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  1. Hey Everyone! Thanks for the info . There are 5 of us from South Jersey that are coming up Tuesday after work and staying overnight. We plan to be at the premier as early as they let us on Wednesday. (we did this before with Bounty Hunter) Here is my cell phone in case anyone wants to get in touch with me OR has any important info to share. 609-706-1586. Carole
  2. Does anyone know if there will be a red carpet event in NYC???
  3. We were there! About 8 of us Gerry fans were able to attend the presentation yesterday in City Hall! He was fabulous and stayed after to take pictures and speak with us....we were thrilled!! It was great to see how the others responded to him. We know him, of course, but to see him charm a room full of people was a great experience. He really had the Gerry Juice flowing. What a man! Love him. So glad our city is responding so well to this movie. Carole
  4. Almost every Philly news broadcast last night talked about the movie being filmed at City Hall. "Starring Oscar winner Jamie Foxx" who was very chatty with reporters. They showed us some scenes being filmed outside City Hall. Never once was Gerry's name mentioned! Guess we just have to wait for his star status to take off! Maybe LAC will be an academy award winner!! Carole
  5. Hey Girls! Heard on the radio this am that train service to City Hall is closed for today and tomorrow due to filming!!! Must be LAC!!! Guess Gerry is back from DC (it's a short trip) Wish I could go to check it out but I have to work. (It would only take me 20 minutes to get there.) We are going into the city on Friday night for dinner, though....better keep my eyes open. Carole
  6. Yes, it's much more effecient to take a bus or a train to Philly from NYC. Many people take it to work on a daily basis from Philly or south Jersey to NYC. About 1 1/2 hrs. Carole
  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Cannot believe I missed Gerry coming into Philly!!!! and to think I was just sitting on my chair watching TV when he was only 15 minutes away!!!! I could have been at that train station welcoming him!! How DID everyone know he was coming in at that time???? It's just not fair. Carole
  8. Hey All You Philly Gals!! Anyone know any scoop on where the filming is to be going on? We are about 15 minutes from center city and would love to check out the live action!! I know the jail and City Hall is mentioned but when exactly would be great to know. Maybe I could get a cameo appearance in as an extra. (only kidding....I knew when the auditions were but believe me I would never have qualified) Still would be nice to see a real movie being filmed....even if we didn't see Gerry. So if any one has any inside details, I can be in Philly at the drop of a hat if need be. Carole PS - If Gerry needs a place to stay I have an extra room in my Townhouse.....I'm sure it would be better than a hotel (well maybe not better than the Four Seasons)
  9. I did not think his accent was heavy BUT it could be that I am used to hearing him talk...the DJ's certainly had no trouble understanding him. I was also under the impression that he was not in Philly although he did say his manager had called him to go to the World Series but that he could not make it (in time??) I wish we could have called in to ask questions. Maybe I'll email WMMR to request that next time he is on the show. Will keep my ears open. Carole
  10. Thanks to my daughter I listened to Gerry on WMMR this am too!!! She called me from her car to make sure I listened. I'm pretty sure he said he was making a movie with Jenifer Aniston I swear I heard movie not project. Loved it when he said he was a huge baseball fan and then "that's the one with bats, right?" Can't wait for Law Abiding Citizen to be filmed. I live in South Jersey - 20 minutes from center city. If anyone hears details please let us all know. To have Gerry in Philly is such an event! Thanks for the info on the replay. I'll try to listen. Carole
  11. Just saw this today!! And I signed up!! I guess we have to wait until the 20th. I also asked for 10 tickets but I'm not sure it registered! I'll let you know if I get them!! Let's keep our fingers crossed!! Carole
  12. I agree with the fact that he probably was not "mobbed" in NYC. I was in Manhatten twice last week. My friends and I go frequently because we love it so much!! A great place BUT you never see anyone stalking anybody - stars are very "undercover" there. I'm sure we've walked by a few in all the years we've been going but I have never seen any Hollywood Star. (not that I am the most observant person but my friends are and they are always looking.) And it was so cold last week I don't think anyone could stand out in that cold!!! And I am a registered nurse and that WOULD be a HIPAA violation!!! Carole
  13. OH MY GOD!! My friends and I were in New York City on Saturday - saw the Color Purple and ate at The Stardust Diner and then to the top of the Marriott Marquis - the View - for drinks and dinner!!! The diner and the play was in between 51st and 53rd!!! I could have passed right by Gerry and didn't notice!! (Maybe it was the 4 Cosmos I had ) I usually have my feelers out when I'm in New York... But I was so sure he was in LA for the Oscars. Does anyone know where he went AFTER the restaurant ?????? Is his home near there??? Just curious....I plan to go again on Thursday... we're dying with the fact that we were soooo close..... Carole
  14. This is a great article. Thanks for posting. Hope I can find the magazine.... Carole
  15. I'd like to think all those nice things about Gerry and Selma and Gerry's thoughts and him being a dad and all that but... there is the possibility that he is not looking at her at all. Maybe it just looks that way!! He really is pretty far behind her!! He may be looking at someone else off to the side. But we can let our imaginations run wild, can't we??? Carole
  16. I get such goosebumps when I know Gerry is only 90 minutes away from me!!! :yippee: First at the Garden and then at the Met!! And to think I'm going to Scotland in July and he is so close to me now.. Oh Lord... and the Tux on the man is simply to die for!!! Carole
  17. Oh Dear God!! I watched this whole game while I was making dinner on Sunday. I love Hockey! I remember seeing pics of Gerry at a game in Toronto one time also (but I'm pretty sure it was not a professional game) but I never even thought he could have been there on Sunday!! Now I know I love him. He loves Hockey too. What a man!! By the way, the Rangers got beat so they are done. Hope he is a Sabres fan. Carole
  18. Okay - even though I'm not a guy - I'm going to Keep on voting!! You're right - it IS the GALS who make the Guys!! Let's go Gerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carole
  19. Are we cheating if we vote - it is GUYS TV!! Do we care????
  20. WOW!!! Do we know when and where these were taken?? Thanks for sharing! Carole
  21. These Cinemax videos have become my favorites!! I had a few girls over last night for what we now refer to as GB night (we have them occaisionally throughout the year - mostly to look at our favorite scenes in his movies) BUT last night I wanted to show them these videos. We can't get them on our computers at work (I guess due to the language they are weeded out) so a lot of girls couldn't see them until last night. I agree our Gerry is just simply adorable in these - and he and Zack seem to hit it off so tremendously. As if they were really good friends, not just actor/director. Makes me think they will really do something again in the future. (Watchman??) Can't wait. And yes. I am a big Zack Snyder fan now. But Gerry does seem to bring out the best in everyone, doesn't he?? What a personality!! Carole
  22. Thank you! Swansong for the "investigative review" of that article from Canada.com. I thought it looked and sounded a little suspicious but couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with the picture. It definitely looked "doctored up". I guess we all better get used to this Hollywood gossip stuff. We need to our support Gerry through all the good and the bad. I have a feeling it is just getting started.... Carole
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