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  1. I survived cancer twice. Once when the dreaded disease killed my daughter and I survived the heartbreak. And once when I had uterin cancer and now have been cancer free for six years. The reason I mention my daughter, who died just a few days before her 32nd birthday, was because she was one of the bravest persons I know. It wasn't easy to face her death and get along with life like she asked. I know I felt sad even though I tried to get through life as if it was normal. When I had to face cancer myself, life got a bit darker. Then this magical thing happened. I cannot explain it, I don't understand it myself, but my life changed the day I saw Phantom the first time. I watched it back to back for weeks, absorbing the music, the haunting melodies and that amazing man Gerard Butler. He gave me my smile back. I changed. I turned my life around because of him. I know I've heard him having the same affect with others, but I can only tell you what he's done for me. I picked up his DVDs and have them all now. I listened to his interviews and started seeing something special there. I got involved with the fan sites, met wonderful Gerry fans and have made friends around the states and the world. I guess the greatest thing is I wanted to do something in honor of my daughter. I make quilts (mostly baby quilts)and give them away - so far 36 quilts have been given away and each one is filled with love. I started making some quilts with photos - the first being one with 24 photos of Gerry on it for the person who told me to see Phantom. I have since adopted her as a daughter of my heart for changing my life. I have been making 'Male Bags' with photos of Gerry on them and have given them to one of the fan sites to raise money for Kids Kicking Cancer and other charities Gerry sponsors. The quilt giving and Gerry is what saved my life. I drag anyone and everyone I can over the Gerry moon and try to spread the word on why they just must become a fan. I know this may sound corny, but I know I survived and I have a difference in other people's lives by sharing my story and letting them know they can get through it. All they need is a lot of love and maybe some Gerry Butler to get them through the tough times.
  2. I state with pride that I am a Gerry addict. Thank you for providing such a great place to come and play. Happy Birthday. May GALS have many, many more. Gerry is such a delightful experience and we are so lucky to have him to follow and watch rise to the top.
  3. I thought they were both quite handsome, but Gerry just stands alone in the gorgeous category. I know what you mean about that eye contact - it's so hot a girl just melts when it happens.
  4. WOW! That's the kind of tribute that Gerry's been working so hard to achieve. It's nice to see someone noticing and making a point of it. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thank you so much, Dayna, for looking into all of the legalities for us, his devoted fans. I am so excited about not only seeing his dream come true after all of these years, but to see him working in Scotland again. Seeing our gorgeous Scot in his natural setting is doubly exciting for me. I love Scotland and after getting a book on Burns' life today, I loved looking through the photos inside and seeing the places where Robert Burns spent his time. Since he loved the ladies I do think we're going to be enjoying our Gerry in some interesting situations. Let's hope he does get wide distribution with this film. I can always make room for another Gerry DVD on my to be watched over and over and over again shelf.
  6. I've discovered that I am a complete nerd. I'm sitting there eating my popcorn and the previews start to come on. I see Gerry on screen and screamed. Well not like a loud, "she's friggin' crazy" scream, but I did show a little bit of excitement.. my friend just looked at me and rolled her eyes. LOL I would so love to go to Gerry movies with you. Island Girl, because I like screaming when he comes onto the screen. I usually go the first time to every movie alone so I can make a fool of myself and nobody will know, then I drag a non-addict with me and glare at them if they don't react the right way. Marlene
  7. Thank you and congratulations to the talented people here. I so admire how beautifully you create these picture quotes and how lucky we are that you have such a yummy subject to work with. They are GREAT!!!!
  8. Oh, thank you. I laughed so hard at the third section talking about when you know you are an addict. It is so comforting to know we are not alone in our actions and feelings. Life is good in Gerryland.
  9. Jenn, I cannot remember how to do a PM message. Can you give me some instructions or tell me where I can find them please.
  10. I am not sure why Gerry thinks he needs to apologize about anything, especially PS I Love You. The move is a delightful portrayal of him as the Irish lad. One thing I've notice here in the states is that most people wouldn't catch an accent that isn't proper. They love accents and most any one will do. Look at Beowulf - a Scot plays and Geat, a Swede plays a Dane, and so forth. Go Gerry!!!! He's great no matter what accent he speaks in.
  11. Thanks Lisa. What a great photo. Looks like he is swinging into your life, doesn't it?! Marlene
  12. Thank you for letting us be part of your time in Vegas. It was hard to understand what he said, but whatever he said, it certainly sounded Scottish. How sweet of him to think of you all and send in a message twice. That is one of the wonderful parts of being a Gerry fan. He is always considerate and shows how much he cares about all of those of us who are addicted to him.
  13. We're ALL in withdrawals!! I can't agree more. I too am very excited about this new role as a prosecutor. Of course, he does well in whatever he choses to do, but this one sounds like he can draw from some of his law exposure. I love all the new films coming out but hope he takes time for relaxing between shoots. Marlene
  14. I also loved Nim's Island. What I loved also was listening to the children in the audience giggling throughout the movie. Gerry did another amazing job, and this time with two characters. I am definitely going back and buying the DVD when it comes out.
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