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  1. THANK YOU to everyone who shot video, and to Stef for posting them!
  2. Swansong, yours and Nathan's song is exquisite, and your story is so touching (more eloquent words fail me). I am very happy for you, and your experience last weekend. Linda
  3. Beth, I've been visiting this wonderful site for a very long time but don't have a chance to post often. Like everyone else, I was overwhelmed by the news that Gerry visited the convention. Your entire story--from the Christmas phone call to your meeting him--is the sweetest thing. The person he is...is the reason we all will love him forever. Thank you for sharing the details of your moments with Gerry, Beth. I wish each of us could have such an experience, but since that's not possible, I think I'll print out your story and keep it with me. What an inspiration. What a beautiful hea
  4. Ah! Thank you, Sporran Tart. I wonder how long it would have taken me to figure that out. By the way, I love what you said up there, the long bit a few posts back. The traits you describe are many of the same I've always thought I see in Gerry. Of course, who knows if we're right? But he is a man so compelling as to invite endless speculation. Sigh. Ok, what? Now my entire post is in the left-hand margin. Apparently this board is too much for my little brain. :huh:
  5. I've been lurking for some time; this is my first GALS post (been on GB.Net for a long time). Thank you for opening this subject, Swansong. I understand, and I'm with you--it does hurt to love him. I think that's almost unavoidable. Been on this earth a long time, and I've never seen another like Gerry. I have loved reading this thread, and everyone's eloquently-expressed thoughts. Yikes! Why is somebody else's avatar appearing under my name? So sorry--I didn't do it! Help, please???
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