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    I love to sew pillows and redecorating my apartment.. I like to learn new things and I am all about the EXPERIENCE.<br /><br />People think I am an extrovert but I am really an introvert with social butterfly capabilities.<br /><br />I love traveling and hope to live in the U.K. one day. I have visited 9 countries and lived in two. I have been to Italy, England, Israel, Germany, France, Thailand, China, and Sicily. I taught English in China. I hope to travel to India next year and Greece. I want to visit Scotland and Ireland because my great-great gran was half Scots-Irish (any MacRaes out there?) <br /><br />I love learning about new cultures and languages. I speak a little of many languages but hope to master at least five before I die.<br /><br />I love making people feel beautiful about themselves, that is why I became a make-up artist and stylist while I am pursuing my Master's degree.<br /><br />I LOVE SHOES and fashion<br /><br />I love movies and old Hollywood Glam<br /><br />I am easy going but intense, loud and witty.<br /><br />And I can't believe I am obsessing over a man I may never meet in my life--but one can dream.<br /><br />I love wine and cheesecake(I got a great recipe for a ginger mango cheesecake)--hence the extra poundage I am trying to lose.<br /><br />I love to sing or do anything that has to do with the arts<br /><br />I have ADHD and can be quite scatter-brained so forgive me if I use my select-reading button--haha

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  1. LOL, I'm wondering the same thing...about what it is, not about if it's....nevermind, Or maybe it's a breakfast cereal? ~Mel I think cluster-fooking is lie a complete mess. We used to use the term in the military but we called it a Charlie Foxtrot which meant cluster-fook.Hmm. Good question to ask Gerry.
  2. Sounds like me.. Hmmm More things about Gerry...... He is proud of being of Irish descent. He thinks his dad is crazy. He accidently exposed himself at his sister's 400 guest wedding. He has a raunchy sense of humour. He's hot... He doesn't discriminate when dating. Speaks fluent Italian--hahaha (see the interview) He is very manly without being an *hole--can I use that word? He likes saying wh*re He's very flirtatious--a true Scorpio He's smoking... Speaking of, he's tried to quit smoking 39 times in the past 2 years Had a "spiritual" moment in Jerusalem while trying to quit smo
  3. I thought that show was hilarious and the manscaping was priceless, but the one show that i watch over and over again is the one when he was on Jay Leno with Queen Latifah. I have never seen Queen L flirt with anyone like that. And he was super sexy flirting back. Great show. The next time I am in L.A. and Gerry's doing a show I will be there too. I am big fan!! Huge even and will definitely have to go to Scotland to find a mate. Lol. He has ruined us for any other man. You girls stay funny. T
  4. I am sorry I am a little slow and getting the hang of the blog posts. I mean it is great if he is (although I think he deserves better) but no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. But the mystery of it is hilarious and I think the "press" is blowing it out of proportion as usual. Again, none of my business. Ha. you go Gerry
  5. Right, What's going on with that? None of my business but I do find it quite curious. Any takers on this topic
  6. As long as they have the 8 pack to go with the costume I am all for it. I will dress up like Queen Gorgo though. Beautiful costumes..
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