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  1. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARN IT!!!! On the positive side, Gerry won something. But MAN!!!!! This blows! CONGRATS GERRY!!! And now the SPIKE AWARDS next!!
  2. GAWD! Johnny Depp?!!! I love him and all but....NOOOOO!!! At least Gerry's a good sport about it! He won something and 300 will win best picture, so yeah! I want to see Zack and Frank Miller on stage with Gerry!
  3. All I know is they had better give Gerry time to SPEAK when he wins for best Male performance. The fat man hasn't been showing up lately for all the others.
  4. Kiya

    May I Vent?

    Yeeehah! Vent away, ladies! The bottom line is that it is not just good enough these days to make a good movie and do good deeds. You've got to either act like an arse (think Hiltion and the others), do something really stupid, or just do something sleazy to become 'news'! I thought 'Entertainment Television' was supposed to be about covering EVERYTHING related to movies, music, even books, and giving the masses (GOOD) information about what's out there. Nowadays the headlines go this way: What did Paris/Brittany/Lohan do today? What did Brangelina do today? What did Anna Nicole's dead ghost do today? And oh the hottest trends in Hollywood where stars spend my entire rent for a month on getting new eyelashes. Sheesh. No one is asking that the razzi hound Gerry or any other good actor that's being buried under the radar because of sensationalized news, all we ask is that they get equal coverage. They've paid their dues as well. It's not too much to ask for an extra two minutes or an interview with them.
  5. (Wasn't sure of where to put this but...) I just have to let out this scream of frustration and honest FURY at the way Gerry has been covered lately or rather, in regards to the Taurus Awards. Excuse me, but didn't he win something HUGE like ACTION STAR OF THE YEAR!!! and he barely gets screen time on anything! NOTHING! The promos for the show, focus on the 'POPULAR' people and not even one snippet of Gerry! Maybe I missed the show being talked about on Entertainment Tonight, or Insider, or Extra, or Access Hollywood, or E TV, because I saw NADA. Oh, get this...this is a beauty, Entertainment tonight DOES talk about the Taurus awards (before the commercial break) but instead of focusing on the actors (let alone Gerry), they focus on the latest trend in Hollywood is.....wait for it....INFERNO GIRLS! and out comes a girl walking with fire all over her. WTF?! *takes deep breath* Okay, maybe I'm just being childish or throwing a tantrum just because one man doesn't float Hollywood's boat as much, but man, it's sad and annoying in a way. What does he have to do to get even more respect around here?? P.S: Won't even talk about the article that says because Nic Cage isn't doing Capone Rising, the movie will just about tank. Guh. Anyway, four minutes to show time. Let's just hope they don't CUT out so much of Gerry's speech, we'll be lucky we even see him at all. -_-
  6. Interesting observations from everyone, BUT and if the role of Comedian is up for grabs, then I think that Gerry should definitely play the role. I think I read an article where he said he was still waiting on Zack to let him know what role he was going to play, if so there's still a possibility he might still be in the movie. Why? 1. The Comedian's role is small (although his impact is felt throughout the book if you've read it). If shot right, it's something Gerry can complete in a few weeks and be done with it. 2. For some who said that the Comedian is too 'old' for Gerry, do not forget that there are scenes in the book where the Comedian is a young man, and the magic of makeup can easily make Gerry 'older', so having someone like Kurt Russell is a big ol' no-no. Personal opinion of course *lol* 3. Last but not least, I really don't know why Keanu has to be Doc. Manhattan! While reading the book, Jon came across as someone cool, quiet almost - and seeing Keanu in that role....I can't get over the whole 'whoa' thing I guess.
  7. Awww man, it would have been nice to see Gerry in 'Watchmen' or at least to work with Zach again. I think they make a great team. But with all the new projects coming up, Gerry will be lucky to get a breather now and then and can't commit to the role. Can't wait to see 'Capone Rising' though! I definitely have no doubt that Gerry will make the role his own (and possibly erase Sean's face from the picture whenever someone mentions Malone again).
  8. Okay, after scaring off my co-workers with a sudden loud 'SQUEE!!!!' when I saw the pictures on the front page, I think I'm just about settling down....NOT!! :D Thanks so much for the pictures, Stef!!! Oooh, I'm so parking my caboose on the couch come FRIDAY night!! Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom will just have to wait until I'm good and ready to watch them later. CONGRATULATIONS, GERRY!! YOU LOOK SO GOOD!! AND YOU CAN USE THE AWARD TO LIFT WEIGHTS TOO!! Just a thought.
  9. Just wanted to say 'HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SWANNIE!!!' Have a wonderful time with the hubby! P.S: Lovin' this thread!
  10. Dang! I was really hoping he'd be in the Watchmen....but then again, we haven't heard that he won't be in it. So let's wait and see.
  11. Whoa! Okay, I need to sit down and take a breather with all the movies he has to start shooting and what not. Goodness! When will he have the time to rest?! Don't overdo it, Gerry! Although we're all thrilled and excited for you!
  12. OH GAWD! KEEL ME NOW!! What a gorgeous sketch (as are all the others)!! Guh...excuse me while I go take a cold
  13. When is the MTV Movie awards again??? Isn't it on the same date as the Japan Premiere??
  14. *is doing the happy dance* Oh man, talk about a PACKED schedule!! I'm so happy for him! I loved watching 'The Untouchables' and you can definitely count me in once this puppy gets out in movie theaters. Whoooo hooooo!!! :dance: :dance:
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