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    Cooking, My Family, Music ( I like singing and I used to be indifferent choirs, but gave it up to be a wife and mom), Reading Romance novels, Movies, Exercise of all sorts, I am an Information hound so if something getts my attention long enough I resurch it and colect info on it. I get called a fountain of useless info..lol<br />4/24 I just got bad news from my arthropedic sergen. I had a tear repared in my knee cartiladge and they discovered that I a degenerative arthritic platella. My knee cap is soft so I am going to have more arthroscopic surgeries in the future to get rid of the arthritis. AT 32! it looks like I might as well get the zipper put in because it is just not in me to quit!I told the Doc I guess I will see you in about 4 yrs for my next surgery then!

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  1. Oh Can't wait to seeit with my Best friend. She goes to all the girly Movies with me since my Hubby won't. I seen it coming out and already warned her we were going. He he he. I had to tell her Hillary was in it to convince her it was one to see...How strange to talk to a female not affected by the Gerry-meister...lol
  2. All right I got the only cowgirl name YES! If possible I wouldn't mind using Butler's country Cowgirl...What do ya think. or it could be Butler's Country Bumpkin? tell me what you think.... I would be really greatful. Thanks a bunch
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