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  1. Hehehe! tell me waht you think about my story!
  2. “Raoul! The bloody wench is gone!” She said, flicking the hair out of her face. “What! Bloody hell…” Raoul thought for a moment, contemplating how she could have left. Suddenly, he remember the way Erik had come in. “There’s a passage way... out of here..” Raoul looked at Erik, he pointed to Pontogia where Erik had entered, and then he looked at Peter. “Peter, I will be back for the corpse. I want him... dead.” With one last evil look at Erik, Raoul went through the passageway with Pontogia. A hand went quickly around Erik’s neck, the hand was so large that it could have chocked him by
  3. Chapter 12 Raoul awoke softly, suddenly he realized what he had been doing. He looked at Pontogia and it seamed as if some one had stabbed a knife through his heart. He felt the pain of guilt and betrayal fill his body. He felt smothered with each glance at Pontogia. Raoul quickly got up and ran out of the room, pulling on his clothes and then finally making his way out of the church. The sunlight burned his face. Raoul shielded his eyes from the hot rays. It seamed as if the whole world was staring at him, and now, it seamed as if god had condemned him. Raoul ran quickly through the stre
  4. Chapter 10 Raoul awoke to the sunlight dancing on his face. He squinted as he lay on the floor next to Pontogia. Very little of them was covered with a blanket. Raoul remember that night. How wonderful it had been. He turned his body towards Pontogia, and ran his fingers though her hair. In his mind, he thought he would feel the soft curls of Christine, but was almost shocked when he felt the straight ruff hair of Pontogia. She was a beautiful creature, with deep eyes and a very curvy body. She seamed like an angel, but not one from heaven, she was most certainly from hell. This Raoul knew.
  5. What do i see in gerry? Well.. its a strange wonderfull feeling i get when i see and tlak about gerry. He is an amazing man. With drop dead good looks. I'm not going to not mention that. He is DEAD sexy. But there is something about his eyes, that just draws you in. His eyes are like the entrance to his soul, and his smile is just beautiful! I mean, his smile is just... beautiful!! I love it. So when you mix the two of them together, it just makes magic. But what really sold me.. what really took my breath away. Was his personality. Any1 who can make me laugh, and laugh at himself is a..
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    hehehe! here are my pictures!! Erik and Christine: Christine:
  7. Chapter 1 Raoul admired his bride as she sat in the garden. God, she was beautiful, he thought and now, she is mine. Raoul smiled to himself as he admired the fact that he had snagged the most beautiful women in all of Paris. He had snagged the women that all the men stared at as they walked arm in arm down the cool streets. He snagged the beautiful creature, and he took it from the man he hated most. Erik. One day I will kill him he swore to himself one day. The wind tugged softly at Christine’s hair. It flew in her pale face, her eyes were glazed over, as if she were reconsidering someth
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    Gerry: and think.. this is only my bat
  9. i accidently posted it in the non love story!!! but here is the link! http://p100.ezboard.com/fgerardbutlerdotne...picID=119.topic
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