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  1. Thanks... but have been told the webberphan had them all on her web site so I have managed to get all the ones I lost & some. But thanks for your help Mandy
  2. I am really hoping someone somewhere has most if not all of the interviews that Gerry has done. I did have most of them on my computer but someone lost them for me:tantrum: PLEASE can you help I NEED MY GERRY BACK :tissues: :tissues: :tissues: Mandy
  3. Have just found this over on the other web site so I thought that you might like a quick look & listen too (Thanks to you nimhue for the first post of this) Mandy Gerry Mobile Video This is WMA file Gerry Mobile Voice Message This is a Mp3 file There are a few others floating around too More Clips From Here
  4. Translation for you Mandy 5e demolished Mission Nothing goes any more for the Mission of Sorel-Tracy which does not arrive quite simply any more as from the goals. They have just undergone a 5e demolished in a match in afternoon in Colisée Cardin and this, in front of 1371 spectators. The Dragons of Verdun-Montreal which, in more of having a powerful attack, badly made appear the Mission with a hermetic defensive, which did not leave any margin of man?uvre to the sorelois. A defeat of the Mission from 5 to 2. Dominic Chiasson, the first star of the match, which was that led to them his t
  5. Think this is gonna have to be reversed :muahaha: How much would I charge Gerry for a date with me Answer..... NOTHING I'm FREE but if I had to put a price on a date with him it would be priceless at any cost Sorry Gals I ain't had my sanity tablets yet :prescription2: Mandy :gerryagra:
  6. Butlers_Babe

    Pudge VS Stud

    Wouldn't care either way as long as it was GERRY (but I do like a man with something you can get a grip onto) Mandy
  7. Oops never read the post first before emailing them to you Sarah - oh well.... looks as though you will have an excuse to tweek Gerry now :dance: Mandy
  8. Oh Sarah... Have just had a look at my personalized design you made for me - Its BEAUTIFUL Thank You so much you're really kind GOD I LOVE BEING A GAL & loads of Mandy
  9. Aerosmith - Don't Want To Miss A Thing Mandy
  10. :thankyou2:FAME AT LAST & semmsb for giving me the chance to do something for my GALS.... I enjoyed doing the designs & I love the tweeks Mandy
  11. hubablurrrrrrrrr ummmmmm yyyuuuuuummmmmm dribbbblllllllllleeeeeeee SLURP *wipes the drool from her chin* That would be a coffee worth waking up to :droolicious: Mandy :prescription2:
  12. So many Gals with a sence of reason.... Now I have calmed down & finished yelling from my soap box, I can see a little more clearly. People who A - Become a stalker B - Start rumors such as this have no sence of self, just a purpose of causing pain & mayhem. We love & respect Gerry & NO TRUE FAN would do anything such as this, to cause pain & upset to one they are "SUPPOSED" to be devoted to. Mandy (GAG) no not GAG me - its Guardian Angel Gal
  13. Is there no way we can get the truth Would it not be wise for this stalker to back off before he/she comes fact to face with Gerry's protective Gals Warning to a STALKER (if you read at all) GET LOST & LEAVE GERRY ALONE FOR IF YOU DO NOT - GALS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL BE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE Mandy (GPG) Oh my cage is rattled - sorry Gals
  14. You can't say you weren't warned Beans!! I did say it was a "bedroom voice". :: Here you go... ...you may need a second one. Oh, and that was my first thought watching the video too. "You evil, evil man!!" :bouncydrool3: :spontaneous: :bouncydrool3: :bouncydrool3: :spontaneous: :bouncydrool3: Think you might need a few more Gals....I've filled 5 already & I've only had it on my phone for 3 days
  15. Just a couple of quick ones...Nothing special My Mum Has Gals Guys Mandy
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