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  1. Wish I could make it. Just too close to my trip to NYC for Gerry's b-day bash. Maybe next year! Paulette
  2. Count me in too! Oh how I wish I was there again this year. Paulette
  3. Glad to see some new pics of the man. He is looking tired, but I'll take him in any condition I can get him in. Glad to see he is back in Bonny Scotland! Ah.....to be there myself. Here's hoping he is getting some much needed down time for himself and his family. So how long do I have to wait for BURNS!???? Paulette
  4. I am looking forward to this movie. Gerry looks awesomely funny in this. Fits him to a T. Paulette
  5. The calendar has been updated with new events and attendees. If you are planning on attending any of the events, let me know. For those of you who missed our MT get together, it was FAB!!!! I even got knighted this year for my birthday! THe best birthday ever! As always we had a great time chit chatting at the after party. Hope to see you all again next year! Paulette
  6. The calendar has been update gals! Let me know what events you will attend, and I will add your name to the list. Paulette
  7. Great news. I loved the Italian Job. Things happen for a reason. Can't wait to see how this all plays out. Paulette
  8. We have a premiere date for GAME thanks to Ina! TWO Gerry moivies within 30 days! Paulette
  9. I can't wait for this one. Now maybe my little ones will GET IT, once they hear his voice as the VAST one! Paulette
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY! Another year older and another year more handsome. Many wishes for the coming year........whatever your little heart desires! :happybirthday: God Bless and have a great day! Paulette
  11. Count Enchanting Eyes, Gerardaholic plus maybe one more to the list. I so wanted to see this collection last time I was there, and am anxious to see it. We're planning on being there Thurs thru Monday! Paulette
  12. :tasty: Tease me more!! December is a long time in coming. Paulette
  13. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! :yippee: Gerry back in Chicago! I cannot wait!!! HHHMMM...I may have to go and VISIT my friends in Chicago. Paulette
  14. YES!!! I will arrange my dates earlier or later so I can see POTO this time around. Paulette
  15. AMEN TO THAT SISTER!!! I'll be there if all goes as scheduled! Paulette
  16. Just what I needed this morning! :tasty: Paulette
  17. Stopping by with a quick HI on my way to work. All the kids are back in school today, so I feel like a free woman for a few minutes. I even went back to bed once they were all on the bus. Hopefully now I will have more time to post. I see they are teasing us with VINTAGE HOLLYWOOD for the Convention. Can'tg wait to hear more info on that one. The calendar has been updated. So check it out and see if there is any event you would like to attend. If you see that anything needs to be added, please pm me so I can do that. Sounds like everyone has been as busy as I have been. I actually have 4 days off after today, so I am looking forward to getting some much needed work done around the house. Better run for now and will pop back in soon. Toodles, Paulette
  18. Love the idea. Maybe I can even go as my namesake.......Paulette Goddard. She was my dad's favorite actress, and thus I was named after her.....and him (Paul). Now I just have to talk my friend Kelly into going with me this time. Can't wait for details! Paulette
  19. I for one have been so busy with kids out of school, working on getting Ethan all sorted for college this Fall, working a lot at the ol' job, working on the house and the yard, and trying to get ready for the UK Cony. I check in every day, just don't always have time to post! Gotta head out shortly again to work. I think my boss is taking full advantage of me before I leave for 2 weeks later this month. Talk at ya soon! Hi to all the GMCL's!! Paulette
  20. It is NOT going to affect my decision to go to the UK Cony. I am not going to let a few COWARDS dictate what I do and don't do. HERE HERE!!! If I am going to go out, then I hope I am doing something fun with the people I love. I'm not changing my plans either. The 3 amigas are still going and are going to have a good time come Hell or High Water!! Paulette
  21. OOOOO....I am up for a Ren Faires too! When is it? I would have to request the date off now if it is anytime in August. P
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