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  1. finally got to watch Chasing Mavericks and Olympus Has Fallen!! Amazing movies, both!!

  2. All I can say is I have been 'patiently' waiting for this movie for SO LONG! CAN'T WAIT!!! Brumie
  3. This is why I love Gerry! He's such a great person no matter how successful he gets! I hope he never changes! Brumie
  4. Happy Anniversary GALS! Please enter me into all draws except the magazines and the TR DVD (I have those!) Thanks and Cheers, Brumie
  5. I think Gerard will give Robert Burns the full respect that he deserves! I am so happy that he is finally getting this project going! I just read a anthology of Burns' poems; I think the poetry will shine through even if it is not the main focus of the movie. The stories that he tells have a wide range of topics from love to politics to a simple mouse that he had the misfortune of running over it's house. I think telling his life story will be very interesting because he did have a very hard as well as raunchy life. I am putting my trust in Gerry, because I think the best type of person to portray and give the respect that Robbie Burns deserves is a fellow Scotsman! Brumie
  6. This is an absolutely awesome poster! It looks great! I cannot wait for this movie, as well as all his others coming out this year! I am in Gerry heaven! My poor boyfriend! LOL
  7. Love this trailer... the more I see of this movie, the more excited I get, if that is even possible. The dance scene is HOT can't wait to see the entire scene and I actually burst out laughing when Gerry said "I'm going to make this guy your b**ch!" Awesome... just plain awesome! Brumie
  8. Although every kind of movie Gerry makes is my kind of movie, this is definitely my kind of movie! Looks so awesome! I like how they overlay the kid playing and Gerry so you get what is going on! Looks great and so excited! Brumie
  9. I absolutely loved the Watchmen graphic novel, it was genius, so I am super excited not just for the movie, but for the fact that Zack Snyder, a man who has such respect for the genre, is doing it! I will be there for sure! Brumie
  10. So glad that Gerry never gave up on this project! (Although of course I didn't think that he would!) I'm just glad for Gerry that it is finally happening! Hopefully soon, many others will be able to share in the Robert Burns that is such a large part of many peoples' lives! So Happy for him! Brumie
  11. I so hope this happens! I have been waiting for this movie, since I first heard about it years ago! I biopic about Robert Burns would be absolutely amazing! Brumie
  12. So glad he's getting the attention he deserves! He'll soon be number one for sure! Brumie
  13. This is going to be an amazing movie! Cannot wait! Brumie
  14. I wish the wide release would hurry up and get to my area. I'm so excited for this movie! Guy Ritchie is amazing when he is doing his "gangster" movies. The previews look great! I cannot wait! Brumie
  15. I'm cannot see Gerry as a "neanderthal" so i cannot wait for this movie, plus the salsa scene!? CANNOT WAIT! Brumie
  16. Very nice! A great article too! Brumie
  17. I so agree and every time I watch one of his movies I think to myself all the time that the world needs more men like Gerry! And congrats FINALLY to people recognizing him as A-List! Brumie
  18. YES! So happy for all involved especially for Gerry and Guy Ritchie (who definitely deserved the come back!) Awesome! Brumie
  19. This isn't the first time I've seen articles like this or him talk about people thinking he has gained weight! Why does everybody think he is fat!? He looks so good right now...I have no idea where people are looking but I sure don't see any fat on that man! He looks absolutely great! Brumie
  20. Has there been a movie that Gerard has been in where there hasn't been stories like this one!? Stuff like this seems to follow this man wherever he goes...although I'm sure he probably didn't feel like doing a sex scene (of all scenes) that day when he was sick. They still did it though just minus the kissing, which is disappointing...sick or not...Gerry is the man to snog when you get the chance! And what did he have, it couldn't have been so bad if he came into work, although he does push himself way to hard! Too bad Thandie...you missed your chance! And was this really news worthy!? I agree with laxmom...I don't think it should have been mentioned because who knows how someone or some "paper" can twist a story like that. Brumie
  21. I am so glad that he decided not to retire! Now I would be able to continue watching his past films, but I find myself always waiting for that next, new Gerry movie! This makes me wanna see Game even more, 300 was intense! Kudos for Gerry for sticking with it, it would be a great loss of talent in the film industry!
  22. The more I see of this movie, the more excited I get about it! Awesome picture!
  23. That sounds like something that would happen to me on a date! Nice to know that we share something in common only mine is being unlucky with men! Brumie
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