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  1. We'll Always Have Leno!!!!!

  2. welcome Sandra hope you enjoy it

  3. Hi Natalie I met Gerry for first time in Toronto last Sep where pic was taken. Met him a few times since last time being last Tue at LA premiere - won a twitter contest by F Gary Gray Dir of Law Abiding Citizen

  4. Happy Birthday Veronica

    Hope you had a good one


  5. Hi Amanda

    It was lovely to chat to you too. It is such a blast in chat. What with the 5-8 hour time difference I rarely find people in at the times I go

  6. hi adelheid

    lovely talking to you. nice to have all ages on this board

  7. Hi Adelheid it was lovely talking to you to. Hope you enjoy Scotland


  8. Hi Joanna Thanks very much for thinking abut me. I'm having a great day and will be having an even better day on Saturday if the mystery guest at Cut2008 does turn out to be Gerry

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