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  1. Ladies just a FYI NKOTB announced today they are playing 4 concerts at Planet Hollywood 10-13 July and are giving special room rates of $99 over that period by quoting NKOTB14 when booking. Call 1 (866) 919-7472. If you are staying at Planet Hollywood for the PJ Party those same dates and have a more expensive room rate than this why don't you give them a call. They wont know whether you go to the gig or not.

  2. Yes that's correct. I haven't seen programme yet but since I don't think the UK public really know alot of Gerry's films I expect most of his films will have very low scores, maybe 0 scores, even his recent ones. Obviously 300 and PSILY i'd expect will get higher scores, maybe The Bounty Hunter too.

  3. the point of Pointless is they ask subjects and you've to try and come up with the lowest scores - ie the more obscure an answer the chances are less people know. To win the final they would have to name 3 Gerry films that the least people knew about and as long as one answer is 0 they win jackpot - quite alot I'd expect would be 0 or very low figures.

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