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  1. Your right Gerry, about the phone call thing...that doesn't really work..Just find someone that is willing to fly with you wherever you go.Someone that can keep up with you is what you need. But when you find her make sure its for you :seeyou, as a person not a star. There is a lot from where to chose out there just take you time. I'm sure there is plenty of Love out there ...you just the one that fits you.Loving, a little bit wild, great sense of humor :crack1: and willing to try new things with you! :baby:
  2. that is funny....but Gerry,sweetie trust me no one will be looking at the guitar we will be looking at you :mouthmaulme: :tasty: relax... you know your really a good actor, honey :hugsandsnogs: After all you have us! :gotgals0ll: you fans.
  3. Wait a minute here...why isn't Gerry#1 :swear: Lets see he's hot, sexy, intelligent, sensitive, masculine, great sense of humor,humble who are the people who made this list?...Was this a poll? Where was I while this happened????!!!! Its Gerry :bouncydrool3: ......no one else has at least half of those qualities :confused:Sorry. Brad and Johnny not that they're not sexy...they just lack half of the qualities I mentioned.
  4. I won't be there But thank so much for the info., sweetie... You are always on top of things when it comes to our king :mopboyattila: :goodjob2: In the mean time the invasion of Gerry fans continues on my space Hopefully it will become a complete takeover, wouldn't that be fun? :grrr2:
  5. Better late than never ...Have Great Birthday Gerry and may all your fantasies and dreams come true. :smileydavid: LOVE YOU SWEETIE!!!!YE
  6. I'm so :dance2: excited for Gerry. I bet he is going to be great in this one, all the action... is more than enough to see him Don't you think? Thanks so much for the info. I really enjoy this sooo much!...
  7. retardley hot?mmmmmm... :spontaneous: .Does that mean airheads that are hot looking and willing to get naked ?huhmmm ,naked? with Gerry? :barebum: Hell, I'm willing, but I don't have a twin if its with Gerry!!!! :bump2: ... :bottom:
  8. Yesss ...about time that Gerry got noticed. .... But he should have been#1 :goodjob2:
  9. Whether its John or Kable, I don't mind....It's GERRY, people and thats enough for me!!!!!! :ohbaby2: We should be happy that he's working and doing what he wants!!! I'm still waiting to see "P.S.I Love You" in December and I can't wait!!!
  10. I won't be there :grrr2: Will we ever have one in Puerto Rico?
  11. OHHHHH mmmmmy god! I am so happy that the dvds have had great success. I am so happy for Gerry, this is really good for him too! Gerry deserves all the success and credit he can get.... :goodjob2: Keep up the the good work Gerry, I'm behind you all the way, sweetie!!!
  12. Yeah... what do you mean Gerry an unknown? I would rather say that Hollywood was sort of ignoring him. Well now everyone wants a piece of him. I prefer all of him,lol. :cleavage2 :beard2: It was just a matter of exposure through more than one film that made Hollywood say well lets put him to the test :grrr2: and its about time they gave him enough exposure...He deserves it!!!!!
  13. I can't wait to see this movie...I am sooo curious!!!! :baby:
  14. Since he was having trouble walking I would have been willing to give him a massage, starting with his legs and working my way up to his ______________ :cleavage2 :mopboyjackie: :baby:
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