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  1. Thanks... but have been told the webberphan had them all on her web site so I have managed to get all the ones I lost & some. But thanks for your help Mandy
  2. I am really hoping someone somewhere has most if not all of the interviews that Gerry has done. I did have most of them on my computer but someone lost them for me:tantrum: PLEASE can you help I NEED MY GERRY BACK :tissues: :tissues: :tissues: Mandy
  3. Have just found this over on the other web site so I thought that you might like a quick look & listen too (Thanks to you nimhue for the first post of this) Mandy Gerry Mobile Video This is WMA file Gerry Mobile Voice Message This is a Mp3 file There are a few others floating around too More Clips From Here
  4. Translation for you Mandy 5e demolished Mission Nothing goes any more for the Mission of Sorel-Tracy which does not arrive quite simply any more as from the goals. They have just undergone a 5e demolished in a match in afternoon in Colisée Cardin and this, in front of 1371 spectators. The Dragons of Verdun-Montreal which, in more of having a powerful attack, badly made appear the Mission with a hermetic defensive, which did not leave any margin of man?uvre to the sorelois. A defeat of the Mission from 5 to 2. Dominic Chiasson, the first star of the match, which was that led to them his t
  5. Think this is gonna have to be reversed :muahaha: How much would I charge Gerry for a date with me Answer..... NOTHING I'm FREE but if I had to put a price on a date with him it would be priceless at any cost Sorry Gals I ain't had my sanity tablets yet :prescription2: Mandy :gerryagra:
  6. Butlers_Babe

    Pudge VS Stud

    Wouldn't care either way as long as it was GERRY (but I do like a man with something you can get a grip onto) Mandy
  7. Oops never read the post first before emailing them to you Sarah - oh well.... looks as though you will have an excuse to tweek Gerry now :dance: Mandy
  8. Oh Sarah... Have just had a look at my personalized design you made for me - Its BEAUTIFUL Thank You so much you're really kind GOD I LOVE BEING A GAL & loads of Mandy
  9. Aerosmith - Don't Want To Miss A Thing Mandy
  10. :thankyou2:FAME AT LAST & semmsb for giving me the chance to do something for my GALS.... I enjoyed doing the designs & I love the tweeks Mandy
  11. hubablurrrrrrrrr ummmmmm yyyuuuuuummmmmm dribbbblllllllllleeeeeeee SLURP *wipes the drool from her chin* That would be a coffee worth waking up to :droolicious: Mandy :prescription2:
  12. So many Gals with a sence of reason.... Now I have calmed down & finished yelling from my soap box, I can see a little more clearly. People who A - Become a stalker B - Start rumors such as this have no sence of self, just a purpose of causing pain & mayhem. We love & respect Gerry & NO TRUE FAN would do anything such as this, to cause pain & upset to one they are "SUPPOSED" to be devoted to. Mandy (GAG) no not GAG me - its Guardian Angel Gal
  13. Is there no way we can get the truth Would it not be wise for this stalker to back off before he/she comes fact to face with Gerry's protective Gals Warning to a STALKER (if you read at all) GET LOST & LEAVE GERRY ALONE FOR IF YOU DO NOT - GALS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL BE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE Mandy (GPG) Oh my cage is rattled - sorry Gals
  14. You can't say you weren't warned Beans!! I did say it was a "bedroom voice". :: Here you go... ...you may need a second one. Oh, and that was my first thought watching the video too. "You evil, evil man!!" :bouncydrool3: :spontaneous: :bouncydrool3: :bouncydrool3: :spontaneous: :bouncydrool3: Think you might need a few more Gals....I've filled 5 already & I've only had it on my phone for 3 days
  15. Just a couple of quick ones...Nothing special My Mum Has Gals Guys Mandy
  16. Hi Chris Does the phone have bluetooth & if so does it except mp3's if so you need a bluetooth dongle to connect to your computer If you need any further help PM me & I'll see if I can help further but I have not heard of your make of phone before Mandy
  17. Have saved Gerry as an MP3 tone so I hope this will help some of you to get Gerry onto your mobile/cell like I have ENJOY http://louibell.tripod.com/honey_wake_up_.mp3 Mandy If you need help to get it transferred pm me & I'll try help but no promises
  18. weezee219 What make of cell do you have & I'll see what I can do to help you get it on there Mandy
  19. Simone & all Gals Thought you might like to see this (you need to open it with Quick Time) http://louibell.tripod.com/p1000892.mov Its a little blurred but you can see its the G-Man Mandy
  20. The pendant/necklace that Gerry wears is about £195.00 - 39,585 Yen Gerrys Necklace The necklace is called Regul Bud Pendant (DJP-10) from the Hibiscus Collection. The silver bracelet is called DJAB-2 from the Atlantis Collection from the D. Joseph Bortoli (DJB) line. The leather bracelet is from the CABO Collection, also from the DJB line and was a gift to Gerard from Joseph Bortoli when Gerard attended their 10th Anniversary Party. Gerrys Bracelet The Collection Page Gerry purchased his pieces at the flagship store in Venice, California. Other celebs like Colin Farrell and Billy Bob
  21. I have managed to save this clip to my mobile & now use it as my alarm Only one problem....I keep forgetting I have set it & keep thinking it's my hubby Mandy
  22. Somebody please tell me....If I just want to run my fingers through any hair that Gerry has.....am I INSANEor just in need of a new man :bouncydrool3: :mopboyattila: :mopboybeowulf: :mopboydracula: :mopboyerik: :mopboyjackie: :mopboyjohnnie: :mopboystranger: :mopboyterry: :mopboymarek: :mopboyethan: :mopboycreedy: Mandy:gerryholic:
  23. Swan, being from the UK I say how I see, but looking at it from others point of view, maybe calling other sites the 'Dark side' could sound a little nasty, & for that I appologize, but from where I have been sitting I feel that some times they cant be a little cruel. But here I go again...getting on me soap box I only wanted to appologize Mandy GALS
  24. Sorry to stick my bib in but SWAN I totally agree with you.... Although I too won't name names either, I find myself doing more and more things for the Gals more than the otherside as it seems that all Gals & its MODs appreciate more of what we say & do than those on the 'Dark Side' Dr. Em & All MODs for all you do and allow us to do also. Not only do I have Great Respect for Gerry but I also have one hell of a lot of respect for you all too (that goes for all Gals)... Although you have set bounderies for us to stick to, you have set them at such a level that we can b
  25. Perfection is a state of mind a place where I love to live, With Gerry always beside me with loads of love to give. He's sexy, hunky, adorable, cute, loving, kind & very special & on the perfection scale a perfect 9, for no one is a perfect 10, no matter how I wish he was, but to me he's still A SEX GOD Sorry ranting on again...my dreams always seem to get the better of me. Mandy:mopboycreedy: :mopboyattila: :mopboydracula:
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