impression. He was impressed with Butler and his character, which says a lot from someone who's life is on the line daily. He was glad that "Gerry is playing me," and kind of joked about the fact that he might be "a little bit better looking." Childers is probably around 5'9", if I had to guess. So Butler is a lot bigger in size than Childers, but the fact that he let him live with him for a week is neat. Also he said, the last he heard the movie would be out next late summer or fall, but he said those "Hollywood types move things
  4. My rather small church, we are so small we lease another church to have our cooperate meetings sponsored a meeting where Childers came with some sweet promotions guy to raise money for a well digging rig to dig water wells in the Sudan, and being an incredibly strong Christian, he knows where to come for money to help these people from dying. Well, I was asked by our church to man his book table, which he was selling to raise money as well, the book being "Another Man's War." He came over to the table to show me how to man his little credit card machine, and may I just say up front, this
  5. Classy actors in this one, woooohooooo, and other adjectives. Looking forward to a British run film, with great actors. Good for him doing something this meaty. How much more meaty a script than Shakespeare, and I know Finnes will handle it with great care, he is a superb, superb, actor, and well, Redgrave, that just goes without saying. Good for you Gerry, well done.
  6. Comparing Gerry to Brad is like comparing the finest silk to sackcloth. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Brad has never been much to me, either as an actor or as a man. I kind of hope in my little heart that there is something here, because I would like to see Butler have someone worthy of him. I think she is a good gal that got a raw deal awhile ago, adultery cannot and is not fun. So I kind of hope they are a couple because she certainly would not be after his fame, or his money. But I guess we will see in the end, whether this is just friendship, publicity or anything special. We wish Gerry the best
  7. Once again, Gerry shows why he is worthy of the box office support from faithful fans, who even know the name of his new company. His kindness will be repaid in this lifetime over and over for his patience and sincere apprepriation of those who buy the tickets to his movies. He could give lessons to other actors on how to treat fans. And yep, he down-to-earthness is a real treat to behold.
  8. Even with the leeches around, he is simply a class act. He handles himself so well. They are awful creatures though, the paps.
  9. Someone on the Splash site remarked that they were outside and that the guy escorting Gerry was a bodyguard who helped people get into and out of the club safely. He apparently also escorted an actress into and out of the club as well according to the poster, but the press and strange folks seems to want to speculate as to a single man at 38 not living with different women and having kids out of wedlock as being gay, I suppose. It gets tiring. Even Gerry himself has answered the question, but what can you do?
  10. The area code given was also for places out here where I live near the Inland Empire, so who knows. And NO, Gerry would not give out a phone number that others could hear, especially the rodent press. He was fooling around, and is obvious to me when he made the side comments to his friend. Let's face it, we do not know the age of the gals he was talking too at all, not at all. Some exotic looking gals are much older than they look with their beautiful complexions. They could not be too young to be driving around clubbing, they had to be at least 21 or older to even attempt to get in. Li
  11. I kind of think it was more for them that he was flirting, than for him, almost like a little sport or fun for him. He giggled and said something to his friend in the midst of it, so he he did not seem serious about it, and I do not know what phone number he recited theirs, or his. If the area code was right I doubt serious if Gerard lives in the area I do. LOL So perhaps it was the girls, who knows. You know the man has been real careful with his private life, and no lunatics how shown up yet, so I seriously doubt that he would actually date drive by fangirls looking for a star. When
  12. Did anyone catch the phone number? LOLOLOL He did give an Los Angeles County area code, in fact, the same area code I have, which is a little unsettling. lol Can't imagine he would actually give it out with the razzis there to catch his number. At least I hope he didn't?
  13. The razzis are lower than pond scum as far as occupation. In fact, homelessness would be a better occupation. I can only imagine what must have been said to him. They bait celebrities to get responses. He has been gracious to them in the past, but Gerry is only human, (contrary to popular opinion...LOL.) I know he knows it is part of the territory, but can you imagine how awful it must be to be hounded by these people who have no manners, no kindness, no motivation except taking more and more photos and trying in many cases to illicit some kind of money shot. I even understand asking for
  14. I'm am hoping to see him rock the screen in Burns next. Born to play it, and only one who could in my opinion.
  15. I think with the blockbusters, like National Treasure, Sweeny Todd, and Legend, it has done a respectable opening. I have seen it twice, and once on Friday night after Christmas with a friend, and to be honest the theater was packed out. So I have a feeling this will run a long time. Some movies like this do run a long time, while the public flocks to take their kiddies to see some of the action ones, over the holidays, they stop after New Year's, and this film will run quite a awhile I believe, and do great on DVD. That is my hope anyway, and yep, the audience loved this movie a bunch.
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