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  1. Hi Sue,

    Finally have some time to log in. You've been on my mind a lot. I've lost touch with what's going on on Gals, hope everything is going ok. Love, Ann

  2. My coworkers and I were at a restaurant celebrating a birthday when the earthquake hit. The customers all stayed seated and rode it out, those already served actually calmly continued eating after the shakes. The servers, restaurant staff, etc, all ran out of the building enmass. It was pretty funny.
  3. Hey to you, Pilar, have you been behaving...or better yet, misbehaving. Anna, those are wonderful sentiments. Hello TXGrandma, say hello to Erich for me.
  4. Sue - what a beautiful garden you have. And such a gorgeous sky, not even a wiff of smog in the air. How is B2 by the way? Cute as ever I hope. DonnaKat - I so envy you for that picture with GB. He looks sinfully scrumptious. How were you able to breathe being cheek to cheek with HRH. I would have and probably would have fainted from hyperventilating. Anyhoooo, have a good night ladies.
  5. Hello, Haven't been here for a while. I miss GALS so much. Hopefully soon, I should be back online again and can check in daily. Sue - Very sorry to hear about Bryan and Jane. I now have so many picts of Gerry up in my cubbie at work that at least once a week, someone would stop by to chat about all the picts. Usually the women would gush, seems Gerry has quite a few fans at my work. And the men would go "Sooo, is he your boyfriend or what?" Right, I wish. Well, just drop in to say hello, got to go to bed now, have to be at work at 7 tomorrow. Bye all. Ann
  6. Hello Gals, I miss GALS. I think you ladies will like this, I met a Gerry's convert earlier this week. A woman from another dept at my office walked by my cubbie and did a double take, she saw all the Gerry's picts that my friends decorated my cubbie with for my birthday and she stopped by let me know that she "met" Gerry. Apparently she saw "PS I love You" and went home and googled him and has been visiting different fan sites to read more about Gerry. She started talking about him and sounds so much like she's caught GALS. She said the close-up of his eyes :wub: in PSILY was what did it. Well, it's late and I have to work early tomorrow, so better get my butt home and in bed. See ya
  7. Ann...I'm going to really miss you my friend. Come back when you can!



  8. Happy New Year to the wonderful GALS of the SC. It has been great getting to know you all. Even though I lurked more often than I posted, I enjoyed the time I spent her on GALS, both up here in the fresh air and in the gutter. I will not be around for a while, cable & internet expenses are some of the expenses that I need to cut back on, so I will not have access to the net either at home or at work. Expect I will be on withdrawal from GALS for a while, but by logging on only occasionally the last few months, I think I've weaned mysefl enough. Hopefully, my financial situation will improve and I'll be seeing you all again.
  9. Happy Holidays to all the Gals of the SC. Have a Joyful Christmas!
  10. I'm so happy to see Gerry's gorgeous face on PSILY posters everywhere. I was at The Block in Orange on Friday and what did I see as I got out of the car, PSILY poster. And, again today as I entered Main Place in Santa Ana for lunch, first thing I saw was Gerry on the poster.
  11. Happy Monday Gals, I'm loving all the new pictures we have of Gerry's. He looks yummyluscious. I especially like the after-screening party pictures, seems like everyone were having a great time. I was so looking forward to Gerry doing the talkshows round, but with the strike, I guess there won't be any. Thank you to the lovely So Cal gals for braving the cold and crowds to greet Gerry and posting about it here. Mel, your niece is a cutie and your sister looks lovely. Have a great Monday
  12. AnnOC

    Gerry fan ages

    I know my age, but my (older) sister uses "Rissa" math when she gives her age, so I check with her weekly to find out how old I am. LOL
  13. Congrats to Bella! Wonderful news! What a creative way to raise money for a very worthy cause! I caught my first trailer for "PS I love you" Gerry looks great. Have a wonderful day, GALS.
  14. Happy Monday, Lovely Gals! Thanksgiving was loud and full of laughter as usual when my family get together for any occasions. We counted and there must have been about 50 people there at some point. As we, my siblings and I, have grown older, we have grown wiser and treat any times that we could get together as moments to be celebrate and treasure. Yeah, I get to decorate my cubie today for Christmas. I mentioned it a few days ago and was told by a co-worker that no decoration because there maybe someone who doesn't feel like celebrating Christmas or is going through a bad time, but I walked by this same co-worker on Wednesday and she has decoration up, so I'm going to put mine up too Irish - So glad to see you had B2 with you for 3 days. He is such a cutie. Well, gotta get ready for work, later ladies.
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