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  1. Not that I'm complaining but to say in modern movie history - is this person too young to remember Sean Connery At least someone appreciates him like we do. Moira
  2. Glad to see us Brits have taste not only have Bafta nominated the film for Best Animation they have also nominated John Powell for Best Original Score. Moira
  3. No can do ladies. Even though its printed in the papers the wheres and whens this and alot of other things he may attend this weekend are very much private events. It was held last year across the road from the Hilton and you couldn't get near for security so apart from papz; fans in general wouldnt get close. Gerry isnt attending the Globes ceremony this year. Moira
  4. Well ladies time to get moist as this is WOW just WOW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LShBiYGVh2E&feature=youtube_gdata_player moira we both posted at same time so ive just merged them Moira
  5. True Grit is having its European Premiere in Berlin. It opens in UK the next day. Just like for example RnR had its World Premiere in London before it had its North American Premiere at TIFF a few days later. Berlin Film Festival is a very prestigious festival and a good showcase for Coriolanus as the festival garners alot of buzz. It may secure a US deal via it but from things I have read I thought Ralph was trying to get it to show at TIFF in September so unless pre screening buzz has brought plans forward its anyones guess when you may get to see it. One thing I will say is The Las Vegas Film Festival is being held actually at The Hilton the same weekend as Gals Convention so someone maybe needs to contact Ralph Fiennes and ask him to showcase it at that festival as all you lucky Gals who go to the Convention will be on site They sometimes have the odd decent film showcasing at the Las Vegas Film Festival so be on look out for the odd celeb. Moira
  6. Brian's girls are twins Gerry spoke about them in an interview about Brian missing them when he went back to work. Twins dont always look alike. Gerry left Scotland last night according to net reports of sightings at Glasgow and Heathrow Airports. Moira
  7. On one hand it must be great to finally be appreciated in his homeland but downside it was one of the last few places he could blend in and not be bothered. I'm with Ren that it has surprised me how all of a sudden there has been a big explosion of people rushing to FB\tweet about Gerry in Scotland. It's not so much that Gerry is finally on the map it's more the Scots usually don't give a toss about celebs. I do think unfortunately most people are realising social networking is the future lol you either embrace it or get left behind. How many people find they are in contact with their friends more on things like Facebook and Twitter than by actual phone/face to face these days? Moira
  8. Both The Sunday Mail and The Daily Record are not known for 100% accuracy but it would be nice to think there is truth here. They obviously spoke to Vadim. Burns is a hard film to sell to a wide audience and unless Gerry is 100% satisfied with script and feels it will have wide appeal it's better off being a "what could have been". Moira
  9. Thanks Stu Ryan has kindly given Gals permission to host his pic in our gallery. Moira
  10. 2 more pics from today from Mary's Meals FB page
  11. Thanks Heather here is the pic of Gerard today with Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow the founder of Mary's Meals. I've moved this topic now to new Gerry Pics.
  12. I've been informed that Gerry visited Mary's Meals office in Dalmally, Argyll today. That's great news if true. Their story on CNN Heroes obviously touched him. Moira
  13. This has been an interesting thread Gals should charge you lot by the hour Has Gerry changed to fit in and sold out - TUT and TBH are proof that he needed to go mainstream to raise his profile. Love it or hate it but getting involved in JAs world certainly bought him the most press of his career so far and not all complimentary. It did bring him to the attention of a bigger audience and it wasn't a case of Gerry Who anymore. that we should be grateful. As for "change" he was always lanky before he bulked up for 300 and Gamer. Looking like that was fine if he wanted to remain an action hero but if he wanted to do all sorts he needed to slim down. Since last July anytime I saw him in flesh he was always slim looking especially at LAC NYC premiere when he was all in black. Gerry knows he is competing with up and coming actors all the time and at 41 is no spring chicken. while thinner than I'd like I think since he got rid of the bouffant hair style and went for the slick back look he has looked amazing. As for some thinking he is maybe unhappy - none of us are privvy to what goes on behind the scenes in his business/private life. Sure we see and hear rumours with regards his private life and because so many invest practically their whole existence on all things Gerry it's hard not to worry. He probably has a good laugh at what he puts us all through. Moira
  14. I had thought Ashley Judd from the offset, she is married to Scottish Racing Car driver Dario Franchetti and at 42 is in same age group. I also like the thought of Diane Lane or Demi Moore but they may be deemed too old at 45 and 48. If its more a comedy Eva Mendez can be quite funny and will be 37 when filming starts. Really liked her in The Other Guys with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Without knowing what the wife's part consists of ie a will they wont they get back together scenario there may not be the need for a huge sexual chemistry just that they both look good together and are/were believable as a couple. The sexual chemistry may be more important with the "soccer mums". The most important thing is if he is playing a former world famous soccer player he CANNOT be American as to my knowledge there have never been any world famous US soccer stars so thats the believability factor gone right away Yes let him have his normal accent with a bit of a US twang as chances are his character has lived in US for a while but he must be allowed to be of Scottish descent. If Gerry himself thinks otherwise he needs a slap unless he can master to perfection a US regional accent for this movie. Alot of people think Gerry should stay clear of romcoms for a while but if the writing is top notch and casting right then as long as the director does not muck things up in the editing room any film has the potential to be great. Moira
  15. The World Premiere of Ralph Fiennes Directorial debut Coriolanus starring Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler and Vanessa Redgrave will have its World Premiere at The Berlin International Film Festival 10-20 Feb 2011. The film is playing out of competition. http://www.berlinale..._7188.html#7188
  16. Aww Steph I hope you get it sorted out soon and get to bottom off issue. Dogs can be very territorial and jealous. I have to agree if he was a shelter dog what did he get put in for??. It could all stem back. I always feel in most cases unless a dog is egged on they are quite harmless. Kids sometimes don't know when to quit and it's a dogs instinct to snap away. I get quite saddened when a dog has to be destroyed because some person didn't quit annoying it and it turns on them. I really do hope you get to bottom of this as I'd hate for reasons beyond both your control the situation worsens. Moira
  17. I'm glad to see he's still in NYC without a care!! Yes as Mod/Admins we do try to be respectful and if we deem a situation intrusive we will not post. As for photographers being in right place - I'm sure it's a mixture of pure luck and tipping off. Gerry's probably on the phone to the photographer going "chase me chase me" Moira
  18. He can't retire the c**k Hat - his location in that hat can be seen from outer space He maybe just realised the art exhibit was not the right place to be seen in it. Moira
  19. Thanks Theresa his smiling relieved face cracked me up at end Moira
  20. Woo Hoo Steph well done. Winter in Scotland - I hope it's not as bad as this next year Glasgow has alot to offer in shops, nightlife, sports, entertainment etc. I'm sure Uni life will be alot of fun and expect joining student clubs will make you local friends. In Edinburgh there is a club called Sunday Brunch Club which encourages newcomers to area to meet new people. It has cinema/theatre/sporting events and is very popular - Glasgow is bound to have something similar. If you find "talent" in Glasgow that will turn your head like Gerry you're a luckier person than I cause I've spent years looking Moira
  21. This little lovely was discovered today from a French article Moira
  22. It's not a public vote but by a group of journalists similar to HFPA who run the Golden Globes. Moira
  23. The International Press Academy have announced their 2010 Nominations for Film/TV and HTTYD has been nominated in Motion Picture Animated/Mixed Media Category. http://www.pressacademy.com/NominationsRelease.pdf Moira
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