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  1. I am so happy to have been able to contribute to this. I too hope it helped to offset some of the convention expenses. Thank you again Alice for your hard work in getting it all organized and on its way to Gerry and Lolita. I am sure BOTH will appreciate their gifts very much.
  2. Kimber

    Next Vegas Con

    I agree 100% Swannie. I wandered around a LOT over the few days I was there, bored nearly to tears a couple of times waiting until some of my hang out buddies woke up in the mornings or waiting for one of the planned events to take place. I did offer to help with the decorations for the ball, but I was told basically 'no thanks'...soooo, I just crawled back over to my table to watch more of Wrath of Gods. I was pretty pre-occupied after that because I left my cell phone in the restroom up there and it was gone when I went back to get it. (Long story short I never found it, but it's been canc
  3. Kimber

    2007 Cony Stories!

    I had such a wonderful time in Vegas! I finally got to meet some of the ladies I have chatted with on here and I have to say, everyone was so wonderful! Pat - Thank you so much for letting me tag along with you, Rose, Dina and Jackie. I appreciate you GALS so much and Pat, your company at the airports and on the flights just made the whole trip easier on my nerves. I hope we can get together for lunch or coffee sometime during one of our trips up there, it's too cool that we live so close to one another! Pam- It was SUCH a treat to get to finally meet you and talk with you. You are such a
  4. If all goes as planned, I should be able to make it to the tilted kilt too. Plane lands at 3:50 and God willing the luggage shows up at the same time, if the shuttle gods are on my side.....those things aside....I'd love to be there!!! My cell number is on the "real name" list too, so if someone could call me and let me know details?? I would greatly appreciate it!!
  5. Friday I have a new little black dress and some strappy heels....I'm bringing both little black dresses, but one of them is for Chippies tomorrow night!
  6. Wow Foxxy...just wow. I'll definitely be bidding on this one....and if you ever need to find your Attila a home...good Lord woman, send him to FL...that drawing just absolutely takes my breath - it is in the raw intensity of Attila's stare....................... YOU ROCK!
  7. I checked my itenerary on delta.com this morning and there are no changes that I can see!!! This is what it has as of this morning... Carrier Flight # Cabin & Class Flight Segment Status Departs Arrives From Time/Date To Time/Date Delta 500 Coach (T) Confirmed Pensacola, FL (PNS) 11:50am 7 Jun 2007 Atlanta, GA (ATL) 1:54pm 7 Jun 2007 Delta 1247 Coach (T) Confirmed Atlanta, GA (ATL) 2:35pm 7 Jun 2007 Las Vegas, NV (LAS) 3:50pm 7 Jun 2007 Delta 1789 Coach (T) Confirmed Las Vegas, NV (LAS) 10:50am 10 Jun 2007 Atlanta, GA (ATL) 5:52pm 10 Jun 2007 Delta 91
  8. Alice, I just FINALLY got to the post office over lunch to send my package to you. I thought I'd have it out Friday or Saturday, but I had the final touch to add to it and couldn't find it ANYWHERE...the one store that had it wasn't open on Sunday so I had to get it yesterday....it's now officially on its way to you, via priority mail, so it should be there in 2-3 days! I forgot to give you my email address too, but it's defiant_majik@yahoo.com if you want to shoot me a line when it arrives! Thanks!!!
  9. Kimber ~ Is your flight landing at 3:30 pm or 3:50 pm? Just want to make sure I have the right time. Hey sorry ! They changed my itenerary...so I had to go back and look. I am definitely landing at 3:50!!
  10. Hey Jen, It sounds like you and I are on the same flight or something....I'm flying Delta and getting in at 3:50 as well!! I can't believe it's just a little over a week away!!! WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. Please save me a copy too !!!
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  13. Ashley, I'd love a signed copy too! I'm needing a new book to read and from what I understand yours is top notch!!! Thanks in advance!! Kimber
  14. Speaking of getting to the Rio from the Flamingo....is everyone (that is flying in to Vegas) just taking taxis? Anyone want to share a cab??
  15. I'm so excited! My wonderful Mom is almost done with my costume dress....I had planned to help her make it but with my stupid schedule, she was just better off doing it herself I guess. Anyway, I tried it on last week and we found that she needed to take it in a bit more as I'd lost a bit more weight since the first time I'd tried it on, so she told me this morning that she has it ready for me to try on again. I thought it looked amazing the last time I'd tried it on, I can't wait to see the finished product on!! Now I have to find shoes...I've been kind of looking around but I can't decid
  16. What day, Kimber? Hey Swannie, I will be arriving around 3:30pm on Thursday the 7th. I am so excited to have a couple of days to take in some sights and visit with all you GALS!!
  17. I just got an email from Delta the other day. They have changed my itenerary. I actually should be arriving 40 minutes earlier than I was originally arriving (was arriving at 4:33, now it's 3:50!!! Works for me!)
  18. I'll probably send a note too, but as per my usual practice, I'll be dragging along (to Vegas) the gift I made for Gerry going on 2 years ago now...that thing is more well traveled than I am! It's been to Montreal, Vancouver, California, back to me in FL and then to Colorado...and I still have it...The good news is that I have been able to continuously update it and make it better sooo....................I'm really really hoping there is a way for me to either give it to him personally (oh what a dream) or have someone else give it to him for me (option 1 would be ideal!) Now to think of ide
  19. I too am concerned about my cleavage...which is something I have NEVER been able to say before. I've always had plenty of it (for 2 people)...but I too have lost a substantial amount of weight in the last 5 months and now my 'girls' are just really not much to speak of anymore. I am hoping I can find a strapless bra that will 'help' with the whole situation...and I too am working out the details of my gown to 'cammoflauge' my upper arms....lest I get to flapping them on the dance floor and take off!! (I'm also hoping the arm bands I got will help to at least 'visually' slenderize them)....I ha
  20. Well I finally got my material :dance: , and I went to the link that Texas gramma posted (thank you!) and found arm bands....now I just have to decide if I want to battle 'heels' for the night or if I want to go with something FLAT so I can walk/dance without fear of killing myself . I did find some cute and strappy sandals on eBay, but haven't decided on which to get yet. Thankfully, I believe that 'shoes' will be the easiest part!
  21. I have the design of my dress all worked out, now I just have to find the right material. It doesn't help that I seem to be too insanely busy to go over to the Hobby Lobby (about 50 miles away) and see if they have what I am looking for materialwise. I bought a new sewing machine so now I will just have to figure out how to work it and with my Mom's help I hope to put something together that resembles a greek gown...pray for me hehe.
  22. I just made my payment via PayPal !!
  23. OOPs I too booked my room a couple of months ago....hubby said they did give the GALS rate but it still seemed higher than it should have *shrug*....and I didn't post here either...sorry about that...you can add me to the list!!
  24. I am not even remotely nervous about this trip! I got 'seasoned' by going to the Colorado Convention, it was a BLAST and everything (even the car rental and finding the hotel) went off without a hitch - I guess I'm more capable than I gave myself credit for. As long as I can get a taxi or shuttle from the airport to the Flamingo when I arrive in Vegas, the rest should work out just fine. I am SO excited!!!
  25. You know, as close as I live to Louisiana, I've been THROUGH the N.O. area on I-10 but I've never actually been there for Marti Gras or otherwise. This would be an easy trip for me for sure!! I'll be anxiously awaiting details !!
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