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  1. There are two more pictures of him, i think. In the Birthday scene. Holly gets the Tape and lay it down on the table.
  2. Thats a fake. It`s not Gerry`s Body i think
  3. You have it?? That`s great! With every picture? I`m excited ... the picture is so
  4. Hello! On ebay you can buy an issue of The Los Angeles Times Calendar ( GERARD BUTLER Los Angeles Times Ent Section 12-20-07 - Ebayers name is tommywood ) with a great Picture on the cover. Is this picture in the gallery? I`ve tried to find it, but maybe i`m just blind Laila
  5. On the REX site are two new pictures from the conference!
  6. I saw him too, he was great!! and his look :ohbaby2: No one is better! I hope that somebody saved this!!
  7. Hope that the link work http://www.filmmagic.com/SearchResult.aspx...tler&sfld=C Gerry was at the Pre Wimbledon Party, he looks good
  8. OMG he is so cute!! Thank you for the picture!! You`re right, he looks absolutely relaxed and that is wonderful
  9. I' ve ordered mine yesterday and i'm sooooo exited, can' t wait to hold it in my hands!
  10. :tasty: Wow, he looks so good! Fantastic! the grey hair :inlove: I'm proud of him, he is the best!! Thanks for the pictures!!!
  11. I have voted now and it ends at May 13. do i understand that right?
  12. Tight Levi's and no shirt.... I like these pictures, it's good to see him in a normal situation and not on a red carpet, that makes him more real for me.
  13. My thought' s! He is friendly and scottish...two facts that i love, especially cause of his accent
  14. I agree!! Thanks for the piccies, i want to go shopping with him, too!
  15. If the DVD maybe comes out in August... Hot Summer
  16. Great! I' m so happy that this movie is so successful
  17. I love them too! He seems to be just him in those pictures
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