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  1. Thanks Holly Armie is one of the nicest celebs I've met in a long time. I hope he has a great career. Keeping it crossed a pic of him and Gerry together. Moira If he's at this event I doubt he'll be going to Belgrade for Friday's Coriolanus Premiere. Moira
  2. I used to work in a cinema part-time in my late 20s early 30s and had a film review spot on my local radio every Saturday morning. I go to the cinema so often I really should start a blog doing film reviews. You never know where it might lead Moira
  3. Delene I re-iterate for May Gerry is in it right to the end where there is a bloody showdown. As for who kills who people could find that out for themselves but thank you for letting everyone know the outcome
  4. May he is in it right to the end then they fight to the death. If you know story you will know the outcome Moira
  5. Having been very lucky to get a ticket to the premiere at Berlinale on Monday and see it again yesterday ive had a few days to digest it all so here are my thoughts on the film:- To give a synopsis Coriolanus is the story of a great General called Caius Martius(Ralph Fiennes) who the ordinary citizens of "Rome" blame for the food shortage and riot thru the city wanting to name their price for grain. Martius hates the Plebiens(lower class) with utter contempt but a local patrician Menenius(Brian Cox) tries to play mediator. At this time war ensues with a neighbouring army Volscians led by Martius's formidable rival Tullus Aufidius(Gerard Butler). The Volscians are defeated and Martius army takes charge of the city of Corioles and in recognition of this great triumph is given the name of Coriolanus. Martius returns to Rome and is persuaded by his mother Volumnia(Vanessa Redgrave) to accept the Senates offer of Consul but to be able to get into office he must seek the votes from the people he despises the most - the Plebians. They at first agree but are swayed by 2 tribunes Brutus and Sicinius(Paul Jesson and James Nesbitt) who provoke Martius knowing the foul temper he has into revealing his true feelings and is banished from Rome. To seek revenge on those who banished him he seeks out his great rival Aufidius in Antium and together they conspire to capture Rome. Rome is in a panic and Menenius comes begging for mercy but Martius is hell bent on seeking revenge. As a last resort his mother Volumnia pleads and Martius relents and signs a treaty of peace. This infuriates Aufidius who feels betrayed and it leads to a bloody showdown. Coriolanus is a remarkable directorial debut by Fiennes who has surrounded himself with a topnotch cast with nobody being the weaklink. I commend him on his modern adaptation making it so apt in these modern times and his full use of modern technology like 24 hour news and mobile uploading to spread news fast is a great touch. Fiennes is spellbounding and if I had a slight gripe it felt like he was playing to a theatre projecting his voice so the person at the back of the gods can hear rather than realising we are close to the screen and it became a bit overpowering at times. Vanessa Redgrave deserves every ounce of praise that comes her way and I can definitely see her being rewarded out of anybody in this film as it was a masterclass in acting. Brian Cox has some of the light hearted humurous moments in the film and overacts to his hearts content in a way you'd expect with Shakespeare. Jessica Chastain as Martius wife Virgilia is not a strong showy part but she stands her own with Vanessa and Ralph. As for Gerry it has been noted he has not really been singled out for much praise??. He was tremendous in a very understated non showy way. He neither overacts nor underacts and can certainly hold his own in his scenes with Fiennes. He does not have many scenes like Fiennes or Redgrave where he gets to do these powerful speeches hence why he is not being praised to high hilt. Auffidius is vital to the story but is very much a supporting character - only really prominent in the opening and closing parts of the film. Fiennes chose well in Gerry and knew what he was doing by casting him. There has been much talk about the homo erotic aspect of the 2 characters but that didnt come across like that to me. It was 2 guys rolling about fighting very close nose to nose screaming and yelling end of . Even though Brian Cox is Scottish he sounded so differently reciting the Shakespeare dialogue than Gerry did. Gerry's accent is so thick sounding and if im being honest the conclusion I came to is Auffidius is more a commoner and Gerry was picked for his broad accent. Shakespeare tends to come off better when recited by a theatrical English voice which would not have worked with his character. He is a formidable presence on screen and Ralph uses full use of Gerry's best attribute - his eyes- to convey a million words with one look. Fans of King Leo can be rest assured he is back in the form of Auffidius. Coriolanus may have even been improved - in the scene the night before where the men are getting ready to battle it would not have looked out of place or cheapened the movie if they had Auffidius b*****g a local wh**e Will this film do well when put on general release in November??. IMO the clips that have been released in no way give indication to the depth of dialogue used. If you are in no way offay with the Shakespeare language this will be heavy going for the average cinema goer. I'm not sure if the modern setting and buzz re amazing performances will be enough to bring cinema goers flocking to see this in their droves. I'm grateful the Weinstein Co is behind it because if anybody can get the buzz out there they can. If im being honest in the US it will be lucky to get beyond Indie Art Houses as I just cant see the average American taking to the Shakespeare language which is a shame as the modern setting makes it very "now". Moira
  6. Oh the life of an international jetsetter I expect all the hard graff he's put in what with The Baftas and Berlin he probably slept all the way back to LA. Moira
  7. Yes Brenda LA Confidential my fave film so have complete faith in Curtis Hanson as a director. Moira
  8. http://www.deadline....dias-mavericks/ EXCLUSIVE: Gerard Butler has been set to star in Mavericks, the Curtis Hanson-directed fact-based drama for Walden Media. The film is based on the true story of Santa Cruz surf phenom Jay Moriarity and his quest to ride the treacherous Northern California breaks known as Mavericks, where winter swells create waves the size of five-story buildings. Butler will play Rick "Frosty" Hesson, the mentor who trained Moriarity for over a year and forged a close relationship with the surfer in the process. Though Moriarity survived those impossible waves, he died at 22 in a diving accident. But he remains an inspiration to surfers, who coined the phrase "Live like Jay." Hanson, who just directed the HBO financial crisis drama Too Big To Fail, is directing a script by Kario Salem and Brandon Hooper. Hanson is searching for a young actor to play Moriarity. Butler, who recently starred for director Marc Forster in Machine Gun Preacher and the Ralph Fiennes-directed Coriolanus, will hit the surf for Mavericks after he completes Playing The Field. That Gabriele Muccino-directed film is Shampoo set in the world of pee wee soccer, where a philandering former pro soccer player tries to reunite with his family by coaching his son's team, only to put himself in dangerous scoring position with a gaggle of beautiful soccer moms. Butler is exec producing Mavericks with Alan Siegel, and Hanson, Hooper and Jim Meenaghan are producing. Michael Bostick and Amanda Morgan Palmer are overseeing for Walden. Lakeshore Entertainment is selling foreign on the film, which will begin shooting in October. Butler's repped by CAA and Alan Siegel Entertainment. UTA reps Hanson.
  9. http://www.deadline....oriolanus-deal/ New York, NY, February 11, 2011 – The Weinstein Company (TWC) announced today that it has acquired from Icon Entertainment International (IEI) U.S. rights and Pan Asian pay TV rights to CORIOLANUS, the feature directorial debut of Academy Award® nominated actor Ralph Fiennes. A contemporary staging of Shakespeare's classic play about the titular Roman warrior, CORIOLANUS stars Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Academy Award® winner Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox, Jessica Chastain and James Nesbitt. CORIOLANUS will make its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival this Monday, February 14. TWC plans a 2011 release. Said TWC Co-Chairman, Harvey Weinstein, "My brother's and my relationship with Ralph stretches back many years and includes two of our most cherished productions, THE ENGLISH PATIENT and THE READER. He's a brilliant artist, and we are honored and delighted to partner with him in bringing CORIOLANUS to American moviegoers." Ralph Fiennes said, "I'm thrilled that Harvey and TWC will distribute CORIOLANUS in the U.S. His response to the film was overwhelmingly passionate. He really embraced it. This has been a long road and I cannot think of a better company to do it in the U.S." Said IEI Managing Director, Hugo Grumbar, "TWC is the perfect U.S. home for Ralph's visceral, stunning debut." The deal was negotiated for TWC by David Glasser, Chief Operating Officer, Michal Steinberg, Senior Vice President Business Affairs, Kelly Carmichael, Senior Vice President Production and Daniel Guando, Vice President Acquisitions; and for IEI by Grumbar and Estelle Overs, Head of Legal and Business Affairs. CORIOLANUS is produced by Ralph Fiennes; Julia Taylor-Stanley for Artemis Films; Gabrielle Tana for Magnolia Mae Films; and Colin Vaines for Synchronistic Inc. It was adapted for the screen by John Logan, (SWEENEY TODD, THE AVIATOR, GLADIATOR). Barry Ackroyd (GREEN ZONE, THE HURT LOCKER, UNITED 93) is the Director of Photography. The film is being distributed in the U.K. by Lionsgate UK.
  10. Baz Bamigboye the UK's Daily Mail Entertainment Reporter included this in his column today - scroll down its near the bottom of the column http://www.dailymail...o=feeds-newsxml Watch Out for Ralph Fiennes, who has the world premiere of his version of Coriolanus at the Berlin Film festival on Monday. The picture is a triumph for Fiennes, who not only plays the title role but directs. It's his debut behind the camera — and it's a ­stunning one. The film's set in an Eastern ­European country but it's so bang up to date it could have been Egypt, and as bloody confrontations ensue, people shoot footage on their camera phones, and tweet updates. Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox, Gerard Butler and Jessica Chastain are all at the top of their game. I will return to this major film very soon.
  11. <br /><br /><br />If you want a chance your best bet is to do the fan area at red carpet. It is held at Royal Opera House Covent Garden. Start lining up at Theatre Royal from midnight onwards to pick up a wristband at 8am. You then line up to get your space on red carpet. They let you on around 3.30pm. It's a long day bring plenty of warm clothing, a collapsable chair, food and drink etc. The shops/pubs sometimes get funny about people using their toilet facilities though. The celebs will arrive between 5pm-7pm If you are lucky to see him on the red carpet with all the madness and screaming you can try to get his attention. The fan area are 2 sides worth of fans up and down a huge red carpet and the celebs kind of zigzag so it's luck of draw whether he'll stop at your bit. Good luck while it's a long day and your dead before the celebs arrive as long as it isn't raining it can be fun. Moira
  12. http://www.nypost.co...PBBYZo8WEFvgneM We hear that rock legend Mick Jagger, along with Renée Zellweger, Quentin Tarantino, Jennifer Lopez, Ridley Scott and Gerard Butler, will host a party in honor of multi-Oscar nominated "The King's Speech" at Hollywood's Chateau Marmont tonight
  13. hadn't noticed it had already been posted so merged them both. Thanks Ren Moira
  14. http://www.deadline....buy-coriolanus/ EXCLUSIVE: The Weinstein Company is negotiating for U.S. distribution rights to Coriolanus, the Ralph Fiennes-directed John Logan-scripted contemporized adaptation of the Shakespeare play. Gerard Butler, Fiennes, Brian Cox, Vanessa Redgrave and Jessica Chastain lead the cast. The film will be part of the competition at the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival. It puts Harvey Weinstein back in business with Fiennes, who starred in the 1996 Best Picture winner The English Patient and most recently in The Reader. The plan being discussed involves platforming the picture later this year, in time for awards season. Fiennes plays the title character, a hero who is banished and plots his revenge by aligning with his sworn enemy, Tulles Aufidius (Butler) to return and sack his homeland. Political machinations and misgivings get in the way and place Coiolanus in grave danger. Gabrielle Tana of Magnolia Mae Films, Julia Taylor-Stanley of Artemis Films, and Colin Vaines produced it. Weinstein viewed the film a month ago in London. The pending deal follows an aggressive Sundance for Weinstein, who acquired the fest's two highest priced films in the Paul Rudd-starrer My Idiot Brother and the Tobey Maguire-starrer The Details.
  15. From Just Jared http://justjared.buzznet.com/2011/02/03/gerard-butler-hawaiian-holiday/ Moira
  16. Well he has been back for premieres since - both LAC and TBH. He'd have had to contend with press then so I don't think he'd let that put him off going back to Berlinale. I think he probably has too much respect for Ralph to throw a hissy fit to be honest when does Gerry ever really "publicly" commit to things this early. He'll keep us guessing. This film is too important to his career to not just show for no good reason. Moira
  17. http://www.berlinale.de/media/pdf_word/pr-agenten/61_ifb_1/61_IFB_PR_Agenten_Wettbewerb.pdf I think this is what should have shown. It was updated today so as of now Gerry has not officially confirmed his appearance at Berlin. The list does say subject to change so maybe he likes to tease and will be added last minute. In his business anything can happen. Moira
  18. Coriolanus will premiere at 7pm on Mon Feb 14 at Berlinale with subsequent showings taking place on Tue Feb 15 at 12pm, 8pm and 11pm at various venues. http://www.berlinale...searchSubmit=OK Monday Feb. 14 Coriolanus by Ralph Fiennes 14:05 Photo-Call 14:15 Press Conference 'Live Streaming' link is:http://www.berlinale...ming/index.html
  19. I'm glad to see my inaugural pole dancing on the Monorail in 08 has continued to subsequent conventions Moira
  20. Theresa was having issues with Gals so asked me to post this link with details of the dates, times and cost of tickets to Belgrade Film Festival. Tickets go on sale 1 Feb http://www.fest.rs/2011/filmEn.php?id=190 Moira
  21. While I think it would say alot about Gerry if he won and chose to turn up and accept; the difference as pointed out Halle won the year before and could show with her Oscar and Sandra was Oscar nominated that same year and went on to win the next day. Gerry does not have that luxury of having a major award or major nomination under his belt. I genuinely believe that's why those 2 could show as they will always be known as "Academy Award Winner" in all their future film trailers. While I don't think the Razzies if won will harm his career I think with Coriolanus and MGP on the horizon this year he is looking for positive critical recognition and it would be wrong IMO of him to capitalise if won. If he didn't care about his standing in this town or with his peers then I'm sure alot of people would love him to come and spill the beans on the alleged farce that was TBH PR This reminds me of the hysterical Farrelly Brothers Trailer for Stick With You with Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear. Academy Award Winner MD Academy Award Nominee GK Academy Award Winner Cher and 5 times Academy Award watchers The Farrelly Brothers. I was hee hawing at that. Moira
  22. At least us Europeans won't have to wait too long to see it unlike you Americans. Moira
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